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  1. Jirozame Mako   7:39  
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------  WARNING CHALLENGER APPROACHING -------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ________________________________________
  4. Jirozame Mako   7:51  
  5. Scene: A vacant space of sparse grass and dirt, situated a short walk away from the main barracks area, where the afternoon sun beats down. A woman kneels in a patch of grass, closing up tears on an extravagant kimono with an experienced hand and a well-used sewing kit. The going is slow, because every few moments a loud CRACK splits the relative silence. The source of the sound is a man with an obi full of wooden swords, which he is using to hit an upright log. The sweat and dirt on his body and kimono make him look haggard, as though he has been doing this for a long, long time, and a fresh, pink scar mars an otherwise unmarked chest. Every time he hits the log, it falls over and he has to stand it back up.
  6. The man, obviously the one known as Jirozame Mako, last scion of the Shark Clan, knocks the log over once more and drops into using it as a seat. The bokken in his obi smack against the ground, but he either doesn't notice or ignores them. "Fuck me, this is awful. And I still have to cut this thing up for fire later...."
  7. ________________________________________
  8. Shinjo Kurosawa   8:02  
  9. Crack! Crack! Crack The noise kept ringing through the crack air as the Unicorn continued his search. What was he searching for? Why, logs. Logs for a fire for cooking tonight. The white haired man had been given extremely poor instructions, to the effect of 'somewhere by the barracks, you cannot miss it.' However as he searched and got closer, the cracks got louder. Maybe that was the wood being split apart as requested. He would turn a corner around a smaller barracks and spy an open field, and someone... attacking a log. He leaned against a nearby pole to observe. The man attacking the log had some serious strength, and technique. He was impressed- And that impressed feeling immediately went away when our challenger sat down and revealed himself in the sun. A scowl snaked across his face. The youth of the two sharks, Jirozame Mako himself. It figured that the task wasn't done when the Shark was just playing with his wood. The fire was going to be late, it seeemed. "Mako-sama!" His fine voice carried across the field, despite a light breeze that was wonderful to work out in. "Chopping wood is much more effective with an ax than a bokken!" Just some helpful advice from your friendly, neighborhood ponyboy.
  10. ________________________________________
  11. Jirozame Mako   8:25  
  12. (Sorry, roommated needed me)
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  14. Shinjo Kurosawa   8:26  
  15. ((life happens and life also finds a way))
  16. ________________________________________
  17. Jirozame Mako   8:36  
  18. Suddenly snapped out of his very brief contemplation, Mako leaps back to his feet and stances up as best he can with the extra weight on his hip. When he recognizes Kuro, he doesn't exactly relax but he makes an effort to look more at ease. "I know how to cut wood, ponyboy. I'm just practicing my technique, like any great swordsman would. You would understand if you were any good, but you spend all your time getting stabbed by spearmen and..." Mako hunts about for another thing to say. What do privileged people do? "...eating takoyaki all day!" Yeah. Takoyaki for every meal. Sitting on the sidelines, Mamimi makes an effort to focus entirely on her work.
  19. ________________________________________
  20. Shinjo Kurosawa   8:48  
  21. UGH. Actual fish, thats disgusting bro. His scowl turned to disgust for a second, but then he remembered his On and slapped that on. A bit too late, but whatever. His hand slipped from his sleeve and he did the opposite of the shark, looking more stiff and upright. Prim and proper. "I practice my techniques after I have exhausted all I may do for Kyuden Ashinagabachi." What a good samurai he was. Never even praised for his deeds. So noble and humble. "To play before work is done, is... irresponsible," he shook his head, tsk tsk'ing. Maybe the one who was foolish enough to upset a nakodo should not be so condescending. "I eat only what is provided, nothing more, Mako-sama." He tried to keep the sneer out of his voice when he said the name. "And takoyaki is a rare delicacy even here, so close to the coast. It would be irresponsible to eat it all day."
  22. ________________________________________
  23. Jirozame Mako   8:51  
  24. "Ha!" Mako barks out a very fake laugh. "You admit that you don't do everything you can to keep your skills sharp? Embarrassing! What good is a samurai that can't kill his enemies with ease?"
  25. ________________________________________
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa   8:56  
  27. What was that? He marched towards the Shark, eyes hardening in his head. "With half as much training, I am more than twice as capable at combat than yourself." Obviously, he referred to the two and a half men he had struck down yesterday. "Perhaps your time would be better spent elsewhere, rather than your 'techniques.'"
