Onyxia session 45 Deleted Scene (EDITED: Director's Cut)

Jul 29th, 2015
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  1. Shima: Steel's mouth moves your own, your head tilting and turning to look at your arms and legs of their own free will as they move themselves. "I'm... we... I do not understand. Why do I look like this? What happened? All we did was... kiss and..."
  3. Sharithik slows you, holding your hoof as you struggle to feel anything through the iron, "Yeah, we heard. Sorry, couldn't help ourselves, parental instincts, etc." He holds the hoof aloft, looking at it intently as he shakes his head. "I don't know what's going on at all either, this has never happened before."
  5. "We feel the same action, do the same action, our minds are still separated but it's as though our bodies are one..." You feel your head lower. "I'm sorry... I did this."
  7. "We don't know that, Steel." Esmeralda calms you both down, "Now, let's just figure this out. We know you too... well," Esmeralda chuckles, "And then what happened?"
  9. Khazard: "Steeel, d-don't tell them we kissed." Onyxia tries to whisper, feeling more embarrassed then usual, but still fairly audible. She tilts her head up. "There was a bright light... a-and then we were like this." She takes a stubled half step towards the mirror, looking at herself as she speaks. "We're... we're sharing a body." She says more as a confirmation,trying to get a gras of whats going on.
  11. Shima: Steel raises your combined hoof, your lips muttering as he touches the glass. You feel its smooth, cold surface... slightly. It feels dulled underneath the heavy iron that makes up its internal parts, but there's still some resemblance of feeling to it. Apparently, Steel can feel it as well. "I'm... I can touch it. Feel it. My hoof hasn't felt anything in almost five years..." He takes another half step forwards, almost falling again as the weakened Sharithik catches you. Your muzzle forces up into a smile as Steel speaks through your mouth. "I can feel again..."
  13. "I'm happy for you, really, but I think we want to undo... whatever this is." Sharithik groans as he holds his head, still recovering from the pheromones. "Changelings sometimes produce a flash when they shapeshift, but this... this is unprecedented."
  15. Esmeralda chuckles, "And, don't worry, 'nyxy, we already know about the kiss. Like we said, we couldn't help ourselves."
  17. Khazard: "Are we feeling the same thing? I can barely feel it..." Onyxia rights themself after her father catches them, liftin a hoof to their chest. "What can you feel Stee? Its... so strange for me. I feel, normal, like there's no change. But I still feel like metal. Everything is there, but its different."
  19. Onyxia turns, moving her hoof from herself to the mirror quicky to hold herself up just in case.
  20. "Can this be reversed? This isn't a shapeshift, even the ones I could do were limited. This isn't even like my transmuting, w-we're the same body and everything!"
  21. She rambles, voice raising with mild panic, before her hoof moves from the mirror to her mouth, to cut herself off.
  22. "N-Not anything against you Steel."
  23. She says apologetically, feeling as if her panic might have been insulting.
  25. Onyxia mumbles and shuffles in embarrassment, her parents spying in on her first kiss and being fused to her new coltfriend wasn't how she thought it would happen.
  27. Shima: "It's light. It's very light, but to a pony who has not known the touch, cool or warm, smooth or rough, for almost 2000 days.... yes. Yes, I can most CERTAINLY feel that." Steel's enthusiasm wanes as he feels the mirror one last time.
  29. "And now you can barely feel anything because of my iron body. It's just like I feared. I'm sorry, Onyxia."
  31. As you begin rambling, Steel feels his own body shifting about in a panic as he lets you have your reaction, shaking his (your) head at your 'no offense' comment. "None taken. If anything this is my fault for..."
  33. Esmeralda puts a hoof on your combined shoulders, "That's enough, it's clearly no pony's fault. We'll get it figured out."
  35. Sharithik touches your steel chassis, "I honestly don't know if it's your transmutation or shapeshifting. Can you try disconnecting? Do what you normally do to Steel but on yourself?"
  37. Khazard: "Steel, no, I didn't mean it like that."
  38. Onyxia pleads sadly, not wanting Steel to feel at blame.
  40. "She's right Steel, it's not your fault."
  41. Onyxia says, starting to raise her hoof to console him, but sharing the same body, there's no shoulder to rest on. She sets it down with a little sadness.
  42. "This happened to us, and it's probably my stuff that did this. I should be apologizing to you if anything."
  44. Onyxia looks up to her dad.
  45. "I can try."
  46. She looks down to her hoof, placing her other forehoof on it, trying to transmute it to do something to them. Rather than crystal growing over herself, their metallic hoof grows out rapidly, in line as her shapeshifting, morphing into a long sword. Unfortunately stabbing into the floor since it was resting there. Onyxia tugs back on it in a panic, the hoof-sword stuck in the floor.
  48. Shima: Esmeralda and Sharithik both jump (the latter with less vigor) as your sword digs into the ground. Steel in note already starts to move your own body for you, the shapeshifted sword coming out of the ground and looking at it as he holds it aloft, his strength wavering though as it swings about. He lets it lay on the ground, cursing, "Damn! I should have no trouble wielding a sword this small..." He stops his tirade as you feel him freeze up. "Uh. I mean, it's just new, is all. There's nothing to worry about."
  50. He raises up the transmuted sword, your hoof feeling as though you and him are holding it together in your hooves as he slows the pace down for you two to sync. "And no, it's not your fault. I was the one feeding you with love, remember?" He whispers low enough so that the other two don't hear.
  52. Khazard: Onyxia stares at her hoof as Steel swings it about, the sensation of it moving without her thought or intention leaving her uneasy.
  53. "It's not just a sword, its your— ...Our hoof. Its going to be different than holding a sword normally."
  54. Once it comes to a halt, she mentally catches up with it.
  55. ("Y-Yea.") Onyxia mumbles with a little embarassment since her parent's are still in the room. ("But it was my body thatdid this, whatever it is.")
  57. "Well, I can't transmute myself... And my shapeshift works only as it used too. I don't know anything else to try."
  58. She says to her parents.
  60. Shima: ("Maybe. But I caused the reaction.") he whispers back as he swings the hoof-blade around, Sharithik and Esmeralda keeping a fair distance back. "This is how you normally wield a weapon? It's... odd." Your hoof goes back down to rest, "Like my hoof doesn't even exist. A literal extension rather than a metaphorical one."
