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Oct 1st, 2016
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  1. Basic Kid Sheet layout
  2. Ezekiel Tarantola
  3. or E.T for short
  4. The Basics
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Age: 14 but looks a bit young for his age
  7. Appearance: Messy shoulder long red hair sort of covers his face most of the time, pale but very freckled skin, more of a short Athletic build to him, wears short sleeved shirts with ironic sayings on them, and baggy cargo shorts most of the time, and a pair of worn out red and black sneakers
  8. Favorite Thing: getting to run around and playing soccer
  9. Personality: very upbeat, cheerful, and full of energy, unable to stay still, and can be impatient if he cant move around or do stuff
  10. Stats
  11. Feet 4 (P.E. +2, Kicking +3, Dodging +1)
  12. Guts 4 (Wind +2, Courage +2, Wrestling +1)
  13. Hands 3 (Shop +0, Punching +1, Blocking +0)
  14. Brains 2 (Out-Think +0, Remember +1, Notice +0)
  15. Face 2 (Charm +2, Putdown +0, Connive +0)
  16. Relationships
  17. Soccer Couch/General/Uncle Bryce - 2
  18. Freedom- 2
  19. Mom&Dad- 1
  20. Older Brother Nick "Nicky"-1
  21. Monster:
  22. Name : The Great Knight Sir Limer-rack The ScribeHeart
  23. Appearance: a knight with paper for skin and books for armor, paper weapons, all which have decorative pattarns on it of gold and sliver lines and words relateing to what the book or pages make up on the monster
  24. Way of Hiding: Turning into an old leather bound story book
  25. Favorite Thing: Fighting Evil and Upholding Justice
  26. Info: speaks in the third person at all times
  27. Stats:
  28. 1-2 Tome Armor of the Great Hero(8d):
  29. Defend(Shield of Selflessness),Tough,Sharing
  30. 3-4 Words of Endless Stories(8d):
  31. Useful(Clairvoyance),(Tongue of Sun and Moon(can speak and read all languages)),Tough, Sharing
  32. 5-7 Swarm of Countless Pages (8d):
  33. Attack(Storm of a thousand papercuts),Useful(make living origami creatures),(Become swarm of pages),Tough,Wicked Fastx1,Gnarlyx2,Sharing, Sprayx1
  34. 8-10 Form of the Perfect Hero(8d):
  35. Useful(Strength of the Warrior(feats of great strenght)),(Sight of the Archer(sharp vison and noticeing small and fair off things)),(Skills of the Rouge(picking locks,pockets, and going unnoticed)),(Speed of the Horsemen(running very fast and reacting quickly)),Tough,Sweetx2,Shareing
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