Loka Motion

Jan 17th, 2020
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  1. >How did you get yourself into this situation?
  2. >You sit in your room with Loka, one of your new college classmates; playing skull girls on your PS4.
  3. >Truth be told, you aren't even sure what Loka is honestly.
  4. >She is some sort of...Fuzzy dragon?
  5. >She's covered in green striped fur and has horns, as well as bright orange hair with black roots.
  6. >Her clawed bare feet don't even reach the floor of your dorm as she sits on your couch, smack talking endlessly.
  7. >God, she's probably less than 5 foot tall.
  8. >But that isn't what is occupying your attention at them moment.
  9. >"Skull girls" is a fighting game of very...jiggly women.
  10. >That, plus Loka's constant stream of smack talk.
  11. >"Whats wrong Virrrrgin? so distracted by anime you can't even beat a girlll?" Loka teases holding her controller close to her, a mischeivious smile showing her sharp teeth.
  12. >She draws out the word "virgin" sharply through her teeth, rolling the "R" annoyingly.
  13. >You roll your eyes as you half heartedly press buttons on the controller.
  14. >Her character stands over yours, doing some victory pose.
  15. >Loka is in your english class, and she invited herself to your dorm after she saw you had a few video game badges on your bag.
  16. >Bloodborne, pokemon, and Lord of the rings.
  17. >You remember her smug face as she looked at them.
  18. >She had a smug toothy grin on her face while she said "You're just the guy I need to replace my LAST sex toy"
  19. >Then, she bothered and pestered you until you told her your dorm room so she could "be your girlfriend".
  20. >Here she was now, "being you girlfriend"; which meant just being better than you at things you liked.
  21. >You sigh absentmindedly as you let Loka beat you in the game again; looking away from the screen to check your phone while you let her whale on your character.
  22. >Having a girl in you dorm was well... amazing; but she was talking so much smack and continuously calling you a virgin it was cutting away at your nerves.
  23. >Sure, you ARE a virgin, and sure, this was the first time you had a girl in your room ever, but you feel Loka is pointing it out to a ridiculous and annoying degree degree.
  24. >As you look at cat pictures on your phone, you feel her punch you arm; a gesture that with anyone else might have caused a brief flash of pain.
  25. >From Loka though, its like being hit with a wiffle ball bat swung by a small child.
  26. >"Giving up already virrrrrgin? come on!"
  27. >you sigh and grab your controller; ready to give her another very half hearted effort.
  28. >Loka is a girl, and one in your dorm room.
  29. >But she's been nothing but degrading and annoying since you let her in.
  30. >to the point where you're just irritated and ready to get rid of her.
  31. >but her words are... familiar to you from somewhere.
  32. >"Come on virgin, IF you can beat me at this game, I'll suck your dick" Loka muses, absentmindedly picking a character.
  33. >You frown and pick your favorite, nurse Valentine.
  34. >Letting her win was just a way to boost her confidence, you had chosen characters that you hadn't know the moves to; plus you had simply let her win.
  35. >Just to make Loka feel a bit more confident.
  36. >But she had ruined her chances of you taking it easy on her.
  37. >Her annoying smack talk was enough for you to get serious.
  38. >The resulting match is you absolutely destroying her in 2 "perfect" matches.
  39. >In the aftermath, you look over to Loka; who holds her controller numbly, staring at the screen in disbelief.
  40. >"I-I never thought a virgin would beat me" Loka stammers softly, looking at the game screen which shows your favorite character beating her preferred character.
  41. >"N-no! I wasn't taking it seriously! I just wanted to give you some hope! REMATCH!" Loka decrees as she picks another character, presumably one she is more confident with.
  42. >The result is the same, with you even taking the time to use a finishing move on her.
  43. >Loka stares at the TV screen in disbelief once again.
  44. >you sigh absentmindedly as you set your controller aside and pick up your phone.
  45. >Did she really think smack talk would really be enough?
  46. >That just her over confidence would make you falter?
  47. >She stares with a look almost resembling confusion at your TV; her controller loosely gripped in her hands (Paws?).
  48. >As you prepare to get up and grab a drink, Loka throws herself across your lap, pinning you down awkwardly.
  49. >"Wha?" you gasp out as her sudden weight almost knocks the wind out of you.
  50. >"I...I-I said I would suck your dick if you beat me!" she murmurs, trying to dig at your jeans zipper with one hand (paw, Claw?)
  51. >You had assumed she was joking; Just like every other girl you had met (Okay 2 girls) who had made a bet similar to hers.
  52. >Loka, despite her oddites, seemed willing to follow through without dismissing her words as a joke.
  53. >Awkwardly, she fumbles at the zipper to your jeans.
  54. >"YOU virgins always smell the same! I can find your zipper by smell alone!" she proclaims triumphantly after about 2 minutes of digging at your crotch her her snout and claws.
  55. >Should it really take that long? you know anthros have a crazy sense of smell but... if you smelled like all her other...friends; Shouldn't Loka had sniffed you out a while ago?
  56. >You dont push the idea because claws.
  57. >Loka drags her claws along your jeans a few times, murmuring something to herself as she does so.
  58. >"HEY" you call out to her in a flash moment of bravery
  59. >Virgin you may be, but virgin with a sense of want.
  60. >"I thought I was getting a blowjob!" you tease, wiggling you hips a bit under her claws; pure want fueling your confidence.
  61. >Fake it until you make it.
  62. >In this case, fake confidence.
  63. >Your words snap Loka's eyes to yours, burning yellow and black eyes of desire.
  64. >Her claws tear away at your jeans, her eyes locked on yours as she unceremoniously pulls your pants away and undergarments away.