  62. Sharithik looks at your iron plate again, trying to scratch his head as he thinks of what to make of it. "Okay... it's at least partially changeling shapeshifting, that much I have to assume. But something about your crystal half, that lets you apply the shapeshifting to other, immaterial objects... it's like you pulled the entire armor into your cells. Mixed them up like some kind of pony-metal smoothie." He taps at the metal along the side, Steel giving a grunt as you feel a sharp-ish poke. "Kind of looks like how Steel did before, but, with your body shape. Fascinating... I wonder if Chitus knew about this too..."
  64. Khazard: ("But I confronted you about it.")
  65. She whispers, staring again as the hoof swings, feeling more in line with the movements now that she's expecting it.
  66. Seeing her parents standing back, Onyxia focuses after Steel rests the blade, their hoof returning to normal shape.
  68. Onyxia shifts at the poke.
  69. "That would explain why we feel the same thing and both can move everything, b-but how did it happen? I've only morphed things, never pulled them into me."
  70. Looking down at the hole in the nursery floor, Onyxia places her hooves on either side, metal spreading out over the ground and repairing the hole.
  71. "Even doing stuff like that, its just looks like my skin when I manipulate it, but its not actually me."
  73. Onyxia sits down with a clank, exhausted and feeling drained at all of this. The floor shaking with her new added weight of their metal makeup, only making Onyxia sighs exasperated.
  74. "This has never happened before, its impossible for him to know about it."
  76. Shima: ("And I foolishly chose to recognize my feelings.")
  78. Esmeralda sighs as you fix the hole in her floor, rubbing her belly, "Thank goodness. Would hate for you to trip over that once you're crawling around." She looks over your fused form again, Steel taking up your arm again to look at the blade as you fix up the hole. "Well, maybe it's more to do with your changeling side. You're eating love for the first time in your life, maybe feeling something all the more intense did something you didn't mean? I mean, crystal ponies tie so much of themselves into their emotions. We're not all that different from changelings, in a weird way." She miles, looking at Sharithik who then nods
  80. "Right... so, between the two sides, a sudden burst of powerful love between you two... well, you wanted to be together, so..." he says
  81. Esmeralda taps a hoof, "So, I guess you got your wish."
  83. Steel looks down at the floor after you sit yourselves down, "I could feel that as well. Your transmutation. I'm likely feeling these things through your body, then..."
  85. Sharithik, at the comment about Chitus, pauses, and looks down, "Maybe not impossible. I'm remembering something else from when I was enthralled. He's got this book, this book that tells him stuff that's going to happen before it happens. He could know about this."
  87. Khazard: "Steel, stop talking like that!"
  88. Onyxia whisper shouts starting to become somewhat audible to her parents (but not enough to make out what she said) that some conversation has been going on.
  90. "But we've been traveling all over the place in time, how could his book tell what can happen when what we do can change everything so much?"
  92. Onyxia looks down at her hooves as she sits, listening to her parents.
  93. "That, does make sense. I... I've never felt like this before, never had a coltfriend, or even close to one."
  94. Onyxia says, getting less embarrassed.
  95. "He makes me feel safe. I guess with us being so close, and Steel being a suit of armor..."
  96. Onyxia starts to talk with a little joyful wistfulness, trailing off forgetting that she's talking to her parents or the possible implications of her words.
  98. Shima: ("Why? I knew I would do something to hurt you and I have. I'm only stating what has clearly already happened.") Steel murmurs at an equal volume, garnering a look from your parents.
  100. "What was that?"
  102. "Nothing, talking to myself. What more about this book?"
  104. Sharithik closes his eyes, "I... I can't remember more. But he's confident in its accuracy, that much I can say."
  106. As you explain your connection with Steel in more detail, Steel himself falls silent though Esmeralda and Sharithik share a look of nostalgia between each other. "Never? Not once?" Esmeralda asks innocently
  108. "Guess you didn't get her out of a forge much then. Needed me around." Sharithik chuckles, "Maybe for the best though, I don't think that's a prom we'd like to have to explain if this happens in her teens."
  110. Khazard: "I don't think he knows, otherwise h would have gotten rid of Steel altogether instead of just having me lock him as a statue."
  111. Onyxia says, with a shudder at what Chitus would have her do if that was the case.
  113. Onyxia comes too after her mother asks, embarrassment coming back and glad her body won't show it.
  114. "W-Well, no..."
  115. "Hey, I wasn't in the forge all the time!"
  116. Onyxia says defensively, face an upset scrunch at her dad calling her out.
  118. After Steel's comment, Onyxia stands up with ease.
  119. "Steel stop beating yourself up! I said I'd take any risk, so you don't need to keep saying its your fault!"
  120. She shouts, upset.
  121. She marches over to the mirror without any stumbles, staring at the glass so she can face Steel in a sense.
  122. "You didn't hurt me, you never could. This may be strange, whatever it is. But... I'm glad it was with you. I don't care if I can't feel as much, and I don't care if this can't be reversed."
  123. She puts her hoof against the mirror, the hoof setting over its own reflection, as if they're holding hooves.
  124. "I am overjoyed that you *can* feel now because of this, and I'd do anything to help you like that, to make you feel better after being stuck as armor alone for so long."
  125. She lowers her hoof, head falling to rest against the mirror.
  126. "...I'm glad that we're together."
  128. Shima: Esmeralda gives a chuckle, putting a hoof on her shoulder to calm her down, "Okay, okay, Onyxia, I was just asking is all. I'm just, surprised, is all, given your father."
  129. "Me? Hey," Sharithik chuckles, "I take exception. You saying you didn't have colt friends before me?"
  130. "Well, not as many." Esmeralda grins.
  131. "They were just snacks, they don't count." He whispers to you, "Don't worry, I think I prefer it like that."
  133. After you shout in the upset tone to Steel, both parents look aback as you shout at yourself and stare at yours and Steel's reflection. Steel says nothing as you go off on him, feeling the touch of the mirror as though he were honestly feeling you.
