Nasseau - Equality is for Sexual

Apr 22nd, 2015
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  4. Starlight Glimmer left her house one brilliant morning to stand on the main street of her own personal utopia. She had big plans for the small community and called for a meeting. All of her flock was gathered around of her with their trademark grins on their faces, eager to listen to what their leader had to say.
  6. ''I just had a long thought my friends'' she began in her typical sweet voice ''and I realised just how little we were... and how wonderful it would be if we had more friends to live with us!''
  8. Against all the rules of nature, the grins of the crowd grew even bigger. The whole village was very happy at this thought. But then Double Diamond raised the obvious issue.
  10. ''But... Starlight... we hardly get any visitors... how could we get more people to live with us?''
  12. Starlight had a slight, mirthful giggle.
  14. ''Oh Double Diamond, don't you know we can just MAKE ponies?''
  16. There were slight blushes in the group. None of them were sure where Starlight Glimmer was going with that.
  18. ''What, don't you remember the birds and the bees?'' she grinned devilishly, anticipating with glee what was coming. ''Now, I want the stallions on one side and all the mares on the other''
  20. Everyone complied in silent, their huge grins now turned to neutral expressions of slight discomfort. Starlight trotted slowly to Night Glider.
  22. ''Now my dear Night Glider. Please turn around so everyone can have a good look of your backside and lift your tail slowly would you?''
  24. Night Glider gulped and blushed furiously, but she complied without any complaints. The whole crowd had a full view of her pony vulva, its tight lips slowly opening up to release a small trickle of juices.
  26. ''The little slut is enjoying this'' thought Starlight ''this is going to be so good''.
  28. ''Now Double Diamond, please come over to your friend'' she asked in her typical voice as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.
  30. The shy stallion trotted slowly to Starlight. He couldn't keep his eyes off her firm, athletic rump and the delicious prize in the middle. Already, between his legs, his erection was peeking and his balls hung low, filled with fertile cum. He hadn't got the opportunity to empty them in a good while. Everyone stared, hypnothised, waiting for the events to unfold.
  32. ''Now now'' Starlight Glimmer started ''Double Diamond, explain to everyone here how foals are made!''
  34. ''We... well'' the poor coal stuttered ''a mister stallion and a miss mare love each other very much... and the stallion puts his... p... penis in the mare's va... vagina''
  36. ''Now that's very, very good my dear Double Diamond! Will you be a dear and try to make a foal with your friend Night Glider!''
  38. Double Diamond looked at his friend with hesitation. She looked very... very nice. His eyes gazed at her tight, virgin pussy and her nice, firm flanks. He felt a tingle rise between his legs. Even from where he stood, he could smell how good Night Glider smelled. And babies were a good thing too! But he wanted to know if his friend was ok with it.
  40. ''D... do you want me to do it with you, Night Glider?'' he squeaked out.
  42. The mare was blushing furiously. She had scrunched her nose and closed her eyes from the humiliation of being exposed in front of everyone. But she liked babies. And she wanted to make all her friends happy by bringing a little foal into the village. ''S... sure. If it's you and if it's for the village, then I'm ok with it Double Diamond''...
  44. Double Diamond put his left foreleg on Night Glider's shoulder. He let his belly rest on her backside, feeling her warm fur close to his, but careful not to put all his weight on her so not to hurt her. With his right hoof he guided his rock hard horsecock to Night Glider's adorable little pussy. The head rubbed her wet folds, drawing small moans out of the eager mare.
  46. ''I'm going to push it in now, ok Night?''
  48. ''Do... do it!'' she squeaked, begging him to penetrate her.
  50. Double Diamond thrusted his hips forward, all the while guiding his cock with his hoof. The hymen in Night Glider's vagina held for a second against the pressure of the intruding dick before tearing, with Double Diamond sliding fully in. Night Glider let out a loud yelp, a mix of pain, shock, surprise and... pleasure. She felt herself spread so big in such a little while.
  52. ''Aaaah... aaaah... ah...'' she moaned ''Go... go slow a little bit...''
  54. Double Diamond didn't listen, lost in his thoughts. The feeling of his friend's incredibly tight vagina contracting on his cock, her pressure massaging his stallionhood, sent him mad. He gritted his teeth and blushed. It felt too good. He had to get more. Instinctively, he withdrew his hips, then pushed deep again, everytime the pressure and tingling between his legs driving him feral and everytime the feeling of fullness making Night Glider moan in bliss and humiliation.
  56. Night Glider started having some second thoughts about the whole baby thing. Countless scenarios ran in her head. Her belly bloating, sleepless nights from the foal - or foals- inside kicking, then pain and ache as she would push as hard as she could to bring the little life into the world. She wanted to voice her worries, but a part of her couldn't bring herself to stop. It just felt so good to feel Double Diamond's enormous cock ram her pussy.
  58. ''Starlight Glimmer... there's... something's gonna happen'' mumbled Double Diamond.
  60. ''Good, good! That means you're about to cum! Just keep thrusting Double Diamond, let it happen!''
  62. Wait, cum!? This was the point of no return for Night Glider. She only had seconds to decide now if she wanted a baby. Panic overtook her ''N... no... please... not inside Double Diamond!''
  64. The poor stallion whinied back ''It... it's too late... I can't stop... it... it feels too good. I'm sorry Night Glider!'' He bucked his hips one last time, burrying his horsecock in his friend's vagina. His little balls tensed up as his stallionhood squirted loads of hot semen inside Night Glider's ravaged vagina. She cried a single tear. There was no turning back anymore. Already the sperm were swimming into her womb to find the eggs. She would become pregnant.
