New Beginnings 2

Oct 14th, 2017
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  1. Chapter 2
  3. As Anon pulled back from the balcony rail she turned to face Princess Celestia, looking up to do so due to her now diminished stature. She took another moment to recompose herself before finally speaking, “Umm It’s great, really something but umm, how should I put this? Your spell turned me into a girl!” Anon told her frantically, almost back to the point of hyperventilating.
  4. Celestia looked down to Anon with a confused look, “Were you not one before?” Celestia had asked, her tone indicating that she really didn’t know.
  5. “I’m pretty sure I mentioned I was a dude, you know, tall, dark and handsome with Rockstar like good looks. Now look at me!” The little filly told the princess as she gestured towards herself with her front hooves before losing her balance and landing flat on her face.
  6. Celestia tittered briefly to herself as she watched the little filly get back onto her hooves, and return to looking back up at her. “I happen to think you look quite adorable in your current state.” She told the little filly, trying to hide her smile with her hoof.
  7. “Oh, I know I’m adorable, you don’t have to tell me that. But this is weirding me out. I’m like really outside of my comfort zone right now. I was cool with being turned into a pony but this is a bit much.” Anon told her trying to explain her current discomfort to her.
  8. Celestia reached out to Anon and brought the little filly in for a hug to try and calm her, “It’ll be alright Anon, as I explained before the spell chooses the form best suited to your new life and for reasons not yet known this was the form chosen for you. But you are still the same where it counts.” Celestia reassured her.
  9. “No, I checked there first and like I said I’m definitely a girl now.” Anon said to herself with a sigh as Celestia gave her a disappointed look.
  10. Anon noticed that the princess wasn’t to happy with his comment,” It was a joke, I swear, I’ll have you know self-deprecating humour is huge where I come from.” She explained with a nervous laugh, Celestia just raised an eyebrow, before rising and walking towards the door.
  11. “Come Anon, there is much to do and not much time to do it.” Anon hopped up on all fours and followed as quickly as she could, “Ok but could you like slow it down a bit? You’ve got those long graceful legs and all I’ve got are these little bitty hooves.”
  12. Celestia giggled as she slowed her pace, leading the way past the doors and out of the room. As they passed through the doors Anon noticed that just outside of the room stood two large Stallions or at least large compared to herself, dressed in gold plate armour. They saluted as they passed by and Celestia continued to lead Anon down the hall. As Anon followed to their unknown destination the sound of Celestias hooves clopping against the marble floors echoed through the halls at a steady pace. Anons own frantic hooves could be heard echoing as well as she managed to keep up, “So uh, what exactly did you mean when you said we didn’t have much time?” She asked as the passed another pair of saluting guards.
  13. “Hmm, oh it’s just my schedule is quite full and although I would rather show you around Canterlot personally but my duties keep me quite busy during the day.” The Princess explained to Anon as the passed through another set of doors, they stepped inside of a of a small dinning room, “Since I’ll be busy all day I thought the least I could do is spend breakfast with you and maybe answer any other questions you might have about your new life.” Celestia took a seat at one of the three set places at the table.
  14. “Breakfast? What, do you get up with the sun or something? I can’t even remember the last time I was up before noon.” Anon told her with a yawn, approaching the chair next to her.
  15. Anon looked to the seat as she stood on her hind trying to get up on to it, not exactly sure how she was going to get up there. Before she could say anything her entire body was enveloped in the soft gold glow of Celestias magic, Anon was then picked up off the ground but before she was placed down a booster seat was place down first followed by the small filly on top of it. As the magic dissipated Anons blush was all to apparent, “I’m not that small, am I? You know what don’t answer that. Oh, and I totally get how busy your days must be, heavy is the head that wears the crown and all that.”
  16. Anon looked around the table and noticed the third place setting, “Is there somepony else joining us? Wait, somepony? Some…pony? Why can’t I say the words that I’m trying to say?” Anon asked, confused as to why his mouth wasn’t working the way he wanted it to.
  17. As the princesses used her magic to float over three plates of pancakes over to the table she answered, “Part of the spell to turn you into a pony also included some slight alterations to your vocabulary, to help you better adapt to your new surroundings. As for the third place setting, my sister should be finishing her nightly duties and joining us momentarily.”
