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  1. One Day, your name is Frisk, you and your friends Asriel and the rest of UnderTale gang was walking on pier during market day, Asriel hold cute shota hand of his firmly to you and say "Ah, what grandiose market with many fresh fruit and fish, suitable for man such as myself would you not agree" and you say "y-y-y-yes asriel nnnhaaaaah" in delight at his dom tactics.
  2. "I hink we should buy the chocolate" said Chara while swinging knife yanderelingly at airand toriel said "no not yet" and then asriel said "Wait!!!" and looked very seriouslike at middle of market where  there he came, the mysterty man. "It must be Gaster here to destroyme because of mad panic and jealousy," asriel said.
  3. the man slurried closer and he said "i am gaster and here to destroy you, asriel, becaues i am panicing and jelous of you and your massive cummies" gaster said and you said "wow asriel you were right" "yeah asriel as always you know what to do as always" said papyrus and undyne. "heh." Asriel laugh.
  5. But then Asriel got serious look in eye and say "If we want to defeat Gaster we have to use the secret technique to show him how pure and our love is" and everyone gasped you said "b-b-b-b-b-b-bbjbbbb-b-but asriel thats too dangerous! what if" and asriel put finger on your mouth and he wink and says"Heh... did we get this far... by doing everything by the book? my lover?" and your boner was big and you nodded because he was right and fills you with determination. "and we will help" said the other guys.
  7. asriel with grit looked at his dad and said "dad! its time." And Asgore nodded and said "yes... it has been a long life... but for you my son..." And Asgore tore his pants off "I will lay it down!" and asgores manmeat expblurged into full erection the size of which is impossible. "get in" he said and asriel nodded with badass smile. very quickly asriel posed and his clothes and your clothes too exploded with magically, and he took your hand and you knew exactly what had to be done. asriel jumped into air with you and did a beautiful flip, right into his father's megadick, you and asriel slipping in comfily. Comfy comfy comfy warm daddy dicky!
  9. "well i think" papyrus started to say but gaster shot him and sans cried and put on papyruss's clothes over his own clothes and his eye was on fire and he said "fuck you did it kiddo..." but chara held sans back and told Toriel "Toriel you know what must be done" and Toriel nodded and said "it was long awaited..." and quickly started strokin and lickin asgores omega supercock the likes of which unlikely to be seen for millenia or two, while inside asriel and you dock dicks and you feel your dick fill with asrielcock and it is incredible and he smiles at you and says "frisk... soon we will show what true lovin is....."
  11. but chara said "No... It's not enough... Toriel underperformin as usual..." and sans look at chara and say "how" and Chara said "This is more cummy energy than ever before but... Tobeat Gaster... We will need even more..." then Sans look at Undyne and said to Undyne: "Undyne you have to do "it"" and Undyne went pale and said "No, not after..." but Sans grab Undyne by collar and shake her around "WHAT HAPPENED TO ALPHYS WAS AN ACCIDENT" (and accident sans and asriel caused as revenge for stupid faggot lizard [but undyne didnt know and didnt knead to knowp)] and Undyne said ok
  13. Undyne undid pants and put butt to Asgores butt and said to Asgore "Hey dad..." and Asgore said "Yeah" and Undyne said "Ill meet you... On other side..." with tear and Asgore nod solemnly.  Undyne focused all her power and from her butt the hyperscat rushed into Asgore's cute colon.  "heh... i did it... alphys..." undyne said and dusted in pool of own filth beautifully.
  14. the hyperscat in asgores tummy then combined with asgores tummy and blew up out of asgores mouth as scattypuky, all over his penis and toriel face and Toriel goat bleated and said "hhhGhghjh haaaaaa!!! hmmmpha it is AS it was to be!" and extraspecial licked dicky as she did when they were dating before during the time they were happy and Toriel said "asgore you were right all along and perfect in allway ultra night secure" and asgore said "yes" and asriel said "about time you realized it you fucking vapid slut whore!!!!"
