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  3. * Starters
  4. - They're confirmed to follow you around on the overworld, the only Pokemon explicitly shown to do. Even if you don't choose to bring them along with you for battle, they'll remain by your side for the adventure as support. So, I guess you can box them, but they'll still follow you around.
  5. - If they're not currently out in a battle, they can be seen standing alongside your Trainer.
  6. - In the starting town of Mattersdale your friend's brand new PokeBall is stolen by a shadowy figure, which you follow into the eerie Moredread Woods. You meet a woman who asks you what Pokemon you saw (this is how you choose the Starter), and then she gives you the PokeBall as a gift which you then catch the Starter Pokemon with.
  8. * Grookey:
  9. - Uses that stick of his to open up the shells of fruits and nuts. Also beats it against hard objects to signal other Grookey. Humans have learned to also communicate with it through this method.
  10. - In the middle of a battle, Grookey can use the new Normal-type move Climb to summon a tree, climb up it, and grab a Berry. It's shown using it in a battle scene with trees, so perhaps it works with interactable background objects like in Gen VI?
  12. * Scorbunny:
  13. - Those aren't bandages, but patches where its fur has burnt off. It begins life up north with pure white fur that is slowly burned as it uses its fire abilities.
  14. - Has a new Fire-type attack known as Hot Foot. Seems to be an increased priority move where it kicks the opponent with a flaming foot.
  16. * Sobble:
  17. - It creates bubbles from its eyes that are made of a stinging substance. If the bubble pops and gets in your eyes, you cry from how much it stings.
  18. - Has a new Fairy-type move known as Cry Together. It causes both Pokemon to cry, lowering both of their Attacks.
  20. * Marttens:
  21. - Weasel Pokemon. Normal/Ice.
  22. - Brown, bipedal weasel with a whitish head. It looks as if it's wearing mittens on its paws.
  23. - They love to frolic about the cool Galar Region, their fur providing them with warmth. Their fur is valued by traders---but be careful, as they can extend their retractable claws from their paws to launch a brutal attack.
  24. - Have either Fluffy or Tough Claws as an Ability.
  25. - If you're having trouble catching Pokemon early on, they can help you with False Swipe.
  27. * Scaven:
  28. - Raven Pokemon. Dark/Flying.
  29. - It's basically just a raven. More "natural" looking bird, with its most pronounced feature being its rather large and eerily realistic eyes.
  30. - A common pest among the people of Galarian due to stealing crops, it can spot the tiniest piece of food miles in the air with its powerful eyesight. It has impeccable memory, and memorizes the daily routines of farmers.
  31. - Has Keen Eye as an Ability.
  32. - Wild Double Battles are in Sword and Shield. Scaven has the new Dark-type move, Stink Eye. When used on an opponent, they lose Defense and Special Defense. When another Pokemon uses Stink Eye on the same turn on the same opponent, the opponent loses Attack and Special Attack. A pair of Scaven will use this strategy to severely weaken your Pokemon.
  33. - Hinted that something special may happen if two are raised alongside one another.
  35. * Tardibus
  36. - Micro-Macro Pokemon. Water.
  37. - Basically a blue and white, transparent looking tardigrade shaped like a bus. Very cute, with big eyes.
  38. - Can freely change its size (shown using both Minimize and Growth), from microscopic sizes to the side of the bus. Made of water molecules, it can turn other Pokemon into molecules, absorb them, and safely transport them around.
  39. - Ability is Water Cycle. If it switches out, it forces the opponent's Water-type Pokemon to switch out as well. Can learn Soak in order to turn the opponent into a Water-type Pokemon.
  40. - James Turner designed it. There are also actual buses in the Galar Region you can ride designed after Tardibus...known as a Tardibus Bus.
  42. * Vulcalanche
  43. - Ice Hammer Pokemon. Ice.
  44. - It's a giant dude made of ice. He can summon an enormous ice hammer by freezing air particles.
  45. - Learns Ice Hammer. Duh.
  46. - Ability is Ice Wielder. His Speed lowers after using an Ice-type Physical attack, such as Ice Hammer (the speed decrease will this sharply lower), but will return to normal and increase when using a Special Ice-type attack such as Blizzard.
  47. - Owned by the Ice Gym Master. Receives it own in-game cut scene showing it walking behind the Gym Master as the two enter the arena, dragging its icy hammer behind it which freezes the ground.
  49. * Legendaries
  50. - Both Grass/Steel. Are introduced in a CG segment with them battling one another atop a plateau in the clouds. They're joined by other Pokemon fighting alongside them...
  51. - Sword Legendary is assisted by Bisharp, Machamp, Cincinno, Granbull, and Charizard.
