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Spontus Ch. 5 Orig

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  1.                 Chapter 5
  2.            S.A.S.P.S. Issues
  3.         As they soared through the air with intense speed, Ross and Ruke both seemed lightheaded, and confused. Ross guessed that Ruke’s ‘animal radar’ had to do with auras, and Ross was thinking how many other powers might be pretty cool…
  4.         “SO, (pant) IF ANYTHING HAPPENS, (pant, pant) DON’T WAIT FOR ME… FOR ANY (pant) REASON! JUST RUN LIKE CRAP (pant, pant, pant, pant) AND FIND YOUR PLAAAAAACCCCEEEEEEE! (about twenty pants) ” Ruke screamed.
  5.         Ross had a bit of trouble hearing this as the wind roaring in his ears was both distracting and loud. He felt the sleek, glossy feel of the hover-craft vehicle against his furry legs, and the soft-rough back of Ruke, whom he was holding on to for dear life. As he slowly cocked his head backwards to look at the S.A.S.P.S. agent, he noticed them getting slowly closer. As he looked more carefully, he noticed that there three – not one – agents trailing them.
  6.         Their bikes were black and dark grey instead of blue and white, and they looked more sharp, fast, and lethal. The riders were wearing glossy (and expensive looking) helmets, and had nice, black suits on. Neither Ross, nor Ruke had helmet or suit, and the only thing on them were magnetic, silver boots. As Ross looked down, he noticed his feet were inside these boots, and they were helping his body stick to the hover-craft more than he knew. Ruke had some too, but they were bigger, and looked heavier. Ross hadn’t noticed them when he climbed on, so either by magic, or the thrill, and distraction of flight, he didn’t exactly care.
  7.         As he looked back again, (they had traveled about half a mile) he saw one of the agents pulling out a staff of some sort that looked pointy (and epic). And then, Ross noticed the pointy staff extending, and letting out a strange sparky looking substance. Ross figured as long as he and Ruke stayed clear of (JOLT) the agents, they’d be safe.
  8. But as the hover-craft jolted, Ross noticed that the pointy staff had been hurled into the side of Ruke’s hover-craft, and it was slowly down, and descending. Ruke slowly turned around, and handed Ross a cool teal suit.
  9.         “This…” Ruke said, as he no longer had to yell, since they weren’t going as fast, and he was facing Ross. “is an invisibility suit. It changes sizes to the touch. As soon as we crash, the agents might jab me in the side, but they’re looking for you more than me.” Ruke said handing Ross the suit.
  10. As it passed into his hands, the suit shrunk a fair bit, and the color even changed a bit. Ross looked down, and noticed that they were getting closer to the ground.
  11.         “Now, the eye trick I set on this puppy won’t hold for long. The commoners will be able to see us soon, and you have to slip that suit on so they won’t know you’re a part of this.” Ruke said as Ross pulled it on.
  12.         “I’m hoping this place seems familiar, as you’ll have to find your inner powers, and bolt to your house. Collect your stuff, sneak through the city, don’t let anyone see you, and head back to the Guardian Headquarters. Whatever happens to me.” Ruke said with a small salute.
  13.         Ross finished putting on the suit, and stared up at Ruke. He returned the salute, and looked back at the S.A.S.P.S. agents. They were pulling out staffs slightly different than the one used to immobilize their hover-craft.
  14.         “Well, good luck… and I hope we meet again!” said Ruke, shoving Ross off of the hover-craft.
  15. Ross looked up, and noticed that the hover-craft said “Model M_F, series Tendus” on the side in somewhat small print. As he did that, he noticed he was falling, and the S.A.S.P.S. agents were bewildered. Ross looked down, and noticed he was now about probably five miles from the surface, and coming in fast. As he now realized how far up they had been, Ross felt a shiver move through his body. He was going to land on top of a pointy statue, and that wouldn’t do. He took out his legs, put his arms forward, and put on a big grin. As he forcefully jerked his leg, he seemed to be slowly moving… He closed his eyes… He was having one of those moments where you’re listening to a song you like, and then the exciting chorus comes in, and it gives you chills of ‘this is so awesome!’. He jerked his leg a bit harder, and seconds before dying on the tip of the statue, he took flight.
  16.         The suit seemed to feel a bit tight, but warm and reassuring somehow. He saw the buildings as he zoomed above them, and felt like something extraordinary should be happening. He looked up, and barely avoided a skyscraper.
  17.         It seemed like he was in the center of the city… And that would explain the giant statue… of Merith, honoring Therrin and Merrin. Their destruction for some, and their revolution for others. The statue itself was a giant shiny pointy orb which was meant to represent the Spontus. Ross only knew part of that information.
