Icarus' Fable - Chapter 4.5 - One or Two Sugars?

May 26th, 2013
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  1. Is it even possible for a morning to be perfect? You had been treated to the most wonderful breakfast in the entire world by your girlfriend. A tasty meal of bacon, eggs and freshly brewed coffee. The bacon and eggs were great, but the coffee? It was amazing, nay, more than amazing! Clare worked full time at a coffee shop in the center of town and made the best coffee you had ever had the joy of tasting. She grew her own beans in a special hydroponic farm, ground them by hand and had bought a quite expensive machine to make the coffee with. It interested you greatly, the creation of coffee beans and of coffee itself, and you even had another wonderful person to teach you anything you wanted about coffee. This morning, your Clare had even used her incredible skills to write you a little message in the foam of the coffee. It read “Happy 26th, Andrew!” Aww, how nice of her! She said that she was going to do something special for your birthday, but this surprise breakfast was all you needed to be the happiest guy in the world. She was sitting across from you on the other side of the table, smiling and sipping her own cup of home made coffee.
  2. “Soooo... You ready for your surprise yet?”
  3. “Sure, Clare-Bear” You say, smiling in between sips of coffee.
  4. She giggles happily and runs out of the room. What could she have gotten you that would warrant so much excitement? It would be something you enjoyed, so maybe a Metallica CD? You hadn't gotten their new album so maybe it was that. Luckily you didn't have to wait very long and she came hopping back in, holding a box wrapped up in bright red paper, topped off with a blue bow. She plomped it down in front of you and sat, staring excitedly.
  5. “Well? You gonna open it?” She asked nervously. It must be something pretty amazing... You nod and start to untie the bow on top and peel open the wrapping. The box inside was unmarked so you open it up and delve into the depths of the packing material inside. It was soft and squishy, so was it a toy? You pull it up and immediately find yourself staring into the eyes of Cheerilee. Well, not actually Cheerilee. It was a plushy and it was absolutely the best plushy you had ever seen.
  6. “Holy crap! Thanks so much, Clare!”
  7. “No problem, Andrew! I know that Cheerilee is your favorite character and I saw this online so I couldn't not buy it!” She leans forward and gives you a hug, squishing the amazing plushy in between the two of you. After you pull apart, you look down at the plushy again. It really was great. Unlike all of the other plushies you had seen before, this one actually looked pretty damn realistic. It actually seemed to have character and soul, something lacking in nearly all plushies you had seen before. You lay it down on the floor and give a huge kiss to Clare. You truly were grateful for having a girlfriend who shared interests with you in nearly every aspect AND bought you sweet stuff. They only problem with this was now you had to buy something for her birthday next month to make up for how great this present was.
  9. Now you really felt bad... Dinner and a great present? Clare was treating you way better than you ever deserved. She took you out to a fancy Thai cuisine, ordered the best thing on the menu all for you and then paid for everything as well! This was more than you could handle and something made you think tonight was surely going to be even more amazing than the day. You got home, satisfied and tired, after the best birthday of your life. You both walk through the house and sit down heavily on the couch, pulling out your laptop. The day was done and there was nothing left to do but spend your time on /mlp/. Today, something was quite different though. As soon as you click on the board in 4chan, you are greeted with a very unfamiliar sight.
  10. “ “Create your own OC”... Hey Clare, come take a look at this.”
  11. She shuffles over on the couch closer to you.
  12. “OC... Original Character? Maybe they're using some sort of ID system in /mlp/ now. Ooooh! I wanna make one!”
  13. She joyously opens up her laptop and as quick as she can, loads up the page.
  14. “OMG! I know exactly what I’m gonna make mine like.”
  15. An idea pops into your head.
  16. “Wait a second, what if I made yours for you and you made mine for me? That would be pretty cool!”
  17. “Oooh! I know exactly what I’m gonna make YOURS like!”