  135. "...for what it's worth, Onyxia, I am glad as well. You... I meant what I said before. I cannot hide what you can clearly pick up upon in a literal sense." he pulls back the hoof, shakily as it goes against your desire to keep it there, "But, whatever boon it must feel, this isn't how we should be. I will repair us... and then, one day, I'll find a way to hold your hoof with my own flesh." He moves up your hoof to kiss it with your metal muzzle.
  137. Khazard: Onyxia smiles with a happy sniffle at Steel's words and the hoof kiss, glad for the lack of tears so she can't rust herself.
  138. "I know... Being combined, can't even see or hold each other... What a way to start a relationship. Neither of us are how normal ponies are, so I guess something like this should be expected."
  139. Onyxia says with a light chuckle, feeling separated from her surroundings, alone with her talk with Steel.
  140. "But we are together, so we can make the best of it. You can feel now, and I can know what its like to be metal all the time."
  141. Onyxia says, trying to cheer up the situation.
  143. Shima: Steel gives the first chuckle you've heard from him in a long while. "I know it must look glamorous but it gets old, being metal."
  145. "In a way," Esmeralda pats your hoof, "You can't see or hold each other, but you're so awfully close it's like you're always holding each other's hooves." She smiles, "And hey, there are still worse ways to start off a relationship."
  147. Sharithik looks at the scene with joy, but as he holds his head he groans with the withdrawal. "So... how are you two doing then?"
  149. Steel tests by putting a hoof forward, barely catching himself. "Better."
  150. Khazard: "Yea, always together."
  151. Onyxia lowly says happily at her mother's comfort.
  153. "We're doing better."
  154. She says as Steel moves them.
  155. "We're used to this now at least."
  156. Onyxia takes another step, still shaky but at least not falling over.
  157. "Moving still feels weird, there's just so much to get used to now."
  158. Shima: Sharithik rubs his head. "It really couldn't have come at a worst time though... we've got to stop that wedding before Chitus gets even stronger and kills that poor girl. But if you can barely move..."
  160. Steel wobbles again, feeling more in sync with your movements after your moment, "We... may need training. The wedding isn't until tomorrow, you said. And if we're sharing a body, I do not need sleep. Maybe neither of us do now. We could practice all night."
  162. Khazard: "That's right, we still need to deal with Chitus."
  163. Onyxia grumbles angrily, scuffing the ground with her hoof.
  164. "Let's see him try turning me against you now."
  165. She says with a little bit of strange, angry enthusiasm.
  167. "Maybe I don't. Everything feels all, metal-y. If everything in me is steel too, I guess I don't need to sleep. Or, anything... I think."
  168. As Steel steps and clanks, Onyxia looks to her parents.
  169. "This isn't too loud, right? Would we keep you up all night with practicing here?"
  170. She questions, again oblivious to possible interpretation.
  172. Shima: Steel nods. "Right. A little difficult to turn you when your sense of smell is dulled and your mind a literal iron trap." He grips his hoof, it feeling still a little odd as he tries to do it alone. "But, that is where my confidence begins to waver... I can barely walk now. Will a single night put me anywhere near combat ready again..."
  174. Esmeralda and Sharithik shake their heads as you ask. "No, of course not. I imagine I'll sleep like a rock once I get some pie in me," Sharithik jokes, "The neighbors ask, we'll tell them we got... really... bad... something. I don't know, my mind feels like it's on fire right now."
  175. He turns to look at Esmeralda, "We should still send some kind of word of what Chitus is planning though. We'll make sure we don't scare him off but in case they're not ready, they need to be prepared for what he's going to do."
  177. Khazard: "I...I don't know. But without those pheromones, we'll have a much easier time. And he won't be expecting us this time either. At least, not like this."
  178. Onyxia says as she grips the hoof as well, synching with Steel's motion.
  180. "We can always leave early, a message would take time anyways and might get intercepted."
  181. Onyxia says in response to warning the others.
  182. "All we need is to just get one good hit on Chitus, after he's revealed his plan will be done."
  184. Shima: Steel moves with you as you practice your motions together, his iron hooves already meeting the pace you move them at as he lets you lead your body, "I hope you're skilled in a lance. That is our best chance of delivering such a blow. Full charge, we go all out from the start."
  186. Sharithik holds his head, continuously groaning as his headache gets worse and Esmeralda holds him up. "Messages... maybe.. could..." Esmeralda takes a tighter hold,
  188. "We'll talk about that later... right now, you need food and sleep Shar. Let me and Steelnyxia worry about telling the Princess if we need to."
  190. Khazard: Onyxia flexes her legs, stretching and bending them in turn to get used to the metal form and get used to their pace.
  191. "I had to use a lance to catch Dad, so that's no problem."
  192. At she mentions the lance, she looks over to her father.
  193. "S-Sorry about that, by the way..."
  195. "Yea, after everything you had to go through, you need to take it easy."
  196. Onyxia says after her mother.
  197. "We can handle everything from— Steelnyxia?"
  198. Onyxia says, stopping as she looks over in confusion.
  199. "...I like it."
  200. She says giggling.
  202. Shima: Sharithik groans, "Ugh... kind of remember... I'd be lucky to remember my anniversary right now to be honest. I think I'm gonna need more of those candles, honey, it's back with a vengeance."
  204. "I did not see that. Then, that seems pretty good for a start." Steel compliments, but then turns to Esmeralda before she takes Sharithik out of the room as he questions the name as well.
  206. Esmeralda blushes, "Just came to me. You look like a Steelnyxia."
  208. "It's... good. Thank you." Steel says with a sort of telling way that you sense he's some reservations you can feel in your very face.
  210. Khazard: "Get one of the masks out of my bag, the pie smell might help since it blocked the pheromones too."
  211. Onyxia says as her mom leads her dad out.
  213. After the leave, Onyxia looks over to the mirror, looking at themself again.
  214. "You don't like it? I think it sounds cute."
  215. She pauses for a moment.
  216. "Well, at least as a nickname from Mom."
  218. Shima: Steel looks at his own reflection, tilting your head, "It's... sort of odd. It is literally just a permutation of our two names. Seems somewhat, well... unremarkable I suppose is the nicest words I can make. Not to suggest she is, that is. I wouldn't say that to your mother." He turns to the side in the mirror to get more of a look at your body.