  28. ________________________________________
  29. Jirozame Mako   8:59  
  30. As Kuro approached, Mako took a step forward, holding his bokken with one hand and pointing it at Kuro's heart. "You're weak, pony. Weak and soft. If I hadn't been there to kill that sharp-toothed dipshit in the cave, you would be a lifeless corpse growing cold in the dark."
  31. ________________________________________
  32. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:04  
  33. Soft now? Absurd. "You distracted him long enough for me and the others to clean up the rest of the mess in there. Well done, Mako-sama." Who would win in a fight, Jomei or tainted shark man? He would stop in his tracks at the pointing of a weapon- a wooden one. His eyes flickered down, before flying back up again at the Shark. "...Is this some sort of challenge, Mako-sama?" He was not slow; but he was not going to get sucker hit again, and not by a bokken if he could help it.
  34. ________________________________________
  35. Jirozame Mako   9:06  
  36. (Is Kuro wearing his armor?)
  37. ________________________________________
  38. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:06  
  39. (no lol, he was fetching wood not fighting)
  40. (oh god you're gonna hit me)
  41. ________________________________________
  42. Jirozame Mako   9:06  
  43. (Cool. And maybe, yes.)
  44. An unpleasant smile abruptly appears on Mako's face. He turns away from Kuro and starts walking away. "Yeah, I guess you could say this is some sort of challenge. You think you're a better swordsman? I doubt that, but maybe you're better at..." Suddenly he spins back around, throwing the wooden sword, "Dodging!"
  45. (Thought here: I'm probably going to miss this unskilled Athletics test. If I do, gimme an Athletics/Reflex test to catch it)
  46. (Or just contest me, actually. That's cooler.)
  47. ________________________________________
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:10  
  49. ((that works for me, i was half worried you were gonna do surprise attack initiative))
  50. ((let me dig up my sheet))
  51. ________________________________________
  52. Jirozame Mako   9:11  
  53. (Nah, not with a real weapon. And if I were to, I'd do a contested Stealth test for an ambush first.)
  54. ________________________________________
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:12  
  56. ((ah so thats how 'flat footed' works, i'm guessing, by failing the contested))
  57. ________________________________________
  58. Jirozame Mako   9:12  
  59. (Basically. You fail to detect the ambush, so the ambushers get a bonus. I forget what the bonus is though.)
  60. ________________________________________
  61. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:13  
  62. (( i think it's gm choice of an extra round (not suggested by the authors) or +10 initiative))
  63. ________________________________________
  64. Jirozame Mako   9:13  
  65. (+10 init is pretty strong.)
  66. ________________________________________
  67. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:19  
  68. He knew this kind of thing was going to happen again. The man sprang into the air in a jump, neatly snatching the bokken as it would have struck where he stood, and came down in a readied, but not combat stance, dust swirling about his geta. "Do you think you can keep up if this turns into a duel? Then come at me, Mako!" His free hand would signal the universal 'come at me bro,' towards the Shark.
  69. ________________________________________
  70. Jirozame Mako   9:21  
  71. That was not supposed to happen. "You weren't supposed to catch that!" The Shark snaps indignantly. "But whatever! Now when I beat you down, you can't cry about how one-sided it's going to be!" Mako draws another bokken from his obi of many. "That Wasp isn't going to save you this time!"
  72. (Let's roll init, stances in the roll)
  73. With no time to lose, Mako lunges forward in a beautifully executed stab, which catches the Unicorn squarely in the chest. (14 dmg)
  74. ________________________________________
  75. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:30  
  76. He thought he was ready for this. But the larger man rushed him down and the unyielding wood caught him in the sternum with a mighty stab. A foot swung behind him, to keep him upright, and faster than he should have he slashed wildly at the Shark, but the wood only tasted air. Not even a touch upon his opponent's beautiful kimono, unfortunately.
  77. ________________________________________
  78. Jirozame Mako   9:30  
  79. (New round. If you wanna spend VP on your ATN, you have to do it now.)
  80. ________________________________________
  81. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:31  
  82. ((oui, want me to call it in dice roller?))
  83. ________________________________________
  84. Jirozame Mako   9:31  
  85. (Here or there is fine.)
  86. Riding high on the masterful stab from before, Mako rapidly changes to a very aggressive stance and delivers a vicious slash to the air next to Kuro's head. (Swing and a miss)
  87. ________________________________________
  88. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:39  
  89. The Unicorn felt the niggling thoughts of doubt, rising up in his mind again, gnawing at his talent. The mental battle within would have to be the one he'd need victory for. When the Shark slashed and missed, he took his opportunity and swung the bokken with great force into the Shark's side for a home run. (34 to hit 18, 16 damage).