  19. You stare at the featureless grey pony sitting on the screen in front of you. So... How were you going to make hers... You start off by giving the ponies fur a nice rich coffee brown, very fitting seeing as she is obsessed with coffee. The mane is next and you decide to make it puffy and swirly, somewhat like BonBons and give it light brown locks with white streaks going down the middle, like the foam on top of a cup of coffee. The scheme was strangely appealing, even more than what you thought an OC pony would be like. It even looked up to scratch with the quality of the show! Well, almost, there was still a couple of details missing. You pressed the next button at the bottom of the page and a text box came up telling you to input your skills and interests. Well, this was for Clare, so coffee was definitely the first and most accurate thing to come to mind. As soon as you typed in “coffee”, three perfect coffee beans appeared on the rump of the beautiful brown pony. After pressing the next button again, you are greeted with three symbols, a pair of wings, presumably meaning a Pegasus pony, a glowing horn (unicorn, duh) and a flexing muscle, which by presumption and by the process of elimination, you believe to symbolize an earth pony. How about earth pony? Coffee beans are from a plant, so it would make sense if a coffee obsessed pony grew their own beans like Clare did. You pressed the next button and one last text box appeared before you. Above it read “Name your character”. Hmmm... This was a good question, one that you thought should be left to Clare to decide.
  20. “Hey, Clare, what do you want your pony to be called? I've done the rest, but you should pick it's name. Hint, it's to do with coffee.”
  21. She laughed, realizing how obvious it was that you would have made her pony coffee related.
  22. “That's a good question... How about Coffee Cream?”
  23. “Sounds... Great! Like, weirdly great. What about my characters name?”
  24. “You decide for yourself, just like I made mines name. I thought since you love to draw so much, I'd make your pony a drawing pony.”
  25. “What about... Ink Scribble? That sounds good too.”
  26. “And there we go... Done!”
  27. You both press the finish button at the same time. Suddenly, you feel a surge of electricity build up in your finger and painfully zap through your body.
  28. “Argh, shit! What the hell was that!”
  29. Clare was holding her hand back as well, she must have been zapped when you got zapped.
  30. “I dunno. Maybe I dripped some water into the power port... I dunno, but maybe we should play it safe and stay off the computers for tonight.”
  31. “Can I see my pony before we switch off?”
  32. “Sure. You can see yours as well if you want”
  33. You shuffle over on the couch over to Clare and peek at her computer screen. On the screen sat a pale beige unicorn stallion, admittedly very attractive, with a deep blue mane and a paint brush for a cutie mark. Holy crap, that was cool! It even seemed to embody your personality in the way that it stood, to an extent. Clare must have felt the same way because she was excitedly smiling at the computer screen and inspecting every detail of the pony. You couldn't wait to use this pony on the 4chan boards and see what people thought of it. Just before you shut it off, a text box popped up in the middle of the screen. "Congratulations!" it reads. "You are one of the first 10 people to use the OC creator on this site! You will be receiving your prize over the next week!" Prize? What did that mean? You call Clare over to look at the screen and she scans over the message.
  34. “Prize? Over the next week? What prize is delivered over an entire week?”
  35. “Maybe it has something to do with the characters. Maybe we get a special tag to use on 4chan or something, I dunno.”
  36. “Yeah, well we can worry about it tomorrow. I am so damn tired, let's go to bed, Andrew.” Damn, you weren't gonna get lucky tonight. Oh well, you were tired as well. Strange, because you had been really energetic only ten minutes ago.
  37. “Right behind you.”
  39. You slip under the sheets and cuddle up with Clare, you were so happy to be here with her, but you still had a weird feeling of anxiety building up inside you. That 4chan message was just freaking you out for some reason that you couldn't put your finger on. You sat, staring at the wall for ages, wondering what it meant by “You will be receiving your prize over the next week...” You try as hard as you can to fall asleep, but the message just keeps bothering you, like it's poking you in the side. You take a sleeping pill which helps calm your mind down and after a while, you manage to fall asleep and rest peacefully until the sharp screeching of your alarm wakes you up the next morning.
