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  1. - Under NO circumstances are you to attack area 69 unless there is a war going on and both parties agree. (If you continue to break this rule you will be kicked from CLO and maybe banned from the server)
  3. - Only rescue CLO members spawned as CLO from the jail. Jailbreaking CLO members who are not spawned as CLO is not allowed.
  5. - Do NOT help in turf wars, if you wish to turf you are to use your gang spawn.
  7. - Do NOT abuse the CLO ship to gain any advantages.
  9. - Do NOT attack any DE member unless you are shot first or have a valid reason to do so.
  11. - ALWAYS seek permission from a Generale or Jefe member before taking out any hydra, if no Generale or Jefe is available then only use them if really needed. (APPLIES TO AIR TRAINEES)
  13. - Do NOT abuse the armour it is only to be used for CLO skins.
  15. - If you are being chased by a cop lose them first before using any gated Cuban property. (If you do it can be seen as avoiding arrest.)
  17. - Hydras and Hunters and Seasparrows are only to be used to protect Cuban properties. (This applies to CLO Air mainly.)
  19. - Rustlers are only to be used to defend Cuban properties or situations that command there usage.
  21. (i.e Dogfights with other CLO members/DE)
  23. - You are NOT allowed to help your own gang bank rob, however you can help other gangs.
  25. - CLO is allowed to attend at store robberies when wearing NO armor nor using any dual weapons
  27. - CLO headshot is only being toggled by CLO HQ when DE and CLO agree to have it on for Events,Wars,Special moments.
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