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  1. Pleasure Gardens
  3. TLDR:  Gorgons+.  2 Shooters and 4 Runners.  Shooters stay up top, shoot Flowers, and guide Runners.  Runners take Pollen to Flowers.  Avoid Beasts.  Get damage buff from destroyed Flowers, weaken Beasts, retreat to Safe Room, kill at once since they enrage at 3 dead.
  5. ---
  7. The Pleasure Gardens consists of two levels - an upper level at the top of rocky pillars, and a lower level at the base of the gardens.  There is also a “Safe Room” located at the top of the structure in the back of the Gardens, which is accessed by a trap door.
  9. There are six pillars of Golden Light scattered across the gardens, creating Pools of Light at the top of certain pillars.
  11. Triggering the start of the encounter does several things at once:
  13. Two glowing Prism Weapons will spawn on top of the center structure, on either side of the Safe Room door.  These can be picked up.
  14. The Safe Room door will open, allowing players to drop down into the Safe Room.
  15. Four Royal Pollens will spawn along the back wall of the Safe Room.
  16. The six Royal Beasts will spawn and begin patrolling along the lower level of the garden.
  18. The Beasts patrol set routes throughout the bottom of the Gardens and share many behaviors and mechanics with the Gorgons from Vault of Glass - sprinting, jumping, or otherwise making noise near them will alert them and draw their attention, as will shooting at or near them.  Players along the tops of the garden are generally safe from the Beasts (but can be seen at unlucky angles), but players down below have to avoid them, much like the Gorgons in the Vault of Glass.  
  20. Unlike in the Gorgon’s Labyrinth, if a player is spotted by a Royal Beast, it does not trigger a wipe; instead, the Beasts will begin emitting a Psionic Howl.
  22. If the Beasts are alerted or engaged and start their Psionic Howl, all players must retreat to the Safe Room within a short period of time, after which the door to the Safe Room will close and any players outside will be killed.  After a few minutes the door to the Safe Room will open, allowing players to resume the encounter.  Players can trigger a Psionic Howl (and a retreat to the Safe Room) four times before a hard enrage/wipe, and a series of red lights inside the Safe Room indicates the cycles remaining in the attempt.
  24. When the encounter starts, two players must pick up the Prism Weapons and move to one of the rocky pillars along the “top level.”  These two players are referred to as the Shooters.  The Pools of Light atop the pillars will charge the Prism Weapons; once the Weapons are charged, the players can use them to fire Solar Lasers, which do massive damage to anything excluding the Royal Beasts.
  26. The remaining four players drop into the Safe Room, out of which they can exit into the lower level of the Gardens.  Along the rear wall of the Safe Room spawn four Royal Pollens, which can be picked up.  The players on the bottom, now referred to as Runners, must each pick up a Royal Pollen.
  28. Once the Runners have picked up the Royal Pollen, large Purple Flowers will spawn in random locations along the bottom of the gardens.  The Shooters, who can see the Beasts, the Players, and the Flowers from their high vantage points atop the pillars, must guide the Runners safely to the Purple Flowers while helping them to avoid the Royal Beasts, who will trigger a Psionic Howl and a trip to the Safe Room if they’re engaged.
  30. Once the Runners bring the Royal Pollen to the Purple Flowers, the Shooters up top should shoot the Flowers with the Prism Weapons.  Doing so destroys the Flowers and grants any players in proximity with up to 12 stacks of Empowered Spores, a massive damage buff.  The number of stacks granted corresponds to how close the player holding the Royal Pollen was to the Flower when it was destroyed.
  32. Once the Shooters have accumulated enough stacks of Empowered Spores, the Royal Beasts can be engaged and effectively damaged.  Once the Beasts are engaged they will each run to a specific and predictable location while emitting their Psionic Howl, which starts the timer to close the Safe Room door.  Shooters must damage the Beasts as much as possible during this short window, then retreat to the Safe Room or die.
  34. Killing all six Beasts ends the encounter; however, the Beasts enrage after three of them have been killed, increasing their health and damage.  Thus, the path to victory is to weaken as many Beasts as far as possible, keeping them around 10-25% health but not killing more than two - the Beasts do not replenish health between trips to the Safe Room.  Many combinations of killing/weakening/killing are possible, based on the preferences of the raid, but all six Royal Beasts must be killed within 4 trips to the Safe Room.
  36. Thus, the cycle is:
  38. Shooters grab Prism Weapons, get into position in the Pools of Light.
  39. Runners drop into Safe Room, grab Royal Pollen.
  40. Shooters guide Runners safely to Purple Flowers, while avoiding Royal Beasts, and destroy Purple Flowers to grant stacks of Empowered Spores to Shooters.
  41. After the Shooters have amassed enough stacks of Empowered Spores, split up and DPS as many Beasts as far down as possible.
  42. Once the Beasts are engaged, the Psionic Howl kill timer will start and players will have a short amount of time to do as much damage as possible, then retreat to the Safe Room.  
  43. Rinse and repeat until all Beasts are either dead or close to dead, keeping in mind that the Beasts enrage after three of them are dead.
  44. Finish remaining Beasts.  Remember, only four cycles are allowed.
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