  41. You slam your hand down painfully on the alarm, causing it to immediately turn off. God damn it, what the hell, your arm felt so stiff this morning, maybe Clare had been lying on it. Speaking of Clare, she was missing from next to you. This was normal though, she often went outside early in the morning to tend to her coffee plants. As you stand up, you find that your feet are feeling stiff as well, and you stumble a bit trying to regain balance that you are unsure when it was lost. Bleary eyed and tired, you walk into the kitchen and start pulling stuff out for breakfast. Clare made you breakfast yesterday and it wasn't your birthday anymore, so it was time to repay the favor. You really didn't feel like bacon this morning, so you just got out some vegetables, eggs and salt to make omelets with. Clare liked omelets and they were piss easy to make, so you started to chop the vegetables in preparation for cooking, pulling the knife out of the holder and slicing up the carrot and capsicum into small squares. The squares looked really off because of how stiff your hands were, but that didn't really matter. Non-perfect dicing never hurt anyone. While chopping, you can't help but let your mind wander back to thinking about the 4chan message. Why did this have you so worried? It wasn't something that warranted so much confusion or thought, yet it did anyway. You feel a sharp pain in your hand and retract your hand back quickly. Fuck! Maybe you should have been paying more attention to your cutting because you had cut your finger instead of the capsicum. “Shit, just what I fucking need...” you think as you pull out the medicine box and sloppily put a sticky plaster on your finger. Fucking knife... Your worries about pain are interrupted temporarily as you spy a small patch of brown on the top of your hand. What the hell was this? It kind of looked like a scab, had you scraped yourself before and not noticed? No, it wasn't a scab, it felt soft and smooth, not like a scab at all.
  42. “What the fuck... Clare-Bear? Can you come on for a second?”
  43. A couple of seconds, no response.
  44. “Clare? You OK?”
  45. You walk through the sliding door to the garage, accidentally slipping the bandage off as you open the door, and see Clare tending to her coffee plants, wearing her heavy looking headphones. You give her a tap on the shoulder and she tears off her headphones as she turns around, surprised.
  46. “Oh, shit, Andrew. You scared me! *gasp!* You're bleeding!”
  47. “Huh? Oh, it's OK, I need to show you something else though.”
  48. “It can wait, we need to get that patched up right now.”
  49. She hurriedly pushes you inside and you reluctantly comply, wanting to show her the thing on your hand but still glad she cares about you. She sits you down on the couch and goes into the other room to get the bandages, leaving you sitting on the couch. You look down at your hand and scratch it a bit where the weird brown patch was, but your scratching didn't ease the strange itch, it made it worse. It was really strange, patch also seemed to be slightly bigger than before... Your thoughts are interrupted again as Clare comes back in, bearing a bandaid for your hand. You smile nervously as she cleans the blood off with a tissue and applies it to your finger.
  50. “Thanks.” You say, rubbing the bandaid a bit and scratching the patch with the other hand. She smiles her cute little smile, leans forward and gives a little kiss to your hand. She instantly jerks back in surprise.
  51. “What the hell is that stuff on your hand?”
  52. “That's what I wanted to ask you about- Whoa!”
  53. It had grown even more? You only looked at it about twenty seconds before and it had been half this size! It quickly became unimaginably itchy and you scratched at it even more. Clare, it seemed, was overcome with the same kind of itch that was affecting you and started to scratch under her thighs.
  54. “Ooh, Ah! What the hell, Andrew! I think we must be allergic to something that we had for dinner last night, this is itchy as hell!”
  55. “I think this might be something different from an allergic reaction, Clare...”
  56. You looked at your hand again and could actively see the brown patch growing larger and larger, the color seeming a little bit more familiar than you care to admit to your self. Clare pulls up the leg of her pants to reveal a speedily spreading patch of beige traveling across her leg.
  57. “Oh my god! Holy shit, what the hell is happening, Andrew!?”
  58. “You really think I know? Ah shit!”
  59. After a quick look, you see that the fur had been growing on the other hand too and was accelerating at an alarming rate. It had grown almost up to your fingers and as soon as it touched , you felt them clench up and the skin around started to stretch out. What the fuck! You were pretty OK with the damn fur stuff, but compared to what was happening now? You could feel a huge stretching feeling in both of your hands (not painful though) as your fingernails started to bleed together, taking your fingers with them, making them meld together so much to the point that they disappeared completely. Your fingernails finish becoming one and start to flatten out to make a large flat surface, almost like a hoof. Actually, exactly like a hoof! You quickly glance of at Grace who is staring in utter disbelief as the fur had spread across her leg to the foot and was quickly going the same way that your hand had. The itching feeling continues and you look back at your arms to see the fur growing further up your arm. You felt the arms start to move around a little in their sockets as they rearrange to form a strange horse like limb. As the fur reached the edge of your shoulders, it slowed it's growth to a stop and subsequently, so did the changes to your arm. Specifically, your coffee brown arm.
