Stars and Comets

Mar 21st, 2017
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  1. Friday 7:00 PM
  2. >I drum my fingers idly as I speed down a back road out of town. It’s been a long day and an even longer week, but it was worth the wait. I slow down to a reasonable speed and turn into my friend’s driveway.
  3. >It’s a decent sized house out in the back woods, nothing too fancy though. I park the car and grab my weekend bag. One change of clothes some deodorant and a tooth brush all I need. I won’t be using anything but the tooth brush until Monday morning.
  4. >He opens the door before I even make it to his porch.
  5. >“Hey man, you ready?”
  6. >I scoff at the question
  7. “I was ready last Monday”
  8. >He chuckles. I can just barely hear him mutter ‘so was I’.
  9. >“I’ve got it all measured out, it’s sitting on the coffee table”
  10. >I nod and follow him in, setting my bag aside in the entry way.
  11. >Just like he said, two syringes of bubblegum pink liquid are setting on the table. The drug has a very long scientific name, but most people just call it ‘Pon-E’, each syringe had enough to last until Monday morning at six o’clock.
  12. >He sits down on the couch and eagerly sticks the needleless syringe in his mouth. Before my eyes his is transformed into a small white unicorn with a blue mane, an image of a shooting star adorns his flank.
  13. “Hey, wait for me”
  14. >I join him on the couch and take the remaining syringe in my mouth. Pon-E is extremely sweet tasting; as a human it almost makes me want to gag. In a few seconds I no longer have to worry about that though. I close my eyes as the effects of the drug takes hold, when I open them I have become an orange Pegasus with a red mane accented by a back highlight. Blazing Comet, that’s the name StarDust came up with for me. It matched the blue comet that now adorns my flank.
  15. >“It’s nice to see you again Dust” my ears perked up at the sound of my voice, a good bit higher than it was a moment ago. Unlike the stallion next to me Pon-E switches me from an outie to an innie.
  16. >“I missed you too Comet” He gives me a peck on the cheek as he kicks his pants to the floor. He takes a moment to pull his head through his shirt
  17. >I use my time similarly, simply stepping out of my now ill-fitting pants. Dust pulls my shirt off over my head and folds my old clothes neatly on the table.
  18. “Thanks sweetie” I say as I give him I kiss on the cheek
  19. >He nuzzles the side of my face and whispers into my ear “Don’t mention it”
  20. >He pulls his head back slightly and places his nose on mine. I can feel his hot breath and, smell his familiar sent. I gaze into his eye, they are a deep, dark blue like the late afternoon sky on a clear day. We sit there for what feels like an eternity, just staring into each other’s eyes.
  21. >I tilt my head to the side and lean in, giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. >Once again we hold it for as long as possible. In the end we can’t spend the entire evening making out on his couch, we only have fifty-nine hours and I want to make the most of it.
  22. >As much as it pains me I pull away.
  23. >“So how was your week?”
  24. >He chuckles “Long and hard, how about yours?”
  25. “Same here, but it just got a lot better” I give him a peck on the cheek.
  26. >He pulls me into another hug
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