  52. - Shield Legendary is assisted by Steelix, Mr. Mime, Durant, Venusaur, and Dusknoir.
  53. - Hitoshi Ariga designed the Box Legendaries and was responsible for designing the box art. Each Version has the Legendary posing in the middle, with their previously mentioned teammates looking badass behind them. Ariga was apparently given free reign as to which Pokemon to include alongside the Legendaries.
  55. * Calivurn
  56. - Blazing Sword Pokemon. Grass/Steel.
  57. - Looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh monster with dramatic looking red armor, with a wolf's mouth for a helmet. Fairly sleek. It's a weird tree man from what you can see beneath the armor. Has a orange, glowing sword with runes on it.
  58. - A fierce warrior that once took down those that threatened Galar with its sword that could ignite flames, its Ability Crimson Clash allows Physical attacks to cut right through Protect and other shields. Furthermore, if it does so, the opposing Pokemon is burned.
  60. * Goadwyld
  61. - Crystal Shield Pokemon. Grass/Steel.
  62. - Looks basically like Calivurn, but far bulkier. Also blue armor. It's also a tree man. It holds two "shoulder shields" that it can connect into one giant shield and hold it in front of it. Shields have white runes.
  63. - A brave warrior that once protected the citizens of Galar from their enemies, its shield can literally freeze anyone who approaches in their tracks. With its Ability Glacier Guard, it can protect it's side of the field from a single attack. It's unknown if it can stand up to Crimson Clash, however. A Pokemon who dares to attack the Glacier Guard will be frozen.
  67. * Alola Variants
  68. - In Pokemon Sun and Moon, certain Pokemon adapted to Alola through never-before seen forms. You won't be able to find them in the Galar Region, but perhaps some Trainers visiting from Alola may have them.
  69. - There's an NPC who will trade a Raichu for an Alolan Raichu.
  71. * Galar Variants
  72. - Some Pokemon have adapted to the environment of the Galar Region. Apparently in this section, Masuda directly addresses the fact all the Alolan Variants were Generation I Pokemon, and this time around promises that even more Pokemon will be given Regional Variants.
  73. - Unlike what has been speculated, they're known as "Galon", not "Galarian".
  75. * Galon Cacnea
  76. - Grass
  77. - A browned Cacnea, wearing a little straw mino.
  78. - In the colder climates of the Galar Region, it gathers up straw needles to build a jacket to protect it from the cold. As the jacket is highly flammable, and the water within its body has dried up, it'll easily catch fire. It's known to scare off Scraven, so farmers consider worth keeping it around despite the fire hazard.
  79. - Ability Haybreaker. When it's a Grass-type Pokemon, Cacnea takes less damage from Ice-type attacks. If it's hit by a Fire-type attack, it takes the damage, but becomes a Fire-type Pokemon instead of a Grass-type. If its hit by a Water-type attack while a Fire-type Pokemon, it returns to a Grass-type Pokemon. When it's a Fire-type, a small flame can be seen coming from the flower on its head.
  80. - It can learn Fire Punch.
  82. * Galon Kingler
  83. - Water/Fairy
  84. - It's a Kingler that's foaming at the mouth, has bigger eyes, and has white stripes around its claws and horns making them resemble candy canes.
  85. - As a normal Krabby, it lives near a town infamous for its sweets. Due to sweet syrup from the town slowly running off to its beachside home, it's developed a huge sweet tooth upon evolution. Sugar is always bubbling from its mouth as it seeks out more sweets. The sugar has also pacified its more aggressive tendencies, unless sugary sweets are involved.
  86. - Ability Sugar Rush. Upon eating a Berry, it gains a sharp boost in Speed in addition to its normal effects.
  87. - By expelling the sugary foam, it can utilize Sticky Net to slow down the opponent.
  89. * Galon Natu
  90. - Psychic/Rock
  91. - It's Natu, but made of dark stone. There are runes inscribed into its wings.
  92. - Long ago it perched itself atop the various castles of the Galar Region, and remained there motionlessly for eons. Eventually, its body merged with the stone structures. It's said that it was struck by visions of the violence that was soon to overtake the kingdoms, and feared to move.
  93. - It has Sturdy as an Ability. It can't do much because it's so stricken by fear.
  95. * Galon Xatu
  96. - Psychic/Rock
  97. - It's a majestic white Xatu as if it was made of marble, its wings turn a bronze color and spread around its body as well as form a little hood. It looks like a druid.
  98. - They gather around in a circle at night, staring at the moon as if to attempt some sort of summoning ritual. They've learned to tap into the powers of darkness to fuel their powers, and with obscure knowledge seek to accomplish a mysterious goal.
