Mega Man X AI Dungeon 2 story

Dec 10th, 2019
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  1. You are Zero, a S Rank Maverick Hunter. You have just killed Magma Dragoon. You are talking to Mega Man X at Hunter Base.
  3. "So what did you find out?"
  5. Mega Man looks up from his computer screen and smiles. "I found out that the first one was a girl".
  9. > You ask him about the girl.
  12. "What's her name? I mean do you know anything about her?"
  13. Mega Man stares blankly ahead of you for a moment before answering. "She is called Helena".
  15. "Oh..". You say in surprise.
  19. > You slash Mega Man X in half.
  22. You quickly rush over to Mega Man X who has fallen backwards on the floor. He doesn't even react when he sees you coming. The instant you touch him, he explodes into pieces. You look down at your body which is now completely charred black
  24. > You throw Mega Man X's pieces in the trash.
  27. You pick up the remains of Mega Man and toss them into the garbage can. You then turn around and walk away from the scene
  29. > You look for viruses in Hunter Base.
  32. You walk through the halls of the base and find that it is mostly empty. There are two doors on either side of the hall leading to different rooms. One door leads to the Hunter Base's kitchen where you see several people eating food
  34. > You enter the kitchen and grab a hot dog.
  37. You walk into the kitchen and grab a hotdog off one of the tables. You take a bite out of the hotdog and feel its deliciousness but something isn't suddenly feel very cold.
  39. > You deploy antibodies in body.
  42. You immediately begin to feel better and start feeling like yourself again. You then decide to check your phone to see if anyone else was here. You see that there are no other people here. It seems as though all the infected have left this place
  44. > You go upstairs and look for Iris.
  47. You head upstairs and see that the rest of the mansion is also empty. You think back to how you felt after you found Helena. You wonder what happened to her. You remember seeing her on TV and she seemed happy. Maybe she got married or something
  49. > You look for Helena.
  52. You run upstairs and see that the stairs lead to an elevator. You press the button and the elevator takes you up to the top floor. You look around and see nothing out of the ordinary. You then notice a large window overlooking the entire mansion
  54. > You slash the window apart and jump out.
  57. You jump out of the window and land safely on the ground below. You look around and see that the windows are broken so you climb up the ladder and try to find the elevator again. When you reach the top of the ladder, you find that the elevator door is locked
  59. > You slash open the elevator door.
  62. You quickly slash open the elevator door and jump inside. You close the door behind you and fall into the elevator.
  64. > You take elevator to the 1280th floor.
  67. You quickly take the elevator to the 1280th floor. As soon as you get outside, you see a helicopter flying overhead. You quickly run towards the helicopter and knock on the glass door. A man opens the door and greets you.
  69. > You ask for the man's name.
  72. The man looks at you with his big round eyes and says "Hello Mr. Hunter, my name is John".
  74. > You ask for his Maverick Hunter rank.
  77. John replies "My name is John and I am a Maverick Hunter".
  79. > You check and see if John is infected.
  82. You look at John and see that he is not infected. You then ask him about his status. John explains that he is infected but he is still alive
  84. > You tell him that he is not infected.
  87. You tell John that he is not infected and asks him if he knows any cure. John tells you that he does and gives you a vial of liquid medicine. You thank him and put the vial in your pocket
  89. > You replicate the cure to the Sigma Virus.
  92. You go back to the lab and create a new batch of the cure. You then test it on yourself. You are successful in creating a cure for the virus. You then give the cure to John and he thanks you.
  93. > Ask John if he knows where Helena is
  95. You go back to the Hunter Base and ask John about Helena. He tells you that she
  96. is currently living in the city of New York. He goes on to explain that she
  97. is probably working as a waitress somewhere.
