Laptop Rant

Aug 14th, 2021
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  1. So, I'm writing this because I want to talk about it. TLDR is “I hate my laptop”.
  3. I mostly use a laptop for things, because I don't have much else other than two phones, one of which tends to just not help at all, and the other one is hard for me to keep up with (Don't ask ;-;). Problem is, the laptop sucks at doing the stuff I need it to do, those being playing games, and making stuff.
  5. First of all, at least this laptop is better than my previous one, which is the easiest to notice when playing A Hat in Time or Starbound. On the old laptop, Starbound was just unplayable, constantly freezing for around a minute, every 2 seconds, and while AhiT was playable, 5 frames per second really isn't fun (Though I did get around 30 time pieces on my first save using that laptop so... that's something I'm proud of.). And let's not get started on multiplayer... That was a fun time. But on this laptop, Starbound runs quite smoothly, and AhiT runs at about 15-20 FPS with occasional lag spikes that last about a second, and doing multiplayer is actually possible at a framerate higher than 1.
  7. But now it's time to talk about the problems. First, this thing has SEVERE battery problems. It's so bad it needs to be plugged in all the time, and it gives an “HP Battery Alert” every time it's powered on. Every. Single. Time. And because I turn it off at the end of the day (Which I'll explain in a moment), it means I have to press enter every morning, just to boot up the laptop. Seriously, HP, I get it, you've shown me this alert 50 times already, NOW CAN YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!?
  9. Moving on to why I turn it off at the end of the day, that's because this laptop has the power light, charger light, and so on at the front. My desk is on the opposite side of the room compared to where my bed is, so if I just close the lid, that stupid power light will blink through the whole night, directly at my pillow. And to make things worse, that light is a pure white color. Thanks but I'd like to get more than 2 minutes of sleep.
  12. Now let's talk about the hardware. I'll just cut it short, the hardware is just not enough for what I need to do.
  15. Let's just move on to what it can't run, because I feel like talking about that.
  16. Starting off, this laptop can't run OBS or Twitch Studio, so I can't really record anything or stream anything. Which means my currently dead youtube channel gets to stay dead for even longer, woohoo!!!
  18. Second, painfully enough, is Midtown Madness, a really old game. All I can say here is “HOW???”
  20. Third, Blender. This is especially annoying, because I enjoy making stuff. And not being able to use Blender on my own laptop severely limits what I can make, because it means I can only use it sometimes, if my mother lets me use her computer, which can run Blender, so one of my projects is going ridiculously slowly.
  22. (I can't think of any others right now, so I might update this later. Also, my laptop can't handle Hollow Knight, but I have that one on the switch anyway so I don't really care about that one.)
  25. I'll end this off (At least for now) by saying that I'm not the type of person that needs ridiculously overkill hardware. I just want something that is capable of running what I need it to at a somewhat stable framerate and quality.
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