  220. Khazard: "It fits mom style names though."
  221. As they turn, Onyxia pulls the cape over the her other side, so she can see her whole body. She can't help but feel a little good at the now defined curve her metal body gives, her eyes shifting between her cutie mark on her flank, and now a new mark on her shoulder, possibly Steel's cutiemark. Some embarrassment seeps in.
  222. "Do... Do yo mind having a mare's body now?"
  223. She questions lightly.
  225. Shima: "...why would I mind?" Steel asks with tension so thick you can feel your muzzle begin to clench. "I'm simply an accomplished knight of a valiant age who has been cursed to an empty metal suit ffor eternity, sometimes a statue. My dignity can't fall much farther can it?"
  227. Khazard: (what does his qtmark look like anywasy?)
  228. Shima: (it's a long crescent moon shaped slash, like a sword-beam from kirby )
  229. Shima: >white in color
  230. Khazard: (cool, nice fitting for on the shoulders then)
  232. Khazard: "Steel." Onyxia says sternly, like a parent to get the attention of a child. "We're a couple now, and I can feel when you're uncomfortable with things, literally now. I want you to tell me if anything is bothering you, I want to help you as much as you want to protect me."
  234. Shima: Steel groans. "If that is true then clearly you can tell that, yes, I am a bit bothered by having a mare's body now. Could it not have worked with a male body and flesh rather than a female body and iron... I felt I am owed by the universe somewhat."
  236. Khazard: "I'm sure we'll find something to fix that curse someday, I promise. But for now..." Onyxia looks back to the min hte mirror. "At least its was my body you have, not somepony elses who might not care for you at all or take advantage of it."
  238. Shima: "...I just doomed myself by suggesting it's disappointing to have your body, haven't I?" Steel asks with a serious concern in his tone. "Did I mention it is... very nice." He waxes poetic.
  240. Khazard: "I didn't take it that way until you said that." Onyxia says with sarcasm and a chuckle. "Well, it does look nicer than I was before, I have to admit."
  242. Shima: Steel gives a curt laugh, moving off of the mirror to help you two practice your form as he performs a practice 'thrust' "I think it looks fine flesh or steel, but I'm glad this isn't so shocking to you. You're handling it far better than I did. Then again, you are a blacksmith, and clearly you've a thing for armor. Perhaps if I had been turned into a dress I would not have been so upset?"
  244. Khazard: "I'm gad you like it." Onyxia gives a silenced laugh. "Well I am more familiar with metal, but its you that kept me rather calm though it. Don't think I'd be quite so accepting if it was anypony else." Onyxia says as she tries to match the thrust and Steel's pace with a giggle. "You a dress? I'd like to see what that would have looked like."
  246. Shima: "I was hardly the envy of Coltchester. But I thought I made fairly good ones." He comments as he leads on into her thrust, trying to slam his hoof into the ground and replicate his transmutation. "...why me, though? I was enamored with you, naturally, but... even looking past the metal, I did try to kill your friends and steal your time machine."
  248. Khazard: "I'd like to see some of those dresses you made, its only fair after showing you my craft." Onyxia follows as they stomp, although no transmute coming as Onyxia is unaware of the intention. "I know, its may look strange. But despite all of that, you were the only one that I felt I could trust. After you said you'd help me keep my time safe when we were outside Luke's, and all the help you gave after, it felt like I had somepony there through all of this crazyness. I've never had somepony who'd do so much for me before, it must have become love along the way, and I never knew until I heard of your feelings since I never felt it before." She says with some romanticised remembrance, making a swing with her hoof to give Steel her pace of movement. "What about you, what made you feel this way about me?"
  250. Shima: "...if we go back to my time, I'll show you what I have." He listens as you explain your reasons for loving him, he stays silent for a bit as he follows your swing. "...I did say that, and I'll do what I can. Seems I haven't done much to make that happen, though." He turns his hoof towards the ground again, "I'm going to try and draw a spear. I do not know how it's supposed to work." He puts his hoof towards the ground in a jab, "As for you... I could start with a long list of reasons. Returning my voice, forgiving my transactions, your bravery, your skill, your dedication to your loved ones... your kind heart. I spent years caring for none but myself... and I can't thank you enough for ending that shameful existence."
  252. Khazard: "I don't know when we'd go back to then... What if we find a tailor?" She questions as Steel points to the floor. "I think have to accept some changes, but my dad is safe now. I can rest easy knowing he won't be going anywhere." After they stomp, Onyxia raises their hoof again, pinting it away from anything close. "Oh, you were trying that. I guess I have to focus to make that happen." Onyxia holds her hoof forward, the steel lengthening out and coming to a point in a classical jousting spear fashion. "You can add feeling nto that now too." Onyxia says lightheartedly. "I'm glad I was able to help you so much, seems we did a lot for each other after being pulled away from our times. Almost like we were meant for each other."
  254. Shima: Steel nods as the steel lance thrusts forwards, "Ah, yes, I see that now. That could take some getting use to, but I see how useful it is." He gives a few practice thrusts. "I'm afraid change is the only constant in all walks of life, but so long as my steel shines I will see your father stays in this timeline where he belongs." He smiles, turning to look at the mirror again, to see you, "But yes, it is almost like that. My order, and especially my master, always told me that we all had destinies we could not shy from. Sometimes I didn't like hearing that, like I had no control. But it also means that everything that happens, happens with purpose. Like you and I finding one another."
  256. Khazard: "I guess we'll have to really work together if only I can use my powers from before." Onyxia says, moving with his thrusts, although the lance veres to one side or antoehr as Onyxia tries to catch up. She looks back ot the cape they're wearing. "I guess you're cape will be th same, I couldn't use it before so you'll probably have to be the one using that." Onyxia stares into the mirror and their smiling face. "If it was destiny for this time nonsense brought me to you and saved my dad, then I wouldn't trade it for anything." She say happily. She rests the lance on the ground, giving a smirk to the mirror. "You know, you didn't answer my question on if we found the supplies for a dress."
  258. Shima: "I am agreed." He nods to the mirror as he looks at his cape, "Yes, I imagine it might, but if we share a body... it should be possible for us to use each others abilities. Somehow." As he looks at the mirror, he chuckles. "I would offer to make you one... but, I was a unicorn before I transformed. I made dresses only with my precise magical control." He looks at his hooves. "My hooves are good for a sword's finesse, but, a needle requires even more control."