  65. >For a moment, you sit; pantless with Loka across your lap.
  66. >The look on her face is one of amazement and confusion as she grips your erect (When did that happen) member in her terribly sharp claws.
  67. >"Uhhh..." Loka murmurs softly, her eyes locked on your shaft.
  68. >"I...uhm...."
  69. >You frown and put your hands on her shoulders, unsure of what else to do with them.
  70. >At the touch of your hands, Loka's eyes look to you uneasily.
  71. >Then she grips your member with an uneasy confidence.
  72. >"You're Pretty BIG for a virgin anon! You surprised me!" She cooes, rubbing one paw up and down your shaft.
  73. >She strokes your member softly, eyes locked back onto your manhood.
  74. >"Ok.....Uh...Just like the books" you hear her mumble softly.
  75. >"Loka? You ok?" you ask, savoring the feelings of her soft palms gently rubbing you; yet concerned at her words.
  76. >She looks up at you once more.
  77. >"Uh...Yea... YES! Yotally ok! Shut up virgin!" She spouts, the first half of her sentence full of unease.
  78. >Then without anymore provocation, she shoves her head down, her mouth surrounding your manhood.
  79. >The heat and soft wetness is indescribable as you feel her long tongue writhe against you.
  80. >You feel her lips try to get a good grip around your base.
  81. >Sharp teeth rub the side of your engorged shaft as Loka grips the hilt of it with a shakey paw.
  82. >She then slides her head up and down in short erratic bobs.
  83. >Her tongue wraps around you and gently strokes as you feel her try to avoid nicking you with her sharp teeth.
  84. >after a moment she lifts her head off you and she pants softly.
  85. >"W-well virgin? How does it feel to get your dick sucked by a pro" she gasps and she grips your member in on paw and pumps it up and down along your length.
  86. >"I-its good" you stammer out.
  87. >She gives a pleased smile and pumps her paw a little faster.
  88. >"Y-you wanna use my mouth pussy more?"
  89. >That question takes you a moment to recover from.
  90. >In that moment her smile falters.
  91. >You quickly nod at her and she once again smiles, then licks up the side of your now throbbing member.
  92. >"Goooood" she purrs as her tongue coils around you softly.
  93. >Loka shifts her body so she is kneeling in front of you, all the while giving slow licks to your sensitive head.
  94. >Opening her mouth wide, she once again shoves your member into her mouth.
  95. >And again, you feel the hot wetness of her mouth enclose around you.
  96. >God, this was so different from you using your hand.
  97. >The warmth, the pressure.
  98. >Loka meanwhile keeps doing odd bobs with her head, first finding a good rhythm then stopping and throwing it off.
  99. >You can't tell if its meant to be like that, but YOU wanted a rhythm.
  100. >But her sheer eagerness is making your legs shake with pangs of hot want.
  101. >In a moment of clarity you look and see her horns, then grab them, earning a muffled "Hmpf!?"
  102. >Using her horns like handlebars, you begin guiding her movments, while Loka continues coiling her tongue around you.
  103. >Loka lets go of your member with her paws and rests them squarely on your thighs, her eyes lock on yours.
  104. >the pressure and heat from her mouth are immense and you feel you limit fast approaching.
  105. >"Loka I'm gonna-"
  106. >You pull her head into your crotch earning a mix of a muffled moan and cry of surprise.
  107. >your legs spasm softly ad you unload everything into her.
  108. >After a moment you release her horns, which you now realize you had in a death grip.
  109. >She immediately pulls her head away from you, coughing slightly and begins pounding your thighs with her fists.
  110. >"*Cough* Warn me Next *cough* time!" she half yells "But Look"
  111. >She opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue.
  112. >"Drank it allll down congrats on not being as much of a virgin"
  113. >You sigh and nod at her as she stands up, wiggles her hips in your face then plops down on the couch next to you.
  114. >"Thanks Loka, I didn't think you would actually do that though" you half pant, still catching your breath.
  115. >She looks at you, then gives a wide toothy smile.
  116. >"Awww did you like it that much?"
  117. >You nod with a dead panned expression.
  118. >That makes Loka smug grin disappear,
  119. >"R-really"
  120. >You nod once more.
  121. >Her face goes into something between triumphant and confused.
  122. >"T-then would you wanna do more stuff later?"
  123. >You raise your eyebrows at her?
  124. >"What kinda stuff?"
  125. >SHe looks away from you, then around the room, then licks her lips as she looks at you once more.
  126. >"Uh...more video games and movies" she says, whispering the word "sex".
  127. >Were you going to turn her down?
  128. >Fuck no!
  129. >"Yea we can do more stuff like that" you say "But next time maybe try to beat me in a game you're good at Noob"
  130. >Loka gives a mischievous grin
  131. >"Ohhhh big man calls me a noob after I blow him! tomorrow I'm bringing my games and its on! she retorts, sliding a bit closer to you on the couch.
  132. <She wraps a paw around your hand and you she her face flush; her green scales getting a little color to them.
  133. >"Hey uh.. you're ok with being my boyfriend right?
  134. >You nod
  135. >"I thought you said i was your boyfriend earlier" you muse, a smirk on your face.
  136. >"I DID AND YOU ARE!....i was just making sure"
  137. >You smile and grab your TV remote and put on a movie.
  138. >"Slughtershere 2: slaughterhouse bogaloo"
  139. >Loka snuggles against you and you wrap and arm around her.
  140. >Well today wasn't bad at all.
  141. >Sure you're still kissless, but you got a girlfriend!
  142. >But one thing bothers you.
  143. >Why is it so much like a doujin?
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