Kitakami Collection [untypeset]

Nov 28th, 2015
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  1. Kitakami Collection
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  5. >Ooichi~ Cleaning~
  6. >That's KTKM~, This is also KTKM~, it's all KTKM~ | hmhmhm~
  7. >Well, this goes here
  8. >Whew~! That's most of it...
  9. >Ah
  10. >I-isn't this the full set of "Mazui n bo (note: 不味いんぼ, don't know what it means)"?!
  11. >[Yuubari]
  12. >Ah, Ooi
  13. >What a waste, I'll be taking this--
  14. >Hm?
  16. >[Don't dispose of torpedos here]
  17. >What's...this...
  18. >[I got something weird]
  19. >Ah, that's....
  20. >Where have I seen that box...
  21. >I feel like I've seen it somewhere...
  23. >The Naval District in the Afternoon. Generally known as the KitaOoi house
  24. >Yo, Boss Ooichi!
  25. >What'cha doin'? I'm kidding--
  26. >AAahhhhhhhhhohhh
  27. >I got the cute explosive KTKM (SSR)!
  28. >Ooichi...what is this?
  29. >Ah, KTKM-san
  30. >Look, it's this, this...!
  32. >All types and sizes of Kitakami-san come from this box! Although I'm not sure how ti works....
  33. >Huh...!!
  34. >Could it be that manufacturers have realized Kitakami-san's allure?
  35. >Many thanks, Yorozu- (萬-, I don't know)
  36. >No...Ooichi, what kind of explanation was that?
  37. >Rarity is split into R, SR, and SSR.
  38. >The higher the rarity, the cuter the KTKM-san!
  39. >This damn SSR just won't come out....
  40. >Eh--
  41. >Well what does this N stand for...?
  42. >Ahh, that's normal.
  43. >It's trash.
  44. >Haaaah--well, so I'm garbage then?!
  45. >I ain't playin with you!
  46. >Ooichi you idiot!
  47. >Mmm, will it come? Let's try again...
  49. >Several hours later
  50. >46...47...48...
  51. >49...
  52. >50!
  53. >Whew~I'm beat!
  54. >This should be all, right?
  55. >I'm so tired...
  56. >well then
  57. >let's try a KTKM-bath!!
  58. >Ahhhh~~I'm being healed everywhere~
  59. >My exhaustion is all gone~~
  60. >I wouldn't mind drowning in this...
  61. >Uwahh
  62. >Huh, this is...
  63. >A limited-time "KTKM-favor" event has started?!
  64. >Double drop rates for SSRs...?!
  65. >I can't just stay like this...!!
  67. >Several more hours later
  68. >Ahhhhh--so fucking loud! Is it Ooi and comapny again....
  69. >[<--woken up]
  70. >I bet they're playing games or some shit again--
  71. >What the?!
  72. >Kitakami...?
  73. >Ooi!!
  74. >Is that really Ooi?
  75. >Oy! What's going on?!
  76. >The SSR won't come it won't drop it won't drop it won't drop it won't dropppppppp
  77. >Oh no...! I'm too late!
  78. >Yuubari!!
  79. >What's going on?
  80. >I can't believe it, could it really be....
  81. >there's no doubt! This is...
  83. >A lost art!!
  84. >What?! Could it be the--
  85. >uh, what is it?
  86. >To put it simply, it's an art that has been lost to the modern era.
  87. >According to the texts, this is a Gashapon.
  88. >Gashapon?
  89. >It faithfully reflects and faithfully provides the user's desires. | The more expensive these desires, the rarer, thus driving the user to keep going.
  90. >It uses humanity's belief in their luck to consume their spirit.
  91. >This group also include panchinko machines and slot machines.
  92. >It's one of the three great sorceries!
  93. >Continued use of the gashapon may lead to, in the worse case, Death.
  94. >What?!
  95. >Ahh--!! What are we going to do?! At this rate, Ooi's going to~!!
  96. >I'm investigating now--w-wait...! Don't just touch me
  97. >Foolish...
  98. >Hm? I thought I just heard something...
  100. >Foolish humans...!
  101. >Ahhhhhhhhh it showed up!!
  102. >
  103. >A...admiral.....