  260. Khazard: "It'll probably take some practise, get more in synch with each other to use each other's abilities." As they look to their hooves, nyxia shifts their hoof back to normal, and after a second, a sewing needle extends form the tip, along the leg. "I'd like to see what you can make, maybe if we get that better control my abilities can work just as well."
  262. Shima: Steel looks at the sewing needle, his expression on your face suddenly nervous, tight, as he feels it move around by your and his whim. "I'd need supplies, of course... and, i'm 5 years or so out of practice, so, please, kirb your expectations for my sake."
  264. Khazard: "I'm sure it'll be lovely." Onyxia says, looking back to the mirror. "Should be easy making a dress for yourself." She says jokingly.
  266. Shima: He adds a smile to the reflection, "Suppose I chose my profession wisely. I've a perfect model now. Hope you enjoy somewhat outdated fasion, Onyxia." You feel the love feed into you as he speaks, a slight glimmer to the metallic sheen. As you taste it, Steel suddenly freezes up. "What... that was odd."
  268. Khazard: Onyixa looks down after Steel freezes. "Oh, I guess youcan feel that to. That's what I've been feeling the past day... your love that I've been eating."
  270. Shima: Steel raises up your hoof to his muzzle, "It's... not bad. It's the first thing i've tasted as well." He sits back down, looking at the needle you gave him for sewing, "There's so many things happening so quickly. I... I almost feel pony again."
  272. Khazard: Onyxia looks down at the needle after Steel has them sit, turning her hoof around, turing the needle in the light. "Tell me about it. I'm finding out so many things that are part of me that I had no idea of. Its... overwhelming." She puts her other hoof over the needle hoof, for soem sembalance of holdings Steel's. "I'm glad its worked out to help you so well."
  274. Shima: Steel nods your collective head, "I can imagine. Knowing you're half-changling is one thing, but everything else with Chitus cannot have been easy these past few days." He puts down the needle, extending his hoof to try and morph his hoof once more into a lance to practice, your hoof rippling somewhat as he begins to access your ability. "Just know that, even should we fail, we will make sure he does not touch your father again. I know what it's like to lose family, as long as we're sharing."
  276. Khazard: "We can't fail, I know we won't." Onyxia says as their hoof starts to shift, the needle thickening to start a lance shape. Onyxia helps push the rest along, their hoof forming out into a full lance. "Another thing we have in common. I can't imagine what you've had to go through with what happened in your case."
  278. Shima: Steel gives the lance a few practice thrusts in the nursery, taking a careful step backwards as he nearly hits your future (past?) cradle. "Maybe doing this in the nursery wasn't the best idea." He puts the lance down for a moment, "With all the love and respect I can manage, Onyxia, no. No you couldn't imagine. Even before being trapped in Equestria's middle ages, I spent four years prior as a walking joke through a living nightmare. You read much into your history of Discord's age?"
  280. Khazard: Onyxia takes a step to the side, away from the cradle, shortening the lance so they have more room to practisce with. "Only a little bit, most of the history we learned in hte empire was what happened recently and modern happenings to get everypony caught up to the world with the empire's dissappearance. Although, that's likely to change now..." Onyxia says lowly, realizing things like that would change with Nero's meddling. "All I know of Discord was that he made things really bad and chaotic until hte Princesses stopped him."
  282. Shima: Steel follows up with her side step with another thrust, feeling the groove of this body as you two sync. "Well, that isn't wrong, if dramatically underselling. Simply put, I'm thanking the fact that I lacked a brain to go insane with as the soul cause for me keeping my sanity through watching chamber pots spew out rivers of ice cream whenever a defenseless town tried to use them, or a well that ate any pony that came close to fetch water for his family. It was not good times." He sweeps the lance, "You are okay with the lance then? I feel this is the best style to suit our combined fighting practices based on what I've seen."
  284. Khazard: Onyxia slows a bit in their practising, shocked at the explaination of those past times. "Oh god, that... that sounds horrible. And that went on for years?" Onyxia sets the lance down after the last sweep, a little stunned. She quickly changes the topic off at Steels question. "..I think we should try a sword, we need something fast to work against his scythes. We're getting synched with the lance, but I'm afraid he'll just knock it away."
  286. Shima: Steel attempts to sync up with her ability to form swords as he nods, "Yes, 5 years in total. The sun and moon would come up at completely random intervals, rain would fall from the ground into the sky and be made of acid, pony's limbs would pop off... I could write a book of the things I saw. I don't envy it but somehow I must return when we have the machine. I left my order and may ponies behind that could have need of me even if the Princesses do end their suffering eventually." He has difficulty forming the swords, growling as they take on a long shape but are more akin to blocks than blades. "You make this look easier than it is."
  288. Khazard: "We can go back." Onyxia mutters lowly after Steel's explaination. She looks down at the block blades, focusing for a moment as both thier forehooves turn into a short blade each. "All those years o blacksmithing sure payed off." Onyxia says with a chuckle.
  290. Shima: "Shame I did not gain those years with this union. But, I think I'm grasping the hang of it..." he dances around with the forehoove blades, slashing with skill as he leads into it, "It would appear we're both versed in a wide array of arms. If you mastered the forge, I mastered the weapon. And, thank you, Onyxia.... I do suppose that raises a question of what comes after this is all over then. There's a bigger obstacle than simply our collectively mismatched anatomy."
  292. Khazard: Onyxia keeps up with Steel's pace, trailing behind a bit as she quickly dulls down the edges so they dont knick up the floor with the steps. "I hope you can learn fast, I have a whole list of weapons to try from Temper." Onyxia sets their bladehooves on hte ground after Steel finishes. "What do you mean?"
  294. Shima: Steel smirks as he increases the pace further, trying to push you along, "I learn faster than any other stallion in my timeline. Bring them to me." He does a few slashes, then pauses as she asks his meaning. "....we are seperated by over a thousand years, Onyxia. I can't stop myself from sending my love to you, and I imagine you feel the same. What then once when our mission is done? Would you return with me and leave your family? Do I stay with you and abandon my home?"
