[Action] Recruit volunteer

Oct 2nd, 2017
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  1. [Action]1. Recruit a volunteer from this region (specify which region)
  2. *Notice: If the current recruit law in this region is "mandatory conscription"(see regional info pic at thread) then you can recruit members of this region at 100% success chance and without the need to make a persuasion attemtp.
  3. Your character will attempts a persuasion roll to convince one of the residents in this region to join your guild.
  4. The success chance depends on the amount of happiness in the region, the happier the region is the more chance there is to successfully recruit. Other special factors may apply to chance as well according to this region culture and events.
  5. The recruited volunteer would be of a random race according to the population available in the specified region. Volunteers don't have any special skills or perks as they join your guild(0 exp).
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