  62. Clare sat, eyes glazed over, staring in absolute amazement and shock at her ponified beige legs. The fur had grown just past the knee and had decided to park itself there (for the moment) Her lower lip started to quiver and her eyes began to water up. Oh no, she was going to cry. You step over to her and throw your pony-like arms around her. She burst into tears and sobs into your shoulder and as you hug her harder you find it a little difficult to grip without access to your hands anymore.
  63. “Why us, Andrew? What did we ever do to deserve this? And what does it mean?”
  64. You stiffen up a bit. What did it mean? You had absolutely no idea. You were just completely lost, with no direction. The rational side of your brain kicks in and starts whizzing ideas around in your head. What caused this? Well it must have been the pony creators we used last night, what else? This has to be what the message meant by a prize... Yeah, sure. Some “prize.” It also said in the message that we were one of the first ten people to use the pony creator and only the first ten got the prize. That must mean that there are at least eight other people who are going through the same thing as us, right? Maybe they went onto 4chan searching for help. Time to see if your deductions were correct.
  66. You briefly explain to Clare what you are doing and she pulls herself together a little, wiping away her tears with the sleeve of her jacket. You pull out your laptop and open up your browser to 4chan, having a little bit of difficulty, seeing as you didn't have hands anymore. You mistyped a whole lot but the hoof feeling thingy seemed to work with the laptops track-pad, so that was one bonus. The site seems to have kept no memory of the pony creator and you wertre wrong in assuming that it would be used as an avatar in the threads. There was nothing at all different from usual /mlp/ boards, the regular Pony Tulpa General thread and AiE were up on the first page again and all the others were pretty generic too. People were complaining about equestria girls, arguing about plot, characters, etc. Nothing at all to do with the events of last night, nothing at all. After about an hour, you were just about ready to give up entirely when you suddenly spied an image of a blue hoof. Not just any pony hoof though, it was on a person and looked just like yours. In the thread was a link to a chat room and you nervously clicked on it, curious as to who might be there. A small box appeared, prompting you to enter a password. There was a hint next to it that read "What was the first thing you noticed this morning?" and you immediately write three short letters in. "Fur".
  67. You silently cheer as the password box disappears and you are presented with the chat room screen telling you that there was only two people in the chat room, presumably you and the host.
  68. "Hello?" you type slowly. After a while another message popped up reading "Hello. I'm assuming that you are in the same predicament as me, yes?"
  69. "If by that you mean all of these fucked up changes, than yes. Me and my girlfriend have been affected."
  70. A few minutes pass and another message appears.
  71. "Do you and your friend have a place to stay? We aren't sure how permanent these changes might be."
  72. Hmmm. You hadn’t thought of that. It seems that you were turning into a pony, how ever ridiculous that may seem, and being out in public might not be the smartest idea. What if someone found you and reported you to the police? What if the government found you and kept you hidden to do tests on you? Finding a place to stay away from society might be a good idea and this guy might be able to help you.
  73. "We don't have anywhere to stay, do you?"
  74. He explains to you that he is soon going to leave to a camping site that a couple of other people being affected were going to be staying a couple of towns over from you. He gives you the address with some instructions and informs you that he is going to be staying at home until his changes finish to give advice to any others who might be changing. You write down the address, thank him and close down your computer. Clare had been reading over your shoulder the whole time and looked to you.
  75. "So what are we going to do now?" she sobbed nervously. You sleepily put a reassuring hoof on her shoulder and smile. Your changes seemed to have drained you of every ounce of energy you had left in you, leaving you sleepy and exhausted.
  76. “Maybe, we should go to sleep... I feel so damn tired...”
  77. “Yeah” Clare says and yawns. “See you tomorrow...”
  78. You and Clare fall asleep next to each other on the couch almost instantly.
  81. Soon after waking up, you were surprised again by a light brown and white tail swishing between you legs. Hmmm strange... Why brown and white? You left Clare alone and still asleep on the couch to go pack the car up so you could leave. You had all of the food packed into the back of the car, the coffee plants and the hydroponic gear placed carefully as well. You had harvested what you could of the nearly ripe coffee beans then put them into an airtight container after a large amount of fiddling with the lid. As you pack the last of the stuff into the boot of your car, you see your arms and start to get worried again. What was it that just unsettled you more than it should? It wasn't even the fact that you had a pony arm... It was something else, something... different. Your arm seemed a bit more shapely and slender... and the color was still throwing you off for some reason. Your train of thought is interrupted as you hear Clare call you from inside.
