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  1. //IBL Standard
  2. 1-albedoMap(diffusemap)
  3. 2-decalMap(diffusemap) rgb-? a-yes,use as normal. An overlay texture, channel 2? Only works if you export an IBL standard shader with map on channel 2.
  4. 3-aoSpecularAMap(bumpmap) r-ao? g-spec? b-
  5. 4-metallicRoughnessMap(bumpmap) r-metal? g-rough? b-
  6. 5-normalMap(bumpmap) no blue channel, maybe another normal map on a different channel
  7. 6-aoSpecularBMap(bumpmap) maybe a second ao map on another channel
  8. 7-functionMap(bumpmap) - leave empty
  10. no blue channel?
  11. xxx_UV number = channel(0=1,1=2,etc)?
  13. //IBLRoadBasic
  14. albedoRoughMap- rgb-Colour Alpha-Roughness
  15. overlayMap- mult map with roughness alpha? 2k image now
  16. grooveMap- r-colour? g-roughness? b-empty
  17. marbleDustMaskMap- r-colour? g-roughness? b-empty
  18. aoSpecularMap- r-ao g-spec? b-empty
  19. overlayWetMaskMap- r- g- b-empty
  20. sBlurredRefTexture- Empty
  22. //TerrainBasic - I think it's the same as the old shader, with vert channels etc
  23. albedoRoughAMap(diffusemap): 1st grass tex, rough in alpha
  24. albedoRoughBMap(diffusemap): 2nd grass tex, rough in alpha
  25. functionMap(bumpmap): Maybe mult map for 1st and 2nd grass?
  26. mixSpecularMap(bumpmap): Mix map, no blue,
  27. albedoRoughCMap(diffusemap): 3rd grass tex, rough in alpha
  28. normalAMap(bumpmap): 1st and 2nd grass normal
  29. normalBMap(bumpmap): 3rd grass normal
  32. //Carbody
  33. baseCoatRoughness- reflection %, 0 full, 1 nothing
  34. baseCoatSpecStrength- brightness of reflections, don't go above 1
  35. clearCoatSpecStrength- reflection % again, I guess over the base
  36. clearCoatRoughness- clearness of cube map, anything other than 0 is blurred
  37. clearCoatRefractiveIndex- Higher numbers make chrome effect
  38. baseCoatRefractiveIndex- Brightens reflection?
  39. lacquerColour-
  40. metallicFlakeColour-
  41. metallicPaintStrength-
  42. metallicFlakeStrength-
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