  296. Khazard: Onyxia stops after Steel brings up how they will be together, Steel's movements having no resistance as she realizes one of them will have to sacrifice their old life for the other. "I... I never though of that. ...I don't know. I couldn't ask you to leave your home and your family... And after all this trouble to sav my own... " Their armor skin looses its polished luster. "But I don't want to lose you..." She says, feeling torn.
  298. Shima: Steel watches the glimmer vanish, pausing as he tries to demorph one of the sword hands, doing better this time as he puts it to your chest. "... it is not an easy question to answer, but it is not one that need be answered right now. We can figure something out that fits us both. I'm sorry for bringing it up when we have more pressing matters."
  300. Khazard: Onyxia sits as Steel hds their hoof to teir chest. "No, you're right. It is something we would have ot think about. I suppose its better to realize it now then have to decide when its all over..." She looks down to the hoof, holding it out before forming it back into the blade. "Yea, we need ot make sure our families are safe first."
  302. Shima: Your head nods, "Correct. I'm certain there's a way we can make it work in the end. But none of that matters if we don't stop Chitus and his plans." He grabs at his cape, flushing it about, "I believe if i can use your transmutation, you should be able to use my cape... usually it's magic that only I know how to cast."
  304. Khazard: Onyxia grasps the cape with the hoof Steel grabbed it with. "Maybe, its worth a shot. So, do I jsut sweep it like this?" Onyxia swoops the cape forward then upward, trying to cover themself. But it snags around their shoulder and chin, Onyxia stumbling over as the cape pulls and trips themself.
  306. Shima: "No, no not like..." Steel tries and warns as you snag it up around yourselves and pull yourselves over, Steel grumbling as you shake the room with a small quake as the armor spills over. "A.... stellar attempt, Onyxia, but I think you miss the concept." He groans as he replaces the cape and tries to stand. "The cape is a tool to make it work, but there is a certain technique, a certain 'feel' to open the gateway to the world of shadows it contains."
  308. Khazard: Onyxia rubs their shoulder after Steel rights them. "Oh, I thought it was more of going into the cape itself." Onyxia gasps the cape again, looking down at it. "So, opening a gate then... I think I can get that..." She flutters it a little, trying to get a feel. She flashes the cape in front of them, holding it up and whipping it down to no effect. Onyxia scuffs her hoof on the floor at the failed attempt. "...I think you should show me how its done." She says a little embarrassed at ot getting it
  310. Shima: Steel guides your hoof, his arm taking full control as he swishes it about the air, "It's a magic I picked up from my order, one that I never would have mastered without my staff. The world of shadows is sort of constant parallel to our world my order helped me uncover, and I was able to create my cape using fabric from our side on one end, stitched together with fabric from the other world on the other side. I also planted an enchantment so that it responds to my hoof, but with you guiding my hoof you should be able to open it. Think of... a dress. Think of a dress that you are flapping about in your hooves. And, when the dress - or, in this case, the capes - flutters over you at the right moment, imagine that dress being turned inside out entirely. That is essentially what the cape does to send us to that world: we flip it so the outside becomes the inside, and us with it, towards the other realm."
  312. Khazard: Onyxia watches the cape flutter as Steel explains. "That, sounds a bit simpler. More of a flip than a cloak, I think." Onyxia starts to move her hoof, ready to try again. "Staff? I thought you were a knight. Don't they usually use swords?" Onyxia questions as she gives it one more try. Onyxia swoops the cape forward in front of them, giving it a twist-twurl as it starts to drape over her other side, managing to step into the shadowscape. Although, she still trips as they swap over.
  314. Shima: You fall into the shadowscape successfully, the dark reflection of all around you a clear indicator as Steel 'oofs' as you enter. He smiles, "Not bad for a first. You should work on your gracefulness. I know you can dance going off of Luke's early attempt, but, I suppose you were a few hundred pounds lighter." He stands up, "And yes, I had a staff. You remember of course how I made constant attempts to steal Fang's, mistaking it for my own?"
  316. Khazard: "And I was a little more limber than metal too." Onyxia laughs as they stand. She taps her hoof in thought. "Oh yea, I think I remember the others saying that. I guess that was why you were going after her before we showed up." Onyxia glances around the shadowscape, really looking into it with Steel explaination on its creation of hte cape. "So you managed to hold this whole other dimension in your cape?"
  318. Shima: "Yes. I apologized to her like you asked, by the way. I think she accepted, or at least enough to return my cape. It really is uncannily similar in more ways than one." As you pace about the shadow dimension, Steel looks around as well, "Not precisely. This world existed long before I made my cape linked to it, and acts more as a portal than anything else. The reason things can only go a set distance before returning, as I mentioned your father was trapped, is because under normal circumstances, this dimensions' properties would not allow material of our world to travel much farther than the opening. It's... complicated. Imagine this world as a world of complete and total darkness. Nothing is here because it possesses no light of its own, from any source. But, some light transfers through my cape, or any opening, when we enter. Thus, the world for a set distance before that light dissipates, takes on a reflection of what the light casts. Reflection alone, however. Hence, why we can see and hear objects that are on the outside of the cape, but pass through them as though they weren't there. Because, simply put, they are not."
  320. Khazard: "I could make you a new one, if we find something magic enough to make it from." Onyxia offers. "So its like the cape makes its own little pocket, like a bag in here sorta. And we pretty much are a shadow when we get in here." Onyxia remarks, her eyes spotting the empty carapaces and remaninder of the sombrite who destroyed the tower. "We should probably get rid of those at some point..."
  322. Shima: You feel your lips tense up, "Thank you, Onyxia, but, I doubt we'll find the same level of magic that was used to make that staff. It also holds a good deal of sentimental value, a gift from my master. I would prefer if we could look for it whenever we return to my age." He looks over round the shadow scape, "And yes, that is an accurate description. But, as to the bodies, I suppose we should. Time doesn't seem to exist here in an odd sort of way, nothing I leave in here decomposes or rots. That body has been in here for over a day now and it hasn't changed. But who would want it?"
  324. Khazard: "Alright, we'll find it then when we go back." Onyxia thinks over the bodies as Steel questions where. "I guess we should bury them, do the proper thing. I doubt anypony would want him after what he did, and keeping the shells out of side would be best." Onyxia looks back up. "So, is getting out the same way as coming in?"
