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Jun 18th, 2011
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  1. this is Topiary AKA Daniel from NAMESHUB by Backtrace
  3. he is trying to cover it up in these old logs and pin it on someone else he STOLE the topiary name from
  7. you fuck me over so I fuck you over harder Daniel
  9. LMAO
  11. <[removed]> S'up Daniel
  12. <Topiary> s'appening [removed]
  13. <[removed]> You OK?
  14. <Topiary> could be better, you seen the pdf table thing with all the names I take it?
  15. <[removed]> Saw that, but you seen the thing today?
  16. <Topiary> bro I've been playing it off since fakegregg said something about Zelda
  17. <[removed]> ah, well, you should keep low man
  18. <Topiary> I can't at this point, I need to just straight up deny it 100% and flaunt it everywhere
  19. <Topiary> but I trust you, you know how it is
  20. <Topiary> if I go hide then people will assume the dox are right
  21. <Topiary> so I'll just act like they failed hard
  22. <[removed]> True that - so you need to make a big show of disproving them
  23. <Topiary> yeah well, this is my plan:
  24. <Topiary> (as you know I stole this nickname from a troll last December, didn't work out so well)
  25. <Topiary> I'll just keep denying it until they try to go after the troll
  26. <Topiary> then they'll think that's me and harass him
  27. <[removed]> then he harasses back?
  28. <Topiary> yeah but if I deny my real dox enough, people will go looking for other dox
  29. <Topiary> then nobody will believe I'm me
  30. <Topiary> and all you bastards told me my Brit voice was good, damnit
  31. <Topiary> did they get voice recognition?
  32. <[removed]> well when you talk the Swedish accent comes out a bit
  33. <[removed]> but not for a couple of minutes
  34. <Topiary> these faggots aren't hitting the UK nigger Topiary
  35. <Topiary> why aren't they?
  36. <Topiary> I'm hoping someone will go after him and think it's me, then I'll act all scared etc
  37. <[removed]> then boom - you drop all the heat on him
  38. <Topiary> ANYTHING to divert attention from that fuckign nameshub
  39. <Topiary> I'm assuming they put that to Feds
  40. <Topiary> so I might be raided soon
  41. <Topiary> fucking shit
  42. <Topiary> goddamnit
  43. <[removed]> that "nameshub" thing exposed a few peopl
  44. <[removed]> have the feds any jurisdiction in Sweden?
  45. <[removed]> ohwait
  46. <[removed]> shit :/
  47. <Topiary> don't know but I'm shitting bricks
  48. <Topiary> so I don't know what to do
  49. <Topiary> so I'm just playing it off
  50. <Topiary> "Who the fuck is Daniel Sandberg?", the whole story
  51. <[removed]> well, hopefully someone will go after the troll you stole the name off
  52. <Topiary> they should have already
  53. <Topiary> hoping so dude
  54. <Topiary> because I don't want this shit
  55. <Topiary> but yeah I deleted everything recently
  56. <[removed]> rm -rf
  57. <[removed]> fuck, I hope you DBAN-ed
  58. <Topiary> I'd like to make it to the end of the month, how long do they take to raid?
  59. <Topiary> better not hit me on April fool's day
  60. <Topiary> but yeah maybe they'll just think backtrace is a joke and not go after me
  61. <[removed]> Well shit, how long before they raided no that time?
  62. <Topiary> not very long
  63. <Topiary> bro why haven't you done what I did?
  64. <Topiary> find some network and steal someone's nick
  65. <Topiary> like someone you don't like
  66. <Topiary> then do illegal shit
  67. <Topiary> and they hit them instead
  68. <Topiary> you're using a real name
  69. <[removed]> never thought to do it...
  70. <[removed]> I'd advise taking a hammer to your drives though
  71. <Topiary> wouldn't that look suspicious if they come?
  72. <Topiary> maybe things just have to be normal
  73. <[removed]> hmmmm. use a guttmann pass - you know, like DBAN on crack?
  74. <[removed]> then reload windows or something
  75. <Topiary> yeah
  76. <Topiary> just hoping that they'll take the bait
  77. <Topiary> the fucker has been using Topiary for like a year
  78. <Topiary> trolling everyone
  79. <Topiary> for no reason
  80. <Topiary> so now we troll him, hope he's getting raided
  81. <Topiary> well whatever, we both discussed this like last year
  82. <Topiary> so...
  83. <Topiary> then I'll stop my twitter and everything
  84. <Topiary> but it isn't FUCKING WORKING
  85. <[removed]> make it look like they got the right guy
  86. <Topiary> yup
  87. <[removed]> it is also
  88. <Topiary> fucking tired of people adding me on Facebook
  89. <Topiary> to be honest I'm just gonna continue the Zelda casts as normal
  90. <Topiary> it would look REALLY weird if they stopped
  91. <[removed]> it shouldnt fsck with your normal life
  92. <Topiary> yeah, right, right
  93. <Topiary> agreed
  94. <Topiary> so that's what I'll do
  95. <Topiary> just keep it cool and carry on with it
  96. <[removed]> frame up this damn trollfaggot, and "carry on"
  97. <Topiary> hope it blows over and they start doxing Ireland fag or Scotland fag or wherever the fuck UK part he's from
  98. <Topiary> anyway I trust you so yeah
  99. <Topiary> we can keep this between us
  100. <[removed]> Wont say a word bro
  101. <[removed]> just take care
  102. <Topiary> okay gotta go
  103. <Topiary> thanks for advic
  104. <[removed]> bye!
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