  18. No sooner than Celestia had explained who the extra setting was for the door to the dining room opened and in stepped another pony who was both very similar physically and yet couldn’t be more different, in fact it was almost day and night. She was shorted than Celestia but no less regal, although the bags under her eyes and yawn she gave before taking the remaining seat indicated how tired she was, “Good morning sister, I hope your evening wasn’t to stressful?” Celestia greeted her sister, Luna yawned once more before replying, “Morning Sister, as far as evenings go it was actually quite calm, Oh I see we have a guest. Hello little one, I’m Princess Luna what is your name?” Anon was completely flushed, did Celestia not tell her sister of her current situation? Not only that but if you were still a dude Luna would absolutely be the kinda girl horse you’d be into. As Anon sat there silently trying to work up the nerve to say anything, “Awe you’re not shy, are you?” Luna asked the little filly, who was now on the verge of squirming in her seat. Thankfully Celestia cut in to help you out of your current predicament, “Luna, this is Anon. Anon this is my sister Luna. Anon here is our latest arrival from you know where.” Anon just waved her hoof sheepishly at Luna, Luna on the other hoof looked back and forth from her sister to the filly sitting in the booster seat. “Oh, well I guess that would explain the shyness then, I must say though this one turned out quite adorable.” Luna replied before lifting her fork with her magic and began eating her pancakes.
  19. As the three of them began to eat their breakfasts, Anon realized that she did have a few questions on her mind,” Oh um, Princess Celestia I had a question. While we were walking around the castle I noticed that all the other ponies, your self and Luna included have weird tattoos on your... Flanks? But I didn’t get one. Is that normal?”
  20. Princess Celestia paused as she turned to the filly, “Oh, you mean our Cutie Marks?”
  21. “Your whatie whats?” Asked Anon, even more confused.
  22. “Our Cutie Marks, they’re representations of our special talents and are apart of us. For Example, mine is a Sun and represent my talent to raise and lower the sun just as Luna’s represents her ability to do the same with the moon.” Celestia explained before sipping her morning tea, Luna nodded in agreement.
  23. Anon was absolutely dumbfounded, they had to be pulling her leg, “Wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re saying you two can move the sun and the moon?” Anon questioned.
  24. “Yes, that is correct young Anon. Perhaps tonight you can watch as I raise the moon.” Luna offered the filly, smirking over the amazed look in Anon face.
  25. “Oh, I’ve got to see that!” Anon said almost squealing with excitement.
  26. Now that Anon had the answer to one of her questions she decided that she should probably start eating this breakfast before it goes cold. As she went to pick up the fork and knife she realized one very important detail, how am I supposed to use my utensils without finger? Anon tried to pick up the fork with her hoof, with no luck, after giving it a few tries she sighs before just sticking her face into the plate and taking a big bite. Other than the sticky syrup now all over her muzzle these are easily the best pancakes she’s ever had. She goes in for another bite before noticing that both princess hiding their smiles behind their hooves. They quickly get a hold of themselves despite the cute display and go back to their own breakfasts.
  27. Not long after everypony finishes their food and Luna excuses herself as she heads off to bed, she promises to get Anon when it’s time to raise the moon. After she leaves Anon and Celestia are alone once again, Celestia drinking her tea and Anon trying to lick the syrup off her face.
  28. “I think somepony might need a bath. Thankfully I’d seen this coming so there’s one waiting for you back in your room.” Celestia told the blushing filly.
  29. “Once you’re done you’ll be able to explore if you like, I’ll have one of the guards’ escort you so you don’t get lost. I’m sure you’ll just love the market as well, I’ll make sure to give you some bits to shop with. Oh, and I’ve sent word to your new guardian who should make it to Canterlot after nightfall.”
  30. Anon didn’t know what to say, it was weird having anyone or pony be this nice to her, it just wasn’t something she was used to. She was starting to get just a little choked up, which was a weird feeling for Anon. After spending her whole previous life keeping her feeling to herself she normally had better control of herself. Was this apart of the transformation?
  31. “Thank you princess, for everything.” Anon told her as Celestia gave the filly a warm smile.
  32. “It was nothing, just make the most of this chance at a new life. All I want is to see all of my ponies happy, that includes you now too.” She explained before rising from her seat. She once again picked up Anon in her magic and placed her gently on the floor.
  33. “But now I really think it’s time for that bath, I’ll walk you back to your room.” She said as she leads the filly back out the dining room and through the halls to her room.
  34. After dropping her off at her room Celestia left Anon to her bath as she went to deal with running the kingdom. Anon stepped into the bathroom and with a little effort finally climbed her way into the half full tub, “Come on, I’m not that small!” She moaned to herself as she went through the motions of getting cleaned.
  35. Still uncomfortable with her new parts she tried to get it done as quick as possible. She wondered if she’d ever really get use to it as she finished cleaning up. She pulled the plug on the water and as she tried to climb out of the tub her wet fur prevented her from getting a proper grip. Anon was stuck. “Hello? A little help?”
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