  82. "One second, Clare!"
  83. Whoa... Was it just you, or did it sound like your voice was a little higher too?
  85. "Yeah, what is it? Something wrong, Clare?" She looked shocked and slowly brought her hand up, facing her palm away from you. You look a little closer and notice something off... Oh no. You rip off your socks and look at a small growing patch of brown on the top of your foot. Oh shit, shit, shit! More already? You run over to the couch and sit down next to Clare, preparing for the impending changes. You try to reassure Clare by putting your hoof/hand on her leg, but the presence of your hoof just seems to bother her more. You try and hold your hoof away from your leg as the fur started to grow, but you just couldn't help scratching it as brown engulfed your leg. You began to experience the same strange stretching feeling from before as your bones moved around, rearranged and morphed to form the slender equine legs that sat just below your waist now. You look over at Clare and you are extremely surprised to see that her beige back and front legs are much bulkier than yours, as well as a faint mark appearing on her leg. Hmmm, why did it resemble a paint brush. Strange, seeing as the brush mark was from your pony and you were a- Oh. Shit. How the fuck did you not notice this before. You were becoming Coffee Cream! A FEMALE PONY.
  87. "FUUUUUCK!." You scream, sounding way more feminine than before. You look at the side of your leg, a faint outline of three circular marks on both sides of your flank.
  88. "What's wrong- *gasp*!" Clare throws her hooves to her mouth, just noticing the deepening in her voice.
  89. "Oh my god... I can't believe i didn't notice this before. I should have bloody realized it as soon as i saw *coffee brown* fur growing on my legs."
  90. "What's happening, Andrew?"
  91. "Don't you realize? I created your pony, and you created mine. Mine is a male, yours is a female. We're turning into the ponies that we created! I'm turning into your pony!"
  92. "Oh my god... I'm gonna be a guy?"
  93. "It kinda seems like it... The signs add up, look at our limbs. I'm much more slender, and my voice has even started to raise in pitch."
  94. "Wh- what are we gonna do?"
  95. "Ughhh. I don't think there's much we can do. We didn't chose for this to happen or anything, so i hardly think we have any control over it. For now, we should just get on the road. If we don't get to that campsite, we might get noticed on the way there. Let's go before something else drastic changes..."
  97. It was a little weird walking around on two legs with your legs shaped like this, but you didn't really have many problems after a couple of practices. You finished packing up all of the remaining things into the care with a little help from Clare and jump in. With a lot of fiddling, you manage to grip the cars keys between your hooves and turn the car on. You get Clare to pull out the road map and navigate for you while you were driving. It was all a little new to you, driving without your hands and with your awkwardly shaped legs not helping you at all. Luckily, it was a work day today and not many people were on the streets to notice that something was off. Speaking of work, they were probably gonna start to wonder where the hell you and Clare were.
  98. "Hey Clare." You say, your voice sounding more feminine by the minute. "You alright?"
  99. She stares out of the window and shrugs away from you.
  100. "Look, I’m really sorry. I really am. I never wanted this, you know it. Maybe we won't be in the right bodies, in more than one way, but we're still together. And as long as we are still together, there's no way I’m gonna let you go, OK?" She looks back towards you and you can see she has been crying. She leans across and hugs you for ages.
  101. "Whoa there, i still need to drive" say calmly and correct her position.
  102. "Andrew, I- I'm really glad you're here right now. Not just because for the car ride, but because i don't think i could go on after I’m done changing without you. There's no-one i would rather have change with me than you. Um, er, not that i wanted you to change, that's just- uhmm, oh, i'm sorry i-"
  103. "Hey, shhh, calm down Clare. It's fine. I know what you mean, and i feel the same way. I love you too." She laugh cries and gives you another brief hug, this time not disrupting your driving.
  105. Ohhhhhh shit. You were out of fuel. How could you be so fucking stupid! This was unbelievable. You had been on the highway route to the other town for about three hours now and the sun was starting to drop in the sky. If you didn't find fuel soon, you definitely wouldn't make it very far. You could probably only drive for about another hour, tops. You spy a gas station and pull in.