  18.         Ross was using his flight powers ridiculously better than the last time he used them, and he couldn’t put away his grin. He looked a bit to his right, and saw a housing track that seemed oh so familiar… Yes! He had found where his house was! He slowly turned in that direction, when he head a BANG, and slowing down to a hovering speed, looked towards the sound. He seemed to have mastered flight somehow… As he found the source of the bang, he saw that Ruke was falling, and the invisibility must have worn off. The S.A.S.P.S. agents were seeming a bit confused, and Ross remembered what Ruke said.
  19. So, he dashed off over to his house roundabouts area, and tried to clear his mind or Ruke. He looked at the blue sky… the animals had been converting all of their cars into electric as to save electricity, and the sky was much more blue, and beautiful looking than it had been when the humans were originally disappeared. He saw some birds that were untouched by DNA yet, and held no common intellect.
  20. Ross was approaching his house (he had it in sights now), and he tried to slow down… thankfully, he managed to come to a jerky halt, then slowly went forward. Unfortunately, he didn’t exactly like what he saw; dozens of S.A.S.P.S. agents were swarming the house.
  21.         The mission just (at that moment) got ten times more complicated. Ross saw a tree house he and his dad had built when Ross was 8, and headed over to it. It was fairly high up, and no S.A.S.P.S. agents were smart enough to be looking around it. Ross managed to land on it with his decreased speed, and sat down. He needed a pretty dang good plan if he wanted to live.
  22.         He looked out of his tree house at the S.A.S.P.S. agents (rather guards) below, and saw that most of them were facing the street, and two were on either side of the door with guns on their shoulders, facing each other, looking rather like they were in the military doing a procedure. Ross looked to his left and saw that there were less guards in the backyard, but they had more weapons… Weapons!
  23. Ross looked back at the front yard, and saw that only three guards had weapons- the two with deadly looking guns, and a buffed out (leader?) guard holding an epic looking sword from some of your wildest dreams. Ross’s mouth opened slightly as he saw his crazy samurai looking armor, his epic helmet with a visor… and his sword… It had strange misty swirls globing around it, and the handle was small, yet heavy, and grip-able. The actual blade Looked like a giant, Smoky black color, in the shape of an arrowhead. And… there was a ruby on the blade that looked oh-so familiar… The tip of the blade made Ross tremble, and lose confidence.
  24.         Ross immediately turned away from this guard, and the word “Saren” came to mind… Ross had no idea why, but it seemed to be whispering to him… calling his name in a sweet, yet dark voice.
  25. Ross ushered these thoughts away with his mind, and looked around his tree house. It was made of completely stable wood, and had an awesome slide-able door, and windows. Ross had flew in through one of the window, and now creeped over to it, and slowly shut it. They had bits of metal on the top and bottom (which Ross figured was more likely to be considered rust than metal) and Ross didn’t want it making any noise. He quickly checked that no S.A.S.P.S. guards where looking, and closed all the rest of the closable things… except for the door. He needed a way to get out, and frankly it was a bit too big to be unnoticeable since his dad was able to fit in.
  26.         He spotted an old picture of his whole family in front of a Maple Tree, and grabbed it. He rummaged hopefully for a pocket in the suit to his dismay. Then he figured to just slide it into his suit. Hey, it was tight enough to store it, so why not? He then went over to a corner of the tree house where he used to keep a stash of hidden papers. He looked through them, slightly smiling at some of the pictures… slowly getting better, and better with talent. He was looking for a pen, a map of the house he made last year, and an empty piece of paper. He had found the pen, and the empty piece of paper. He had found a picture of a Notch team (Notch was the animals’ past time… a sport they invented,) and knew the map was coming up.
  27.         He had lived in a two story house, and sometimes forgot what was where, and there were some strange holes in their wall at random places to which he had used to get outside, and into the tree house before. He found the map, and attached to it a note from Quincy. (Quincy would sneak up his tree house at night some times, and they’d have random conversations.) The map was pretty clear, and Ross kind of remembered a passage he had used last week to sneak into the tree house… Then he read the note from Quincy. It read:
  29. "Ross, something’s not right. The S.A.S.P.S. agents have slowly been looking more, and more suspicious when I’m around. I have no idea what’s going on, and I’m not sure what to do. You never know how sketchy they can be, bugging everything, so I decided to slip this on your most recent piece of work.
  31. -Quincy-
  32. (By the way, why don’t you have the most recent work on the top?)"
  34.         Ross smiled at Quincy’s intellect, and handwriting (way more superior to his own,) and put the note in his suit. Ross then took off the top of the suit (because it was kind of hot inside,) and took out the paper. He then started tracing parts of the map with the pen, and writing side notes on plans “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”. It took him a good ten minutes, and I’d explain what he did to you, but you’d probably get bored.
  35.         After getting that all done, he zipped the suit back up, stretched, rolled his head, cracked his paws, pulled out his claws, and got ready to sneak inside.
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