  326. Shima: Steel nods his head, "Everypony wants somepony, Onyxia. But correct, imagine that dress flipping right back to outside-out to reverse the trip."
  328. Khazard: "True..." Onyxia holds up the cape, another swish and twirl and she steps them out back into her future room, managing ot stay standing with a little wobble this time. "Hey, I think I'm getting hte hang of it!"
  330. Shima: Steel smiles, looking at his hoof as he, with concentrated effort you can feel with a pair of tensed cheeks, forms a small dagger along your hoof. "And I feel your shapeshifting is coming a bit ot me as well... this is good. If we can keep practice all night, we may just be ready. Do you feel tired yet? I do not, I'm hopeful we retained at least some of my old body's lack of need for sleep."
  332. Khazard: Onyxia gives a few swings. "Nope, not at all. Looks like we don't need sleep like this." Onyxia pauses for a moment. "I'm glad I have you then right here, so we have eachother now through those sleepless nights."
  333. Shima: Steel sighs, "Those sleepless nights will get old, quickly. I hope we haven't lost your ability to sleep entirely either. But, should it be the case, I will see you are not left desiring it." He smirks, taking another low swing with the dagger, "You run out of stuff to do quickly, believe me."
  335. Khazard: "Well we can always practise your sewing for that dress." Onyxia counters, following his dagger sweep.
  337. Shima: "I told you, I need material. I'm not practicing on my cape." Steel chuckles, pracitcing long into the night as your forms eventually grow to sync into each other until it feels as second nature. Esmeralda, for the majority of the night when you check on her, tends to Sharithik's well being, the recovering changeling still feeling the effects of withdrawal into the morning after as she yawns exhaustedly when you greet her sometime in the morning, the green crystal mare barely keeping her eyes awake as she looks at her husband barely stir, though he would appear to be waking as well.
  339. Khazard: Onyxia steps over to her parents as she greets her mom good morning, keeping her steps light to not disturb too much with the metal clanking. She looks down at her father as she steps to her mother's side, looking down wit hconcern. "How's dad?"
  341. Shima: "I'm alright, I'm alright..." a small grunt comes from the masked individual, wearing your pie vent to help him cope with the pheromone loss. He turns over to lift off the mask, kissing Esmeralda's hoof, "Didn't get much sleep, but, I don't think anyone did. Could do without the mask and some of those haycon strips I think I smell burning."
  343. Esmeralda looks up, suddenly jolted, "Oh no, breakfast! One moment, Steel, Onyxia, I was going to get you something before you go!" You can whiff through the air the smell of slightly burnt hay, Steel audibly moaning as he smells it.
  344. Khazard: "I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. And everypony being in the same house is better than getting any sleep I'd say." Onyxia says, resting her hoof on her father's shoulder. Onyxia pauses with some embarassment, followed by a giggle at Steel's reaction to the scent. "If you think it smells good, wait till you taste it."
  346. Shima: Sharithik grunts, laying over to the other side, "Wouldn't say I'm feeling that much 'better'. I pass in and out, but, I think I'm getting on the right track. Keep thinking like I smell him, even with the mask on... it'll take a few days for me to get over it." He leans up as Esmeralda hurries out with a few strips of long hay strips, along with toast and crystal jam.
  348. "Phew... saved them." She leans over to look at Sharithik, placing a plate besides him as she smiles and looks to Steel, "You're a fan of haycon then, Steel?"
  350. "I don't believe I ever had it." He tries to follow up with more grace than before. "I would like to try one, yes."
  352. "One? I made double for you two."
  354. Khazard: Onyxia smiles at Steel's reaction, and also eagerness at having some home cooked breakfast after what has felt like forever in this journey. She goes to sit, but stops as she goes to move down, worried she might break the chair with the added weight. She simply stands by the table isntead. "Just wait Steel, I havent't had better than Mom's cooking. This will be perfect for your first taste in years." She says excitedly.
  356. Shima: Esmeralda smiles, "So, I don't lose it even that late huh? That's such a relief. I was afraid our baby wasn't going to like my cooking."
  358. "You put too much love into it, honey." Sharithik weakly quips from the couch, "How can't we crave it?"
  360. Steel takes the haycon in hoof, staring at it contemplatively as he freezes up. "...I don't know how I imagined tasting again, though I used to spend days dreaming about the first thing I'd eat. A whole orchard of apples, a tankard of Unicornia's best wine. Now, I can't think of anything I'd rather have at this moment than a slice of your 'haycon'." He tosses it into your mouth, the savory sensation bringing back countless memories of food your loving mother has prepared. Your body falls to the side as Steel loses control, barely catching a hoof as control is maintained. Steel moans in pleasure as he continues to chew, your mother looking on in approval.
  362. Khazard: Onyxia falls into a minor chucklefit as they nearly fall over from Steel's overhwlemed tastebuds, trying to keep them muffled so they don't choke as he chews. She waits until he finishes and swallows, since she can't talk until he does. "DOn't even need ot ask to tell how much you enjoyed it." She says with a giggle. She spreads some of the crystalberry jam on a slice of toast, holding it up in front of their muzzle so Steel can savorthe scent. "Try this next." She says, letting him be the one to move and bite it.
  364. Shima: He sighs as he swallows, smiling, "It is the best hay I have ever eaten, or will eat again...." You feel your eyes turning up, the slightest bit of liquid coming out of them as he savors the taste, before he turns to grab at the toast in front of him with crystal jam and taking a hearty bite of it as well, almost turning on full control as he, calmly and slowly but all the same voraciously, starts chewing into your double-sized breakfast. He pauses between bites. "Esmeralda, your food is perfection. I cannot thank you enough for this meal after... well, after..."
  366. She yawns, putting a hoof on Steel's side, "It's alright, Steel, please, you have nothing to be concerned about. You did nothing wrong, and *YAWN* I'm happy to give you some good food before you go."