  106. "OK, uhhh... Clare, do you think you could fill up the tank? I've got a long-coat in the back, put it on and start to fill up, I’ll go pay."
  107. You put on Clare's jacket and your baggy track pants to cover up the pony legs and walk to the counter. You did your best to walk normally while you were here but you had to put on an exaggerated limp to pull it off. Maybe they'd just think you had a leg problem, you couldn't do anything else. You limp up to the register and the employee at the register smiles at you.
  108. "How can i help you, ma'am?" Wow, did you already look that much like a female?
  109. "Uh yeah, I’d like to pay for pump two thanks."
  110. "That will be fifty dollars and thirty five cents thank you."
  111. Oh shit. How were you going to get your wallet out without showing her your hooves?
  112. "Umm, one second, i might actually grab something to eat, if you don't mind, one second."
  113. You hobble over to behind one of the racks and take your hooves out of your pockets. You fumble around a bit with your wallet but manage to pull out a 100 dollar bill with your teeth then shove the wallet and your hooves back into the jacket pocket. You get a very confused glance from the cashier as you place the bill down in front of her with your mouth and pick up a bag of chips with it after.
  114. "Sorry, keep the change as a tip." You blurt out and run out of the store towards the car.
  115. "Uhh, thanks?" You hear her say as you escape speedily towards the car, probably letting on too much about the shape of your legs as you ran.
  116. "Andrew, we need to leave now."
  117. "Huh? What is it?"
  118. "The changes have started again."
  120. Your on the road as soon as possible, looking for a motel to stay at but to no avail. According to the map, none at all until you reached the camp site. Looks like tonight, you'd be staying on the side of the road. It was only about three minutes after you started driving away from the gas station that you felt a poking at the base of your spine and had to stop. You drive the car to a stop and turn off the cars front lights. As you sit in the dark in silence, you reach out to the side and turn on the light inside the car. Oh god, the fur was just about to reach your hips... Oh my god. You and Clare both jump at the same time and look each other while holding your hooves to your crotches. Nononononono! Anything but this! There was no stopping it now, and you squirm as you feel your balls pinch up and disappear from the outside of your body. Clare squirms as well, probably experiencing the disturbing inverse of what you were feeling. You both tore off your pants, allowing you to observe the repulsive changes as they swept over you. Your penis started to shrink smaller and smaller until you could see nothing but a flat hole on your front. The change didn't stop there though, and your skin started to split and move inwards, repositioning the urethra left over from your penis. It was so weird feeling, what was happening right now. It felt almost like someone had got a pole, pressed it up against the space in between your penis and your butt and pushed until it went in. It wasn't painful, just.. Unsettling. Finally, the changes stopped and there, in between your legs, sat a presumably fully functioning horse-y looking vagina. Clare was sitting wide mouthed and staring at her new pony like addition. Suddenly her mouth closed shut and she looked over at you. In a deep voice, one that sounded almost exactly like you did before you changed, *he* said "I need to pee."
  122. You sat in the car and inspected your new anatomy as Clare was outside relieving himself. It seemed like you had to call him a he now... Meanwhile, you sat in the car your new vagina fascinating you to no end. It was a small mound with an opening in the middle and a little spot near the top. You prodded it a bit with your hoof and it twitched, causing you to be even more intrigued by how it looked and made you think even more about how it might feel. You start to feel a strange heat coming up from your new parts and an awkward feeling washed over you. Your vagina started to get a little worked up and it started to feel a bit abnormal, a feeling best described as what you expect a backwards erection to feel like. You were about to put your hoof in between the dripping slit when you hear Clare call you from outside.
  123. "Uhhhm, Andrew? A little help here?"
  125. You leave the car and trot on all fours over to the place where Clare was, for lack of a better explanation, doing his business.
  126. "You OK Clare? What's wrong?"
  127. "I, uh, seem to be having a little bit of a problem..." He steps out from behind the bush and from the light of the setting sun, you see the problem. Loud and proud.
  129. "Oh. uh. I... Uhm." Why couldn't you take your eyes off of it? What was wrong with you? Only about ten minutes ago you had one of your own and now you couldn't even stop looking at it.
  130. "How do i make it go away, Andrew? You know what to do when it uh, gets like this, right?"
  131. "Well usually i... I, umm..."
  132. "Oh, i see..."
