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Mar 24th, 2017
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  1. Join #OpFOQ - We call on #Anonymous and all Human Rights activists from the west, from the US and from the whole of the middle east to join in. Everyone must be careful, but non of you will be allowed to take part in sensitive inner activities. Only seasoned OpSec experts will do OSINT and all other sensitive things. Do not perform TAO. The goal of this operation is to make it known that Iran has kidnapped these people and push that they be freed as soon as possible.
  3. On December 16, 2015 27 men were kidnapped by an Iraqi Militia (with ties to Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon) on the Saudi Arabian- Iraqi border while falcon hunting. Of these 27 men, 6 were family members of the Qatari Royal family. Two were released, one a Royal but the rest are still being held hostage now in Iran! Mothers are missing their children, Wives are missing their husbands, and children want their fathers back! We need to keep hammering that humanitarian angle hard in all public tweets and posts! While we have proof of life of the one, we are still 24 people short of the remaining 26. It is important that this happens while the Arab Summit is taking place. 23-29 March. It is vital we push this to as many mediums as possible including the summit's official twitter,facebook, and any connected emails.
  11. Rules / Suggestions of Engagement.
  12. Media - No sources to be verified, the sensitive nature of this operation insists that they simply know that iran has
  13. the captives and they must be released. Simply making them aware of the situation may be enough but feel
  14. free to hit their mailbox's & twitter accounts
  16. Social Media
  17. Any / All social media accounts associated with the Arab Summit (
  18. Any / All Leaders of the Iranian government should be made aware of this through all and any available
  19. channels including emails, texts, phone calls, or social media out bursts.
  21. Outcome: The outcome is to have these prisoners returned under any means available, at this time it is
  22. not advised to engage in TAO , we simply wish to let everyone know that we know, most importantly, the
  23. Iranian government.
  25. The Missing
  28. The 1 freed
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