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Zef's CT Pack v3.03 Changelog

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  1. ---V3.03---
  2. *Update Cup Icons
  3. *Add Mushroom Peaks over Koopa Beach 4
  4. *Add Kamek's Library over N64 Banshee Boardwalk
  5. *Add 3DS Piranha Plant Slide over Waterslide
  6. *Add 3DS Bowser's Castle over Mansion of Madness
  7. *Add Waterway over Faraway Land
  8. *Add Junk Food Wonderland over Blue Loop
  9. *Add Desktop Dash over Yellow Loop
  10. *Add Desert Strip over GCN Dry Dry Desert
  11. *Add GBA Mario Circuit over Heart of China
  12. *Add Desert Bone over Alpha Desert Valley
  13. *Add Punch City over District 65
  14. *Add Castle Raceway over GBA Luigi Circuit
  15. *Add Chomp Valley over Garden Path
  16. *Add Botania over N64 Moo Moo Farm
  17. *Add Trainbow Road over Rainbow Labyrinth
  18. *Add Water Wood over Water Rock World
  19. *Add Something Circuit over Pac-Man Circuit
  20. *Add Jungle Jamble over Yoshi Mountain
  21. *Add Pine Falls over Vokas Treeway
  22. *Update Hillside Circuit to newest version
  23. *Update GP Pac-Mountain to newest version
  24. *Update Fortside Volcano to newest version
  25. *Update Yoshi's Islet to newest version
  26. *Update Water Island to newest version
  27. *Update Sky Beach to newest version
  28. *Update Darkness Power Plant to newest version
  29. *Update Muck Stadium to newest version
  30. *Update Forest Island to newest version
  31. *Update Grassland Lake to newest version
  32. *Update WF Wuhu Island to newest version
  33. *Update Circuit Speedway to newest version
  34. *Update WiiU Excitebike Arena to newest version
  35. *Make 3DS Rainbow Road 1 lap
  36. *Make Mountain Town 2x Speed and 4 Laps
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