  66. ''Good job Night Glider and Double Diamond!'' said Starlight Glimmer ''now everystallion, find a mare and do like your two friends did! We have a lot to do if we want little foals for our village!''
  68. ================
  70. Night Glider trotted as fast as her pregnant belly allowed her. Her heavy, milk-filled teats hung low, and every time she walked, her legs rubbed over them, making it uncomfortable to move around. She was hungry, so hungry that even Sugar Belle's muffins seemed apetizing now. Growing a foal inside her womb took a heavy toll on her system and she needed nutrients and energy to compensate. A month ago the thought of her rancid muffins would have made her queasy, but the rush of pregnancy hormones had left her with a desperate craving for the stuff.
  72. ''Morning Sugar Belle''
  74. ''Morning Night Glider'' answered the baker. Party Favour had gone to town on her as well 11 months earlier, and now the muffin mare boasted her own glorious bloated pregnant belly filled with squirming and kicking life. Sugar Belle had baked a new batch of muffins, and she dropped a tray on the table. Without a word, hungry Night Glider pounced on them and shoved them in her mouth, eating as much as she could as if there would never be any more muffins ever. The cravings demanded it.
  76. Night Glider's belly had ached for over a week. She could feel the baby - or babies - moving inside, more than usual.Sometimes her womb would tighten and it would feel like a pony was pressing his hooves very hard on both sides of her tummy. At times, it felt so uncomfortable she had to stop what she was doing to cradle her belly.
  78. But with all her attention on wolfing down her breakfast, she did not notice how the movement was intensifying and how much pressure there was on her cervix. She was in the last weeks of her pregnancy, maybe even the last hour or minutes of her pregnancy, but giving birth was not on her mind now, eating was. She stopped not when she wasn't hungry anymore, but when she felt a huge pressure buildup deep in her womb.
  80. ''Huh... unf... Sugar Belle... something's happening in my tummy...''
  82. The little bundle of joy that had grown inside her these last months wanted out now. Night Glider felt an almighty churn in her belly that made her bear down by reflex. The increased pressure in her cervix finally broke her bag of waters, and she felt a rush of warm liquid gush out of her pussy, soaking her legs and ending up as a puddle on the floor. Both Sugar Belle and Night Glider heard a gentle pitter patter on the floor.
  84. ''Ooooh... ooooh gosh it's happening! S... somepony help!'' shouted Night Glider. Already, the other ponies of the village were coming out of their houses and were standing around the poor Night Glider, eyes gazing her pregnant pussy as it was leaking maternal fluids. Night Glider blushed deeply and lowered her tail. No! She didn't want to push out her baby in front of everyone! She painfully, slowly trotted back to her house, hopefully she could lay down and give birth on her bed...
  86. All of her plans went awry when a powerful contractions, worst than anything before, tore her belly apart. Her cervix was completely dilated and the only thing holding her foal from the outside world was the tightness of her vagina. She gritted her teeth and moaned as she felt the head engage in her birth canal. Her legs opened up instinctively and she lifted her tail. It was too late. She couldn't move anymore. She had to give birth right here, right now. Tears swelled up in her face as the poor pegasus had no choice but to give birth in public, exposing her vulva as it would stretch open and give birth.
  88. ''Aaaaah... ahhhh ah!!... please... please don't look!'' she blushed and scrunched her face as she felt another contraction coming, the foal sliding further out of her without her pushing. It was surreal, to have her body push the foal out without her having any input in the matter, without having a say or any control over her own womb. She moaned in discomfort as she felt the head slowly part her vagina open and her legs spread involuntarily. Already she could fill the squirming baby stuck between her leg, its head already peeking out between her vulva. The whole crowd was too mesmerized to lend her assistance, too busy listening to her sounds and watching her body.
  90. ''Somepony! P... please do something!''begged Night Glider. The foal's head and hooves already came out, but the shoulder remained stuck.
  92. Desperate for an end to her predicament, Night Glider collapsed on the floor, her plot raised in the air and her huge belly scratching the floor. She no longer cared if anyone could see her, all she wanted was to push the foal out. Her heavy crotchboobs were leaking pearl white milk that trickled down on the floor, mixing with the already existing puddle of amniotic fluids. She could feel everything, the little foal moving, desperate to be free. Acting on instinct, she screamed as loud as she could as she gave a massive, powerful push, The foal's shoulders finally became free and the little baby rushed out of Night Glider's body.
  94. It took a few seconds for the poor mare to gather her bearings. ''She did it!'' said somepony in the crowd. Everyone cheered at Night Glider, and she weakly smiled and craddled the crying foal in her hooves. She had made it. Against all odds, she went into pain and suffering to give life to a beautiful creature. And every second of it was worth it.
  96. Over the next minutes, the other mares of the village went into labour as well. Their waters broke and they found themselves struggling hard to push their foals out. But Night Glider was too busy tending to her baby to care for them. For a single day, all the problems of the world had faded away as she nursed the little one and snuggled it to her body.
  98. Once the moans of pains of the village mares had turned to tears of joys, sighs of reliefs and cries of newborn ponies, Starlight Glimmer summoned the villagers to the center of the town .
  100. ''I am so happy that a generation of healthy baby ponies has een born in our village'' she proclaimed ''but there is a small... itty bitty problem. We pride ourselves on equality, but it seems that some of the ponies born today were twins, and not singles... and we can't have an unequal society where not everyone has the same amount of babies now can we?''
  102. ''Oh shit'' thought Night Glidder.
  104. (Fin)
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