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  6. [I've been overlooking his training for a few months now. After installing him into our academy, he's been adapting to the changes surprisingly well. Unlike others who've grown up under the shadows of our great war, the Subject-- Or should I say Zaiek...continues on without showing a single scratch. Charismatic and above it all. I don't know why they kicked him out of the army...he's quite the soldier indeed.
  8. Though I am a bit concerned in terms of how he's been managing his training. At first, charm school students have to work in groups as to practice what to say, how to act, and how to treat. Zaiek excels in making sure that his chosen group runs well, but, it seems like he does this through means that are not entirely....nice. I am not saying he is mean in any way. I've seen how polite he is. But...for some reason even without outright telling you, he tries to manipulate things to go his way. He always wants activities to be done a certain way, a certain time, a certain manner. He grows impatient when another group member decides the activity. Almost like an anxiety kicks in? Though it doesn't get in the way of his group work, of course. Zaiek looks out for his interests and when he gets them, he acts incredibly kind and sweet. Even cracks a few jokes.
  10. Zaiek seems to like to have control of any kind. And after speaking to our psychologist, it's because he is insecure. From what? I doubt it's insecurity of himself. He acknowledges that he's someone of worth. Perhaps he is insecure of...
  12. Hmm...I would love to say that he's insecure about people in general? How to handle them?
  14. Perhaps to the extent of being afraid of letting situations go too far off from his grasp as to escalate into loss. I can only assume that much so long as Zaiek doesn't tell any of us what makes him tick exactly.
  16. Anyway,
  18. He goes above and beyond in speaking. Is very talented in making sure subjects feel at ease with him and therefore confide in him blindly. Not to make his intentions obvious at all. It's almost scary how even superiors such as myself are left wondering what he's thinking. Most of the time, Charm Students are easy to read by people like us in the trade. I can have a group of Syelsumoii spies in front of me and I could easily point out several of those who have been trained in a charm school. It's a practice-- no, an art form, more like. Something universal that we're trained to sniff out. Yet Zaiek..? It's almost as if he were a file forever lost in a void, so to say. I could go as far as to say that perhaps the reason why we can't pin anything on him is because he is empty. Cannot find what is not there.
  20. What he does project is a curious form of being. This boy oozes with confidence yet can play humble at a second's pass. Like it's a game...Good. Though he has that little defect of taking assignments into his hands too much-- so as to sleep with his classmates in between activities after practicing his speech lessons on them...he get's too into character sometimes. I'm currently organizing some Psychotherapy so that he may be conditioned to be focused on the task and to not treat any missions like a game. He cannot go out of his way to do whatever he wants. He belongs to me.
  22. He is perfect. I know he is. He is what we need in this task force. Zaiek Kiyerumi: The World's Most Experienced Spy. Completely disconnected from his emotions. Cannot form bonds. Empty but sweet lipped. An insatiable need for control. Yes, those are the qualities that will make him the perfect spy. There's no way he won't keep coming back to this life. And there's no way he won't keep coming back to me.
  24. In a matter of months, Zaiek will finally be deployed into the field. There are some paper white snow pushovers that need to be watched over....and I know Zaiek can easily subdue them with his charm...
  26. Oh what a pity. Once Zaiek is deployed, I must transfer all his info into the next sever. I love analyzing his persona. Though I imagine that the info he will soon pass to us with his missions will be even more entertaining to observe. Though if I want to continue knowing more about him, perhaps that is where a friendship would be a viable solution, now would it?]
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