  104. >Hold on...oh<3
  105. >Don't fucking use the confusion as an excuse to flirt!
  106. >Damn it, this fucker
  107. >is he the one who who brought pain to Ooi?
  108. >How annoying! I'll take him apart!
  109. >Do you want to die as well?
  110. >Haaaah?! You think you can do it? You're fucking dead kiddo, br--
  111. >Well then, this kind of thing will work for you.
  112. >Uwahh-
  113. >I got a nice ball~
  114. >AHhhh the Admiral's been completely defeated by the adult gashapon!
  116. >Shit...the Admiral's down too... what should I do....
  117. >Won't it be fine if I turn it...
  118. >...Ooi-san?!
  119. >Won't it be alright if I keep on turning until I get it?!
  120. >Stop, Ooi!
  121. >If you go on like this, your body...
  122. >Aaaauughhh!
  123. >It's all just garbage standard drops!
  125. >I told you, I'm not garbage.
  126. >K...Kitakami-san?!
  127. >Eh, could it be the real Kitakami-san...?
  128. >You're late, Kitakami!
  129. >Where were you?
  130. >How rude~haven't i been here the whole time?
  131. >[Find her in the previous pages!]
  132. >How the hell was I supposed to see you there!
  133. >Nevermind that, please do something about Ooi.
  134. >Ahh--yeah, yeah.
  135. >It's impossible...! Run away, Kitakami-san!!
  136. >If Kitakami-san also becomes strange, I....
  137. >Now now, it's not problem, Ooichi.
  138. >Right, let's turn it.
  140. >What?!
  141. >Impossible...?! 4 SSR drops in a row?!
  142. >How could you...! It can't be true...stop...! It hurts!
  143. >Why....
  144. >it should be set so they never drop....
  145. >AHh--!! So it was like that! Damn it!
  146. >But why...? If it was never meant to drop...
  147. >Hmhmhm~ >Yukikaze!? And a super luck-buffed version!?
  148. >So that's what it is! Yukikaze's luck ignores the bounds of probability!
  149. >Yes! Kitakami-san!
  151. >Let's do it, Ooichi!
  152. >One, two
  153. >Give--it-- All to meeeee!!!!
  154. >Ah
  155. >It seems like some weirdo showed up...!
  156. >OK!! Well, she did definitely come out from there...
  157. >Something that isn't Kitakami-san coming out?! How could that be?!
  158. >Eehh...
  160. >I'm extremely sorry!
  161. >Is it dead?!
  162. >Uwaahh!?
  163. >Are these...stones...?!
  164. >So pretty...
  165. >Is that the last one...?
  166. >Ooichi?
  168. >In the end, all the Kitakami that came from the Gashapon vanished.
  169. >The gashapon also vanished in an explosion, leaving only an unidentified ore with a red luster.
  170. >I've never seen this kind of material before...
  171. >What caused such a lost art to revive is still unknown...
  172. >I'm sincerely sorry!!
  173. >That's enough, I'm fine.
  174. >Uwah~ in the end, the normal Kitakami is still the best.
  175. >What a quick switch.
  176. >Speaking of which, what was in that last capsule?
  177. >Ahhh...well, that...
  178. >Just a weird slip.
  179. >Eh~How strange~
  180. >Afterwards, the Naval District received a huge bill. But at the time, Kitakami didn't know...
  182. >Summer's Okita
  183. >Ooichi~ want to swim together?
  184. >K-kitakami-san?!
  186. >A free 2P, "KitaOoi's Gentle World" as a gift~
  188. >Kitaooi
  189. >Is
  190. >Healing
  192. [Postface]
  193. >Thank you very much for buying this.
  195. >I drew a lot of Kitakami this time around. This summer, the one who drawn Kitakami the most was probably me.
  196. >Although the total pagecount is rather small, there was quite a lot of work involved.
  197. >This time, I wanted to draw out the question of whether it was Kitakami that one likes, or the ncie feeling of being surrounded by Kitakami. From here on out I hope I'll be able to draw more boisterous argumentative Kitakami~
  198. >If my application goes through, the next time we'll meet will be Winter Comiket.
  199. >Well then, let us meet somwhere. (Splatoon is fun as shit yo)
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