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  1. [-] from MightyMinneapolis (_) [-10][F] sent 1 hour ago
  2. Hey man,
  3. Im just going to jump right into this. Ive posted a lot of positive stuff on tcs in the months since I found it, yet there always seems to be a downvote brigade no matter what, so I can only imagine what todays comment du jour will bring.
  4. Look, I shit on cyclists in ONE post, but that doesn't define me as a person or redditor. A large majority of the community has made it a point of remembering me and throwing that in my face whenever the get a chance.
  5. You pulling out the hypocritical card just now (which really, you have every right to do, that's the irony for me here) only throws gas on others' already shitty opinion of me.
  6. I guess what Im trying to say as I ramble here, is that I would've expected that kind of comment from another tcs'er, not a mod. The community takes cues from you guys and it's been a rather unfriendly community to me to begin with, I can only imagine the hate I'd get if I actually showed up to an event, hence why Ive been hesitant to attend one yet.
  7. There are a lot of good people in here (based on what Ive read), but I cant help but feel quite uneasy just because I had one bad morning and ranted about a biker. As a mod, you "taking their side" so-to-speak, I believe will further drive that wedge. Im just troubled that it seems like no on can get past it, and that if I dare say something that doesn't follow the circlejerk, Im immediately labeled "antagonistic".
  8. -MM
  10. [-] to MightyMinneapolis sent 44 minutes ago
  11. Take a look at all of your posts again. You are very consistently an sour note, very defensive, complain a LOT and bring down the level of discussion in general.
  12. People on reddit and TCS don't downvote viewpoints that differ from their own, they downvote assholes. It seems like everytime you post there's some element of "whoa me, I'm being persecuted by the downvote brigade" which is a self-fulfilling complaint.
  13. The biker rant might have been the start of it, but it hasn't helped that you continuously bitch about stuff here.
  14. Also, I didn't make my post a "mod post". I'm a person with viewpoints as well, and I get to express them. Just because I COULD distinguish a post as a moderator post doesn't negate that freedom of expression.
  15. You said.
  16. >But hey, thanks for crapping on me though even as I tried to defend you.
  17. A. I didn't crap on you - you opened the door when you hypocritically complained about an action that you yourself have done in the past. I just defended the freedom of people to post on TCS.
  18. B. You were NOT trying to defend me. You replied to Minnesota_pirate and you took a position that was opposite my position. By characterizing my reply to your post as "crapping on (you) even as (you) tried to defend (me), you made it look like I back-stabbed you in some way - no where near the truth.
  19. My advice, check your negative attitude at the door, dude. We have other folks from the right-wing that post here daily without getting the reaction that you get. Think about it.
  21. [-] from MightyMinneapolis (_) [-10][F] sent 28 minutes ago
  22. Maybe you should look at my posts and comments. Because really, I don't think you have, and I dont think you want to.
  23. You know how I know you haven't, and you just want to make me the asshole? Because in the last week I literally offered a kid a job at my company (what an asshole I am right?); and offered my thoughts on a delicious dive restaurant on st. paul's east side.
  24. How is that lowering the level of discussion man? Face it, you want to put me, and keep me in the little box of "assholery" so any friendly/advice comment I make in the meantime is just ignored.
  25. Did you see my thorough breakdown of juicy lucys yesterday? Got plenty of upvotes and positive comments. How did that lower discussion?
  26. Do I agree with every single thought and comment from the community? No, I don't. I have my own opinions and I will not apologize for deviating from the circlejerking.
  27. Your dismissive, attitude-thick responses should, ahem, maybe make you think about it too.
  29. [-] to MightyMinneapolis sent 19 minutes ago
  30. "no you!"
  31. You sound like you are 14 dude.
  33. [-] from MightyMinneapolis (_) [-10][F] sent 16 minutes ago
  34. dismissive, attitude-thick responses
  35. Add to that, name calling. Now, who is being "14"?
  37. [-] from MightyMinneapolis (_) [-10][F] sent 12 minutes ago
  38. Youve been a redditor for 5 years.
  39. Ive had my account for a year and change now, yet look at the difference in comment and post karma between you and I.
  40. Id say that level of fake karma should afford me a little benefit of the doubt. But no, youve already made up your mind about me.
  41. Its cool though dude. I really dont need your approval.
  42. We're good. Maybe I'll see you at the fat/bald meetups coming up? Oh wait, Im neither fat nor bald. Good luck with those though! Keep your chins up! :)
  43. Regards,
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