  368. Khazard: Onyxia sits back as Steel tears into the breakfast, letting him enjoy something he hasn't had in so long. Not that she has much option to, feeling overwhelmed by his appetite and hte odd sensation of another eating for her, essentially funneling the food down. "I'm glad we're metal if that's how you're going to eat for us." Onyxia jokes, waiting until Steel has finished it all before speaking. "Yea, we're in this together Steel. You don't need to worry about anyting alone." She looks up to her mom, wiping their muzzle. "And we'll be coming back after Chitus is done and nothing more for any of us to worry about." Onyxia pauses, then a huge smile grows across her face. "And maybe you could make some your amazing crystalberry pie for Steel to try."
  370. Shima: Steel horfs down another piece of jam and toast. "Then I take that as permission to keep eating like this thin?"
  372. Esmeralda smiles, looking over to Sharithik, "I know you will, Onyxia. And I'll have plenty for everyone. If Shari's feeling up to it, I may need to make triple between him and Steel." She looks at you, her tired face suddenly a little older with worry. "But, Onyxia, listen to me... please, be careful. Don't take risks if you think you can avoid them. Ask others for help... I don't want to lose you. Either of you."
  374. Khazard: "You can eat as much as you cna handle." Onyxia says after their mouth is cleared. After her mother speaks, Onyxia nods. "I'll do my best. The plan was to leave the heavy work to the others, I just need to stop the wedding and make sure Chitus can't power up." She speaks when able. After a pause, she pulls Steel from the food, wrapping a hoof around her mother in a hug. "None of us will lose anyone ever again."
  376. Shima: Esmeralda sighs, "Alright, but... be careful all the same." She embraces the iron mare back, your cold steel having a hard time feeling her warmth and touch but the emotion is there all the same. "I know you'll protect our family, Onyxia. You already have once, and I know you can do it again."
  378. She looks over at Sharithik over on the couch, walking over to stroke the his back as he rests, almost sounding as though he were about to doze off again. "He'll get better, don't worry, your dad is strong. Really strong. And you can save that poor girl, I know it. But, Onyxia, I... " she sighs looking away from you, "With Sharithik resting last night, and you and Steel training... I thought to try and call the palace while he was in a stable condition. I was thinking it wouldn't hurt to let Princess Cadence know what was going on, so that they could help you and Steel." She looks back, "I had the phone in my hoof, but, I didn't call. I saw something last night out the window just as I was about to, and... I-I think we were being watched."
  380. Khazard: Onyxia freezes up after the mention of being watched, feeling her heart sink at the possibility. "W-Watched? You think..." Onyxia quickly hushes herself, getting close ot her mother ot whisper. "You thnk Chitus send somepony out to check on us? I... I guess he would when Dad never came back. Did you see what they looked like?" She questions, panic in her voice.
  382. Shima: Esmeralda shakes her head. "I didn't see enough, all I saw were shadows, maybe a brief flash of some kind of light." She closes her eyes, looking at the window, "I tried more than once throughout the night, but, every time I touched the phone or made a look at the door to try and yell for a guard, I just... saw something flicker by that scared me. And I thought it better to hold off."
  384. "He knows where we live, and it makes sense he'd try such a tactic." Steel nods, "It's what I would do, at least. But, I think she is safe for now. It is one thing to stalk the house at night and another to do so in broad daylight. By the time we return, Chitus should no longer be a problem for them. Does your husband sense changelings?"
  386. She shakes her head, "He says he can't smell anything with the mask on overpowering it, and with it off, he says he still can't find a trace. But... I think you're right. I'll be able to protect Sharithik. As soon as he's well enough to transform we'll make for the palace, we'll be safer there."
  388. Khazard: Onyxia looks out the window, worried at what they described. "Why would he send somepony all the way out here though... Did he have big things planned for you?" She asks her father, looking to him. "If the weddng wasn't today I would stay to make sure nothing happened to you." Onyxia grumbles, stomping a hoof. "Even getting you away and coming back home isn't enough. Can't even be in your own home without worry now." Onyxia says sadly
  390. Shima: Sharithik grunts, looking over from the coach, "Yeah, I guess that's sort of my burden: if the hive wants me there's only so many things to stop them from getting me. But, getting me back is a good start. They didn't make any move last night, if they're out there, which means they weren't going to unless they had to. Steel is right, they won't make a move in daylight, and I think I can get on my hooves here soon enough to make it somewhere safer. Don't worry about me, I may look pathetic now but," he smiles, "You don't want to see me when you're threatening my wife and kid."
  392. Khazard: Onyxia smiles at her father's confidence, trusting they'll be safe for the day. "Hopefully nopony will have to see that after today." Just ot be safe, Onyxia goes over ot her bag, untying the Jammer Board she helped make with Honey back in the Expansion Era. She walks over and hands the shield to her mother. "Here, this shield will help keep you two safe just in case they do try something. Just shout into it, and it'll knock them away."
  394. Shima: Esmeralda grabs at the shield, looking at it as she would hold a strange instrument as she tries to test how it works. "You mean, just like..."
  396. Steel holds up a hoof, "Please. Don't. Take my word for it, it is functional. Best not to shatter your windows already."
  398. Esmeralda puts it down, a little nervous carrying it as she nods, "Alright, alright. I'll use it just in an emergency only." She sighs, "Thank you, Onyxia. For everything. We'll all be fine, I promise." She gives her one last hug, "Go stop that wedding."
  400. Khazard: Onyxia holds her mother tight in the hug. "We will." She reaches down, puling her father into the family hug, embracing them both as her eyes feel a little damp. "This wil be done with, and then we'll be back for a nice family dinner to celebrate us never having to be split up again. All four of us."
  402. Shima: They embrace each other in the hug, both future parents shedding a few tears themselves as they hold you close. "Alright.... that sounds wonderful. I'll make sure there's enough pie for everyone a dozen times over."
  404. Steel, slowly, tries to peel away from the embrace. "I'm sorry, Onyxia, but... I believe we'll miss our train if we stay too much longer."
  406. Khazard: Onyxia holds the hug for just another short moment, feeling like forever to her before she pulls away at Steel's reminder. Taking up her bag, and using their pactise with the cape to store it away in the shadowplane, Onyxia steps over ot the door. She stops and turns back. "Mom, Dad. Rest easy, I'll be back before night falls so you won't have to lift a hoof to move." She says with hope, turning and stepping out the door to head off to the train station.
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