  16. but chara said "No... It's not enough... Toriel underperformin as usual..." and sans look at chara and say "how" and Chara said "This is more cummy energy than ever before but... Tobeat Gaster... We will need even more..." then Sans look at Sans and said to Sans: "Sans you have to do "it"" and Sans went pale but bravely his eye was on fire and then finally his other eye was on fire and he look at Gaster and sayu "this... is for PAPYRUS!!!" and ripped out own bone and shoved it in his soul causeing him to turn to dust. the dust of sans flew in air into toriel's nose and the huff of bone caused absolute ultimate cummy overdrive to engage at 100 thousand million percent. the strokes and licks and suckies and farts of toriel to engage toriel further were beautiy to look at beholding.
  18. and finally asriel knew it was time. "Dad it is time" Asriel said as his cock twinged inside yours and Asgore said okay... goodbye my son..." and with full force, Asgore let go, and so his cock exploded, torn to pieces of blood and cummy as he cummied, and Asriel and you were blasted out of Asgore's cock with hyperforce, and blew Toriel's head off as you did fly towards Gaster and you look back like an idiot to see Toriel and Asgore turn to dust with smiles on faces and you cry a single tear but Asriel grab your face an tells you "No looking back! Today... we fightfor FUTURE!!!" and you knew it was time.
  20. but chara said "No... It's not enough... Toriel underperformin as usual..."  but there was nobody left to talk to but then chara looked at sky and from the sky... they came...
  22. "asriel we are here to help!" said underswap asriel to asriel as asriel and you flew at great speed towards gaster. "yeah its time to end this once and fore all!" said asrielle. storyshift asriel said "exactly, with our pwoer combined, theres nothing we cant do!" and so it was that asriels of all shapes and sizes came to rescue, asriesl that were large, asriels that were small, asriels that were demonds and asriels that were angels, asriels of great and small power, all gathered at one point and singularity, for the messiah cummy. but chara knew that it was time, so chara took out knife, and jumped in fray.
  24. "Just like old times" Chara said to Asriel and Asriel nodded with comfort and said "Just like old times" and so Chara started slicing into you many open holes and wounds and bleeding everywhere and it hurt very badly but it was for Asriel so it was actually pleasurable and the bloody bloody caused Asriels to all get hardons but it was not enough and Chara said "With this sacrifice... I am redeemed" and so Chara sliced all their skin off and blood exploded all over you, each skin cell now coated in warm Chara bloody! But still not enough.
  26. Then, miracle happened. One by one, each Asriel put their member in your body through each of the holes, and each simultaneously took the big pissy. Your body bloat with cute Asriel pissies, as Asriel himself start pissing in your dick. It is most delectable treat of all, the ultimate gift from your gotebros. "Fffhhhh ghaaaah ssshloooooopppppnnnnnnggggh! I can't believe my body has become the royal toilet!" you scream in septic shock and ecstasy.
  28. The Asriels started break away as you flew closer towards Gaster, leaving only you and the true man of all time, Asriel, flying closer towards Gaster. And so it was that Asriel flipped in the air, so his dick, and you, who his dick was in, were pointed straight at Gaster, who you were flying towards. "Asriel... I guess this is good-bye..." you cry and Asriel say "No, this is not the end... This is... A new beginning..." and so Asriel finally cummied, his cummy flying in your balls and combining with your own cummy, the cummy energies of the father, the mother, the daughter and the shotagote all combined in one inside you, and as you were launched with the cummy you clench your fists and feel determination.
  29. You finally hit Gaster and you are inside of him now. Your cute pissbloated cummybeaten bleedy body comfy in inky Gasty! And you feel as your cummy energies erupt.
  31. Outside of Gaster everyone watch as inside of Gaster something explode in rainbow colors. "Heh... It's the true technique... Cummy Finale ~ Rainbow of Delight..." Asriel said. And Gaster said "Hmm yes I understand now" and took the gun and blew his brains out in defeat. Love defeats all...
  32. Six months later... Asriel at event... "Everyone were here to gather to honor true heroes who fought to save love from the ones who would destroy love" and everyone cheered "So now we have this statue to honor them and their sacrifices" Asriel continued as he unveiled the giant gold statue of Asriel, held aloft in the air by the force of his own cute scatties, jerkin it bigtime midair, a fountain at end of cute dicky that spouting massive force of cummy-like water and cummy mix all over everyone, with text on it that said: "TrueLoveConquerAll..."
  34. And Asriel smiled to himself and allowed single manly tear to fall. "Thank you... My friends..."
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