  133. You stare at it for even longer and start to feel a little problem of your own brewing beneath your thighs.
  134. "I might need you to teach me how to deal with my problem as well, Clare."
  135. "Well, usually, i just... You know..."
  136. "Yeah. I think i do know."
  137. Oh god, what were you doing. You walk closer to him and put your head down beneath his thighs to get a better look. It was so damn big! Your human one was just pathetic when you compare. Suddenly, a wave of extreme lust sweeps over you and forces you to act on it. You turn around and present your backside to him.
  138. "Just fucking do it already, i can't take much more of this."
  139. He starts to look closer at your nethers and you feel an electric shock of pleasure as he licks the gap in between your legs. You close your eyes as he continues to breath in your scent and taste your insides, lapping away faster and faster. The feeling was just incredible, and you couldn't tell if it was because you were 90 percent pony now or if you were a girl, but this pleasure was tenfold of what it was like before you changed. He must have noticed you approaching your climax because he stops licking and nervously mounts your back, pinning you down as his huge dick slapped between your thighs. You were literally dripping in anticipation and clench your teeth waiting for the inevitable insertion. He prods a couple of times and as soon as he is in line, you thrust your hips backwards into him, causing your first female orgasm at the same time as a strange pain.
  140. "Whoa, ah! Ow! uh, what was that? Somethings wrong."
  141. "Oh my gosh this is weird. That pain was probably you breaking your hymen. You probably have a hymen still, seeing as you've never had sex as a female before, I think..."
  142. Well that made enough sense for you, because you would hate it so much if he stopped right now. The feeling of something this big slowly grinding in and out of you was causing you to buckle in pleasure, and moan for more. He got faster and faster as his massive penis throbbed within you, causing you to orgasm a second time. How many damn times could you orgasm in one session? This was incredible! You almost wanted for it to never stop and you could feel yourself changing even more as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Fur quickly grew up your chest, causing the two little nubs that were your nipples to swell and move down your body toward your crotch. Your face started to stretch and warp as the fur grew across it, your eyes getting larger and your ears changing shape and repositioning themselves above your head. Now completely, 100% pony, you lay beneath Clare as he pounded relentlessly into you, building you up higher than you thought possible. Unfortunately, you could feel Clare reaching the end of his leash as his pumps got more jerky and staggered. He thrust one last time and bit tenderly down on your pony ear as you felt his penis enlarge then unload itself and fill your insides up to the brim. You assumed that he was done, seeing as he had came almost a cup inside of you, but his penis throbbed again, causing you to almost inflate as his semen filled you to the point where it had even started to leak out of your vagina. Oh god, it was so much. You quiver for a last time and your girly moans escape your mouth as you experience an orgasm so incredibly overwhelming that you black out for a few seconds, only to come back to your senses a few seconds later, still basking in an extended orgasm. You grunt in pleasure and moan as he pulls it out from you, causing a sickening pop noise when it exits. Oh my good god, that was... amazing, to say the least. You turn your head and look behind you at Clare. Holy crap, what? You look behind you and see a handsome beige stallion with inky blue hair staring back at you and smiling. You smile back and look at your crotch from underneath. You clench your nethers a bit and about a cup full of semen pours out you and onto the ground.
  143. "Oh m-my..." He stutters. "Did i do that?"
  145. It took a little while, but Clare helped you clean up down below using some tissues from the car which you then discarded in the bushes. Even though there was a lot to clean up, you could feel the other half sloshing around inside of you and leaking a little more out every once and a while. You felt so absolutely satisfied and exhausted, and you decided that it was definitely time to go to bed. You and Clare pulled out one of the big wooly blankets from the back of the car and lay in the back seat, cuddled up together, just like you would be if you were at home in bed. Clare sighs as you are lying there and you turn around to face him.
  146. "Is something wrong?"
  147. "Well, yeah. I feel like i kinda just fucked myself..."
  148. "Don't worry Clare. Once we get to the camp site, we can try to figure out what has happened to us and we can turn back to normal. This body, even though it's not yours at the moment, i feel like it is you. You belong in it, not me, and we can try to fix this."
  149. "But Andrew, what if we are stuck like this? What if we can't just fix it.?"
  150. "Nothing will stop me from loving you. Not this, not anything."
  151. Clare smiles and gives you another tight hug.
  152. "Thanks Andrew."