  98. > Dash over to New York
  100. You hurry to New York City and head straight to the city. You eventually arrive
  101. at the city and see a sign saying 'Helena' on a building. You rush over to the
  102. building and look around for her. You finally locate her hiding spot and knock
  103. on the door
  104. > Slash open the door with your fire sword
  106. You slam the door shut and run forward with your sword ready to attack. You hear
  107. a scream from inside and you realize that Helena is inside. She screams out
  108. that she wants to leave. You tell her that she must stay and you will help her
  109. escape
  110. > See if Helena is infected
  112. You run over to Helena and see that she is not infected. You then ask her if
  113. she knows where Helena is. Helena responds by telling you that she is currently
  114. living in the city of New York. She goes on to explain that she is probably
  115. working as a waitress somewhere
  116. > Drink Energy Tank because you think you are hallucinating
  118. You run back to the Hunter Base and grab a bottle of energy tank from the fridge.
  119. You pour some of the contents into the bottle and then you pour more of it into
  120. your mouth. You then spit the bottle back out and swallow it
  121. > Drink more of the energy tank
  123. You continue drinking the bottle of energy tank until you are completely high.
  124. You then collapse onto the couch and pass out. You wake up in the middle of
  125. the night and remember everything
  126. > Look for Iris
  128. You look around and see that the mansion is deserted. You think back to when
  129. you were looking for Helena and you remember finding a woman named Iris who
  130. was running from the police. You call her number and she answers
  131. > Ask Iris where she is
  133. Iris tells you that she is in the city of New York and asks you to meet her there.
  134. You agree and hang up. You then call another number and speak to Iris again.
  135. This time she answers.
  136. > Ask Iris to come to Hunter Base
  138. You tell Iris that you want her to come to the Hunter Base. Iris agrees and hangs
  139. up. You then call another number and speak to Iris again. This time she answers.
  140. > Stop calling Iris
  142. You stop calling Iris and you wait for Iris to show up at the Hunter Base. Eventually
  143. she shows up and you both enter the base together. Once inside, you find a room
  144. full of computers and equipment. Iris tells you that she has been trying to
  145. contact you since yesterday
  146. > Ask her what she is fighting for
  148. Iris tells you that she is fighting for her family and herself. She tells you
  149. that she has been betrayed by her superiors and that she believes that have
  150. tried to kill her. She mentions that they are planning to use the virus to wipe
  151. out all life on Earth
  152. > Ask Iris if she is infected
  154. Iris tells you that she is not infected and that she would never betray her friends.
  155. She then reveals that she is actually a spy for the government and that she
  156. is being used as bait to lure people away from the Hunter Base.
  157. > Tell Iris you have to kill her for her betrayal
  159. You tell Iris that you have to kill her for her betrayal. Iris begs you tell
  160. you that she can't do anything about it and that she doesn't care anymore. You
  161. tell her that you won't let her live
  162. > Give Iris a sword and tell her to leave
  164. You give Iris a sword and tell her to leave. Iris runs off crying
  165. > Tell Iris to call the Colonel and have him fight me
  167. You call the Colonel and tell him that Iris needs to be killed. The Colonel arrives
  168. and you begin fighting each other. You manage to overpower the Colonel and stab
  169. him in the neck before killing him. You then turn your attention to the rest
  170. of the Hunters who are now attacking you
  171. > Kill all the Hunters
  173. You quickly kill all the Hunters and take their weapons. You then proceed to
  174. kill the soldiers guarding the entrance to the Mansion. You then kill the guards
  175. outside the mansion and enter the house. You soon find Helena and kill her
  176. > Look for Iris
  178. You search the house and find Iris dead. You also find out that she was indeed
  179. working for the government. You then look for Helena and find her dead body
  180. lying in a pool of blood
  181. > Say "I did this"
  183. You say "I did this" and then proceed to kill her. You then turn your attention
  184. to the Colonel and tell him that you killed his wife and daughter. You then
  185. tell him that you killed them tooThe Colonel shoots himself
  186. The Colonel dies.
  187. The Colonel dies
  188. > Dab and fall on your sword
  190. You fall on your sword.
  191. You fall on your sword.
  192. You fall on your sword.
  193. You fall on your sword.
  194. You fall onYour sword
  195. > Stab self with laser sword
  197. You stab yourself
  198. You stab yourself with laser
  199. You stab yourself with laser
  200. You stab yourself with laser
  201. You stab yourself with laser
  202. You stab yourself with laser
  203. You stab yourself with laser
  204. You stab yourself with laser
  205. You stab yourself with laser
  206. You stab yourself with laser
  207. You sta
  208. > Slash Dash Cancel on your own body
  210. Dash Cancel
  211. > I am dead
  213. You die.
  214. You die.
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