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  1. prereq:
  2. get 5 sextants ( do vaal temple and uelder once)
  3. always take care of your prophecies
  4. only use master missions on t16s
  6. current situation: a clear atlas with no elder zone
  7. 1. chain t15s until the elder zone spawns: chisel, alch (reroll if it has an unplayable mod), vaal, harbinger mod
  8. 2. 5 sextants the guardian map the elder zone spawned next to: reroll sextants not adding currency/quantity/packsize (curse effect, inc atk, onslaught slipstream)
  9. 3. roll and play the t16: chisle alch reroll to 80+ quant, harbinger mod,master mission/master scarab, 2-3 sac pieces
  10. 4. roll andplay all 3 other t16s -> elder spawns
  11. 5. grind shaper/elder influenced t15s until you have 11+ t16s (watch out, you cna only do 20 maps before you risk elder to despawn)
  12. 6. roll t16s: chisle alch reroll to 80+ quant, vaal until you hit a barely playable roll for each( elder guardians aren't influenced by map rolls so it's perfect to use these high quant maps there. best to use niko then), harbinger mod, master mission/master scarab, 2-3 sac pieces
  13. 7. start with the hard map where you intially spawned the elder zone. you have 2 sextant uses left. play the map twice.
  14. 8. 5 sextant the next guardian. play the map thrice
  15. 9. repeat until all guardians are killed and sextants used up
  16. 10. kill elder
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