  153. "And maybe we should stop calling each other by our old names. It's kind of weird calling you with a girls name."
  154. "Yeah, Andrew doesn't really suit a girl, doesn't it. Hmmm... Maybe we can call each other by our pony names?"
  155. "So Coffee Cream and Ink Scribble?"
  156. "Maybe you can call me just Cream and I can call you Scribble. That alright with you?"
  157. "Yeah, that's cool i guess..."
  158. You put his hoof over your shoulder and leaned into him, admiring his eyes. Was it weird to be attracted to yourself? You really hope not otherwise there was definitely something wrong with you. What were you thinking? Of course there was something wrong with you! Not only were you a god damn pony now, you the completely wrong gender! You fidgeted anxiously, rubbing your freaky pony hooves together and holding your alien body in tight. Scribble seemed to notice you and gave you a little squeeze.
  159. "Hey, you OK there? Whats wrong?"
  160. No, you weren't going to cry, not in front of Clare. You were a man, strong and courageous. You didn't cry! Well, maybe you weren't even a man anymore, but you were still courageous, right? You can't hold back your tears and you just all of your sadness and desperation flow out of you. As you collapse in sadness on Scribbles chest, you can feel him hug you and the tears run your face onto him.
  161. "Shhhh, it's OK, Cream. It's OK..."
  162. How could this happen? In the space of less than five minutes, you had gone from comforting Clare, to being comforted yourself.
  163. "I just.. oh god..." You sob and screw your eyes up.
  164. "Remember what you said to me, Cream? You said that as long as the two of us were together, we'd be just fine. As long as we are still together, there's no way I’m gonna let you go. I said I’d always be here for you and you know I’d never lie to you. I really meant it. I know you meant it too."
  165. You were so happy to have Scribble here. If he wasn't here' you weren't sure you'd have gone this far. Isn't funny how fast things change?
  167. You let scribble take over for driving because even though you were both ponies, he was now quite a large amount taller than you and able to reach the floor easier. You kind of had to duck down a little every time another car drove past to avoid any suspicion. You look over to Scribble and can't help but feel embarrassed at how attracted to him you were. Yes, he was still Clare on the inside, but it felt so strange to feel attracted to a male. And wanting to have sex with a male... You feel yourself blush and turn away to look out the window. As the bushes and trees pass by, blurring from how fast the car is traveling, you try and catch glimpses of things on the side of the road, or trees, or rocks, anything to try and distract your mind from thinking about Scribble. Nothing works. You sigh heavily and turn back to look at him. He sees you looking and looks over at you. Wow, his smile is so cute, it's just... Wow. OK, stop thinking like a girl, Cream. You weren't a girl, you were a guy. Just because you had girl parts, didn't mean you were actually a girl, right? Right? Looking down at your slender and beautiful brown body, you were definitely starting to doubt yourself. You were thinking like a girl, acting like a girl, you looked like a girl too, and what had you done last night? Been fucked like a girl. By a guy. OK, maybe you were a girl.
  169. “Turn right here and then follow the road for a while until we reach a park ranger booth. That should be the entrance to the park and if the 4chan guy told us right, it should be safe to go through. Apparently, there are no park rangers anymore.”
  170. You had been driving for another entire day, sleeping with Scribble in the back of the car again. It was about 10 or so in the morning when you finally got to the path off of the highway that lead to the camp site. The stuff in the back of the car bounced around noisily as you drove along the rough road leading up to the campsite.
  171. “The 4chan guy said that it's the campsite right at the top of the hill and the only one with cabins.”
  172. You eventually reach the end of the road and drive into a campsite where four cabins are and a car crashed into a tree. Looks like someone had a little accident. Which one was the right one though? Ah! A small light had just turned on in the window of the cabin furthest away from the cliff face, that must be it. You point it out to Scribble and he sloppily directs the car next to the cabin and turns it off. You push the car door open with your hooves and fall strangely on all fours. Hopefully you got used to walking with four legs because at the moment, it was so strange and difficult. As you walk up the steps to the cabins door, you can hear a couple of footsteps on the floor inside. Was that the other pony? Or were there more than one? How many could there be? Would they be friendly or hate you? So many questions flew through your mind, but you threw them all to the wind and timidly raised your hoof then gave a loud knock on the door.
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