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  1. Leírás
  2. Limbo is a PC Emulator (x86) based on QEMU. You can now run Debian or DSL Linux on your Android device without root. Ssh, X Server, ftp, vnc, samba, vpn, mysql clients, gcc, java, perl, python right on your Android device.
  3. Instructions:
  6. * Warning! Limbo works only with a few Desktop OSes. Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu, and all other large OSes are NOT supported due to their heavy usage of the SD card and CPU. See below for a compatibility list.
  7. * 'Hacker's Keyboard' app (available in Play Store) is highly recommended for use with Limbo.
  8. * Emulation speeds are depended on your device and OS. Limbo works better for devices with DUAL CORE CPUs.
  9. * Released under GPL v2 see below for details.
  10. ============== COMPATIBLE OSes =============
  11. Instructions and Hard Disk image DOWNLOAD links:
  13. Compatible OSes:
  14. * Debian Linux x86 - Desktop & Command line
  15. * DSL Linux x86 - Desktop & Command line
  16. * Trinux - Command line only
  17. Other compatible OSes:
  18. * TTY Linux
  19. * Minix
  20. * FreeBSD
  21. * AROS(Icaros Desktop):
  22. * KolibriOS
  23. * FreeVMS
  24. * OpenWRT
  25. Instructions:
  27. =============== THANKS ==========
  28. "And so, I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem,
  29. is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe
  30. A Big Thanks to:
  31. Fabrice Bellard and the Qemu team
  32. glib team
  33. iconv team
  34. android-vnc-viewer team
  35. Yair Lifshitz (port for x86 phones)
  36. =============== FEATURES =========
  37. - CPU - Intel x86/x86_64 - (486,Pentium,Athlon,n270,Phenom)
  38. - CDROM disk images - (.iso images read/bootable)
  39. - Floopy disk images - (.img raw images read/write/bootable)
  40. - IDE hard disk images - (.qcow2 - read/write/bootable)
  41. - VGA - (standard, cirrus, VMWare) via VNC local client
  42. - Network - User/NAT mode supported only
  43. - Load/Save Machine State/Snapshot (Suspend/Resume) *
  44. - VNC Remote Connection
  45. - Machine/Device Management UI
  46. * Saving VM State requires a qcow2 hard disk image, make sure you create one within Limbo.
  47. ================ SOURCE CODE ===============
  48. This software is released under GPL ver2 license:
  50. Source Code can be found at:
  51. ===== TAGS ======
  52. TAGS: OS, Linux, Emulator, PC, x86, virtual, virtual, machine, QEMU, VMWare, virtualbox, Intel, AMD, cpu, network, hdd, cdrom, iso, floppy, image, ssh, tunnel, X11, X Server, X Windows, ftp, samba, vnc, vpn, nmap, gcc, java, perl, python, synaptic, apt-get, package, archive, zip, rar, manager, irc, git, svn, spreadsheet, docs, editing, office, pdf, viewer, DSL, Linux, installer, myDSL, browser, AROS, FreeBSD, Minix, Trinux.
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