  90. ________________________________________
  91. Jirozame Mako   9:39  
  92. (New round. Voiding ATN again?)
  93. ________________________________________
  94. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:40  
  95. (Yeah, I will)
  96. ________________________________________
  97. Jirozame Mako   9:40  
  98. (Probably smart)
  99. The pride was bruised, but not out just yet! Mako tanked the swing to his ribs, and, calling upon his reserves of residual Forest Energy™, returned a mean swing of his own.
  100. (20 wounds, crippled.)
  101. ________________________________________
  102. Shinjo Kurosawa   9:53  
  103. Crack. That sound again, from earlier. Except it was not the sound of wood on wood, but wood on bone. The Shark's bokken had teeth, just as thirsty as it's owner's for a beating, sinking deep into the Unicorn's flank. For a brief moment, he managed to stay upright. Just a moment. The pain radiated explosively from his side, shocking him into making a horrified and pained gasp. He fell onto one knee, digging the point of the bokken into the ground to keep himself from falling over, while clutching at his side in agony. "Yield," Ironic how he had uttered these words to the prisoner a few days ago. "I yield." At the very least, he managed to get his words out without choking on his tongue. His eyes stared, burning hatefully at the Shark, but also hoping that he would not strike him while he was downed. That would be dishonorable, and yet a small portion of him believed that it wasn't out of the question.
  104. ________________________________________
  105. Jirozame Mako   10:05  
  106. The triumphant Shark stands tall above Kuro, anger replaced by smug satisfaction. While not above hitting a surrendered opponent, Kuro hadn't done anything especially egregious today, so Mako instead opts for roughly pushing at the bruise he had just inflicted. "More than twice as capable....that's what you said, right? I didn't get much schoolin', but I'm pretty sure being twice as much anything means your number should be bigger." He stops pressing the bruise and slides the bokken back into his obi. He stares down for a moment longer before turning on his heel and walking to Mamimi. "Better luck next time, kid. Best get to chopping that wood, or you'll get in trouble. Maybe they'll let you practice your swing after you finish?"
  107. ________________________________________
  108. Shinjo Kurosawa   10:17  
  109. The Unicorn allowed a hiss to escape his lips and squeezed his eyes shut in explosive pain when his victorious opponent began to literally rub it in, it being his strong fingers and it being the huge bruise quickly forming across the side of his ribcage. He dropped the bokken and his hand fell to the dirt to keep himself from falling over at that. How humiliating, a flame of red danced from his pale neck to his pale face, burning more than the rest of his body, even the bruise. His sensei would have probably punished him with an impromptu 3 day fast for this shameful display. He opened his mouth to say something at the Shark, who's business was concluded, but he bit his tongue and instead stared fiery hate at the dirt, fingers clutching the few strands of grass. Now, more than ever, he hated fish so much.
  110. ________________________________________
  111. Jirozame Mako   10:22  
  112. Their work finished, Mako and Mamimi gathered their things and walked past Kuro at Mamimi's normal feeble pace, only pausing to drop the splitting hatchet in front of the defeated Unicorn.
  113. ________________________________________
  114. Shinjo Kurosawa   10:29  
  115. After a suitable amount of time, the Shinjo would indeed have himself a good old wood chopping session. Crack, crack, crack. would once again fill the darkening skies, until enough firewood was procured and taken to where the fire was originally needed. The Shinjo didn't speak, only eyes burning with humiliation and rage hotter than the fire that he helped fuel.
  116. ((ending scene good enough?))
  117. ________________________________________
  118. Jirozame Mako   10:30  
  119. (Sounds good to me. Good fight. Still can't believe I rolled 65 and 66 on those attack rolls.)
  120. ________________________________________
  121. Shinjo Kurosawa   10:31  
  122. ((Only the beginning..! And yeah they were amazing, I had a heart attack at first when I saw them.))
  123. ________________________________________
  124. Jirozame Mako   10:32  
  125. (I have oneshot Earth 2 characters with a bokken before. Just not this time.)
  126. ------------------------------------ AND THE WINNER IS.....  ------------------------------------
  127. ________________________________________
  128. Shinjo Kurosawa   10:36  
  129. ------------------------------------  0 - 2  ------------------------------------
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