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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <AdvancedPermissionsConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  3.   <LicenseKey>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</LicenseKey> <!-- The license key of the product from ImperialPlugins -->
  4.   <PermissionFileName>Advanced.Permissions.config.xml</PermissionFileName> <!-- The name of the file to save permissions to when using the XML module or similar -->
  5.   <StorageType>Xml</StorageType> <!-- Changes how the plugin stores stuff. Possible values: Xml, MySql, External -->
  6.   <XmlVersion>Legacy</XmlVersion> <!-- Which version of the permissions Xml to use. Possible values: Legacy, Latest -->
  7.   <PermissionHandlingOptions>
  8.     <AdminsHaveAllPermissions>true</AdminsHaveAllPermissions> <!-- Self-explanatory, when true, people with admin will have all permissions -->
  9.     <AdminsHaveAllGroups>false</AdminsHaveAllGroups> <!-- Self-explanatory, when true, people with admin will have all groups -->
  10.     <AllowRemovingPermissions>true</AllowRemovingPermissions> <!-- Allows the dynamic removing of permissions when having more than one group with the prefix below. -->
  11.     <AllowWildcards>true</AllowWildcards> <!-- Allows the use of a character that signifies the possibility of anything, ie: wildcards -->
  12.     <AutomaticMigration>true</AutomaticMigration> <!-- When true, all permissions in Rocket's permissions.config.xml will be migrated from to the plugins's systems (only occurs when the XML file or Tables do not exist and you are using that module). -->
  13.     <PlayersAlwaysInDefaultGroup>true</PlayersAlwaysInDefaultGroup> <!-- Self-explanatory, when true, all players will have the default group. -->
  14.     <PriorityOrganizedByDescending>false</PriorityOrganizedByDescending> <!-- When true, priorities will be organised by VALUE and not by RANKING, so with this true, the permission group with priority 100 will be placed first. -->
  15.     <TemporaryMemberships>false</TemporaryMemberships> <!-- Self-explanatory, when true, temporary memberships are enabled. -->
  16.     <PlayTimeBasedMemberships>false</PlayTimeBasedMemberships> <!-- When true, temporary memberships will be based in playtime and not in real world time -->
  17.     <CancelPlayTimeTimerOnLeave>true</CancelPlayTimeTimerOnLeave> <!-- When false, temporary memberships will not stop the time left when the player leaves, ie: if the player leaves, should the plugin keep counting down on their temporary memberhsip, or save the current status -->
  18.     <PermissionRemovingPrefix>-</PermissionRemovingPrefix> <!-- The prefix to remove permissions dynamically -->
  19.     <Wildcard>*</Wildcard> <!-- The wildcard character(s) -->
  20.   </PermissionHandlingOptions>
  21.   <MySqlConfiguration>
  22.     <DefaultGroup>default</DefaultGroup>
  23.     <DatabaseAddress>localhost</DatabaseAddress> <!-- Self-explanatory, the address ( or as examples) of the MYSQL server. -->
  24.     <DatabasePort>3306</DatabasePort> <!-- Self-explanatory, the port of the MYSQL server. -->
  25.     <DatabaseUsername>unturned</DatabaseUsername> <!-- Self-explanatory, the username for the MYSQL server. -->
  26.     <DatabasePassword>password</DatabasePassword> <!-- Self-explanatory, the password for the MYSQL server account. -->
  27.     <DatabaseName>unturned</DatabaseName> <!-- Self-explanatory, the name of the database for the tables to be stored. -->
  28.     <TableNameGroups>groups</TableNameGroups> <!-- Self-explanatory, the name of the table for each of the groups. -->
  29.     <TableNamePermissions>permissions</TableNamePermissions> <!-- Self-explanatory, the name of the table for the permissions of each group. -->
  30.     <TableNamePlayers>members</TableNamePlayers> <!-- Self-explanatory, the name of the table for members of a group. -->
  31.     <UseCache>true</UseCache> <!-- Enables an in-memory cache that saves any caching enabled queries -->
  32.     <EnableCacheRefreshMessage>false</EnableCacheRefreshMessage> <!-- Enables the message that shows up every time that the cache is refreshed. -->
  33.     <AutoDetermineCacheRefresh>true</AutoDetermineCacheRefresh> <!-- If true, the value below will have the time of the cache refresh added to it -->
  34.     <CacheRefreshIntervalMilliseconds>30000</CacheRefreshIntervalMilliseconds> <!-- The time (in milliseconds) that the cache waits before refreshing itself. If the MYSQL Server is not in the same machine, every 60 seconds is recommended for low bandwidth usage -->
  35.   </MySqlConfiguration>
  36. </AdvancedPermissionsConfiguration>
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