Toodledo checklist notes

Joel-Tang Jan 31st, 2013 126 Never
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  1. Start of Day
  2. <ol>
  3. <li>[ ]Check <a href="">Outlook Calendar.</a></li>
  4. <li>[ ]Check <a href="">Goggle Calendar.</a> </li>
  5. <li>[ ]Identify any conflicts.</li>
  6. <li>[ ]set appropriate reminders for the day.</li>
  7. <li>[ ]Read and process your email inbox: <a href="">Outlook</a></li>
  8. <li>[ ]Review your <a href="">Projects List (W)</a> and review <a href="">Next Actions</a> for each project.</li>
  9. <li>[ ]Do! Based on schedule and priority.</li>
  10. </ol>
  11. End of day check list
  12. <ol>
  13. <li>[ ]Update <a href="">Next Actions</a> and <a href="">notes</a> for each <a href="">Projects List (W)</a> to review in the morning.</li>
  14. <li>[ ]Review and update your paper note book.</li>
  15. <li>[ ]clear checklist for tomorrow</li>
  16. </ol>
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