The Dark is Unnervingly Wise

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  1. [14:57] A strong exhale followed some final brief words to the gremlin occultist. The bumpkin was only a little more at ease now, but the non-verbal still showed quite a bit of vulnerability and fear. Nonetheless, it was time to show herself as 'useful' around these parts. There was so much emphasis on the idea of having use here, to be an efficient tool.
  3. Round, green eyes veered toward the bridge, locking onto the pale, ominous figure that had shared some of her wisdom to the youths. A bit creepy, yes, but a kindness as well. And there was no free lunch in this world.
  5. Perhaps this was stupid, but in her farmhand mind, this was the most obvious approach to showing gratitude. A fresh and juicy sugarcap was extracted from her harvest basket and presented on her palm as she slowly approached the demonic entity.
  7. "Mmm ..."
  9. A little peep, as to maybe get the demon's attention as she made the offering quite clear.
  11. "I wanna err ... Thankya' fer givin' us sound advice 'n' all. Ain't gettin' many o'those recently."
  13. A forced smile crept on her expression, gaze avoidant as always though she did make an effort to look into the creature's eyes should it do the same.
  14. (Lavinia Walters)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [15:25] For a while she is contemplative; she is a statue, gazing out into the green world before her so very different than home. But her gaze, as red as can be, lays quietly upon the young lass who approaches after a long silence.
  19. A bland neutrality is across her expression, but there is a slight flair of the nostril in curiosity. Not that many people actually approach her, despite how incredibly approachable she is compared to less cool demons like Douma.
  21. "Of course, dear. There are many of us grand and short on temper, and so few willing to impart little nuggets of wisdom that make surviving and thriving a little easier."
  23. And, well. It made for collecting the occasional follower. Thus does she side eye them curiously- appraisingly.
  24. (Yalmavanta)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [15:40] Well this was awkward. The offering remained on the table, or in this case, her palm. It was a pretty nice sugarcap mushroom after all, though perhaps the simplicity of this bumpkin's life made for quite a rift in perspective between the two races. Keeping up with the consistent awkwardness, she'd maintain the golden fungus.
  29. It was difficult for Lavinia to maintain eye contact, especially with such an intimidating entity. One with a form that was quite human, but a presence that was intoxicating. The softer themes of her words made for an even more cautious Lavinia. But contradiction was a recurring element in human behaviour, for this more inviting demeanour had worked well in luring in the dirty little farm worker.
  31. "Survivin'. Thrivin'. Ain't thought o'these a whole lot 'till recent days. S'all 'bout survivin' these days."
  33. She clenched her harvest basket, gaze peering down to focus on a specific little piece of gravel as she pondered these novel thoughts.
  35. "I'unno much 'bout these things, but I like to think that I am not so dumb by makin' m'self useful 'ere and help out a neighbour as they help me. Am I makin' sense?"
  37. Lavinia looked back up at the demon, a slightly more genuine smile lighting up her filthy face.
  39. "I'm Lavinia, by the way!"
  40. (Lavinia Walters)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [16:11] "... Survivin'. Thrivin'. One in the same, mostly. The difference is in how you compose yourself. Even if you are about to die, pretend you're not.
  45. It'll... probably work for you."
  47. A little wave of the hand dismisses the idea as what it was to her- a half-joke with a kernel of any substance whatsoever that was really not much of anything unless you were truly a little babe in the world.
  49. At a glance, she probably wasn't in the wrong to be so clear about it.
  51. "And it is Yamlavanta to you, little one. I will accept Yalma in short, if you wish it."
  52. (Yalmavanta)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. [16:17] He was meaning to ask something, was he not? The moment that Seneval perceives Yalmavanta in the distance, he makes his way over. It's not too long before he speaks out.
  57. "Yalma!"
  59. "What's with the rumor of some deaths happening as of late? I think I overslept and missed some things."
  60. (Senevál)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [16:20] A look of concern was this girl's response to the demon's peculiar phrasing. She took it as if her potential death was imminent and it all rested on how she'd 'probably' survive, or thrive. Or both, since they're the same now.
  65. Whew, quite the wave of emotions for this simple farmhand. Though even with all that, her hand still remained adamant to her initial offering. The sugarcap wasn't going anywhere.
  67. "I err ... Thank you, Madame Yalma."
  69. She bowed her head. She wanted to say more, but it seemed a far more imposing entity spoke up, beckoning the wise feminine demon's input on something. Conflicted but ultimately afraid of any repercussions, Lavinia took a small step back as she directed her gaze to the masculine individual. She couldn't quite tell if anyone was human or demon, so we'll go with that.
  70. (Lavinia Walters)
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