Deadside Roadmap

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  1. Since release of the game we’ve received a lot of feedback and suggestions. Now that the most crucial problems (like anti-cheat) have been fixed, we are ready to share with you our plans for the near future.
  3. So here is what awaits you in the upcoming updates:
  5. 1. More bug fixing and optimization
  7. Currently, we’re working on the fix for the potential ability to duplicate items and optimizing storage system in green zones which should significantly improve the server performance. In addition to that we’re developing the new network mechanism that should allow us to increase number of players on the server and implement game features such as vehicles.
  9. 2. New firearms and equipment models.
  11. You will see a new vest with inventory slots, few new assault rifles, machine gun and even grenade launcher!
  13. 3. New visual content
  15. Not only we’re in process of improving diversity of existing villages, we’re also planning to add entirely new content with industrial areas and underground bunkers. Also, in order to add new points of interest, the current size of the map will be slightly expanded.
  17. 4. Game events
  19. There’ll be plenty new missions with new rewards, helicopter crash sites and airdrops (cargo container that drops in the random place of the map)
  21. 5. Base interaction
  23. We’re aware of the problems with managing base, while you’re in squad and we’re looking into different options of how to solve it. It might be code locks or perhaps we’ll decide to use other system.
  25. 6. Private server administration
  27. We’re gathering your ideas and suggestions regarding this system and we can already say that one of the nearest updates will include the ability for admin panel to spawn items.
  29. That was the list of our high priority tasks. Once more we want to mention that this is the plan for the near future and some things you will be able to see in May!
  31. As for the long-term objectives we would like to focus on two points:
  33. 1. Vehicles
  35. In current version size of the world isn’t that big and doesn’t imply the use of a vehicle, but we’re planning on adding it at the same time with significant map expansion. We can’t say exactly when it is going to happen, but we’ll start with developing vehicle mechanics, because it requires a lot of work and extensive testing.
  37. 2. Base raids
  39. We understand that not everyone likes “classic” system of raiding bases when you can be robbed while not being in-game. That’s why we’re not even considering such a passive gameplay
  41. So far, we have few concepts including key system we discussed on one of our streams. Regardless of the system chosen we will do our best to make it unique and interesting, so in the end it wouldn’t be “who have more explosives or lockpicks” gameplay.
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