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BOM - bill of materials ZelosLaser V2

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Aug 27th, 2015
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  1. BOM - bill of materials
  2. Qty Part Name
  4. 5x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 15cm
  5. 4x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 30cm
  6. 4x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 40cm
  8. "All 3D printed Part files has been updated to version 2.0"
  10. 3D-PRINTED PARTS V2 --- .STL files
  12. 8x Screws M2.5x15 (Wood version
  13. 13x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x10
  14. 6x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x16
  15. 12x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x20
  16. 5x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x25
  17. 89x -M4 Allen SCREW M4x8
  18. 14x -M4 Allen SCREW M4x20
  19. 89x washers M4 wide Brim
  20. 24x nuts M3 Normal
  21. 8x M3 lock nut
  22. 20x M4 Normal Nut
  23. 96x M4 threaded plate M4 1x GT2 Timing Belt 57CM
  24. 2x GT2 Timing Belt 87CM
  25. 2x GT2 Timing Belt 158mm Closed Loop
  26. 3x Timing Pulley GT2 20 teeth, 5mm Bore
  27. 4x Timing Pulley GT2 20 teeth, 8mm Bore
  28. 1x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 29,5cm
  29. 2x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 29CM
  30. 2x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 42CM
  31. 6x LM8UU linear bearings
  32. 3x 608z bearings
  33. 1x MDF Wood Base Plate 28x32 / 7mm thin
  34. 1x Laser protective glasses
  35. 3x Nema 17 stepper motor 36oz
  36. 1x Arduino Uno R3 or clone
  37. 1x GRBL-Shield
  38. 2x Pololu a4988 Stepper Driver
  39. 1x Power Supply 12V / 4A
  40. 2x 12V fan 4x4cm
  41. 2x Power Switch
  42. 1x Laser protective glasses
  43. 1x Laser Module 445nm 2watt M140 diode Copper Modules With Leads & Three Element Glass Lens
  44. 1x Laser Driver 3A 450nm TTL
  45. 4x Endstops
  46. 2x handholds
  47. 1x Various cable, different plugs ...
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