  99. - Ability Dark Arts. Increases the power of Special Dark-type moves. Also grants immunity to Psychic-type attacks.
  100. - New Dark-type move, Accursed Ally. Summoning the spirit of a fainted ally, it deals powerful damage to the opponent. It's powered up initially by Dark Arts, but upon hitting the foe will change into the primary Type of one of your fainted allies.
  104. * Photo Mode
  105. - You eventually obtain a camera that you can use at certain spots to view the scenery and take pictures. You can also switch to a close-up mode to take a shot of your Pokemon against the backdrop.
  106. - You can see various Pokemon moving around in the background. Take a picture of them to catalog them, and add it to your scrapbook. You might be rewarded for taking pictures of certain Pokemon, so get snapping.
  107. - Sometimes you may even catch sight of a Rare Pokemon such as Dunsparce, or one with an unusual color. If you happen to snap a picture of them at the right angle, you might find they're more likely to appear the next time you encounter a Wild Pokemon.
  109. * Team Battles
  110. - Three or Six Trainers form a single team---each individual team member is known as a "Teamster", and they each have a Pokemon they command.
  111. - Two teams go head-to-head, one Teamster per team out at a time with their Pokemon in a 1 vs. 1 match.
  112. - After both Pokemon move, you can "pass" (switch out) to another Teamster and their Pokemon. You can't choose to switch at the beginning of a turn like normal, nor can you switch with Moves or Abilities.
  113. - Whatever team loses all their Pokemon first loses. A bit like Rotation Battles, though you can switch to any teammate rather than having to rotate in a certain direction.
  114. - Pokemon can only hold Berries.
  115. - You recruit Teamsters throughout the adventure. Each Teamster has a Pokemon they come with that they can use, and will grow alongside your progress, or you can give them one of your own Pokemon to use.
  116. - Teamsters have a skill, either one that can be activated, counter another skill, or is passive.
  117. - Main character's skill is Cheer. Has a chance of allowing their Pokemon to move first next once per match.
  118. - There is a counter skill known as Counter Cheer, which can be used once per match to cancel out Cheer, causing the Pokemon that tried to use it go last.
  119. - Teamsters appear to be mainly random Trainers, but dressed in a uniform. Youngster Edwin is a Teamster with a Marttens, and his skill Berry Pass can give his Pokemon's Berry to a teammate he passes to.
  120. - Gym Battles are 3 vs. 3 Team Battles. The Gym Master is aided by two Gym Teamsters, while you are aided by the Teamster's you've recruited.
  121. - You can eventually challenge the Gym Master to a normal battle later on, and may be able to impress them enough that they'll join you as a Teamster.
  122. - There's a special Tardibus Bus that houses your Teamsters that can be found outside of every Gym, where you can quickly swap out your Teamsters and the Pokemon they use.
  124. * Friend Team Battle
  125. - Local Multiplayer "Party" Mode. Uses a single Switch, and two Joycons.
  126. - Can create up to 100 Friend Teamster Profiles, choosing what Trainer Class they'll look like and giving them a name and selecting a Skill. Name them after your friends, and it'll keep track of their performance.
  127. - Up to twelves players can enjoy a Pokemon Team Battle in a 3 vs 3 or 6 vs 6 match. Each match is different, as twelve "Scoutable Pokemon" (rentals) appear and each team takes turn selecting their Pokemon. The leader of each team can decide who gets what Pokemon, or they can let everyone choose on their own. Sometimes when you select a Pokemon, a new Pokemon will take its place giving the next player who picks an unexpected option.
  128. - Battles are carried out like a normal Team Battle. You're encouraged to pass around the Joycon to each player when their respective Teamster and Pokemon are out on the field, letting them decide what to do next. You might find that a newcomer to the Pokemon series may discover a strategy that you hadn't thought of before.
  132. * Player Characters
  133. - Opposite gender appears as your neighbor, dude is Stanford, girl is Elva. They end up with the Starter weak to yours. They're rich, but friendly.
  134. - You can shop for clothes at PokeCenters, buying them online (your character buying them "online" in-universe) which are then instantly delivered to you. Not a lot of outfits shown, but it's mentioned that you can order clothing from both Kalos and Alola so presumably some older outfits will return.
  135. - There's of course the soccer uniform your character wears. The number on it is now "151" as opposed to the date of the Sword and Shield Direct like initially.
  137. * Professor Poplar
  138. - Very handsome looking older man. Got some salt-and-pepper going on.
  139. - Studies the interaction between Pokemon and plants. Is concerned by reports of a strange plant growing on Pokemon called the "baldroot", which can greatly injure some Pokemon, though others seem to grow even more powerful from it.
  140. - He's seen asking the player to help with a Gogoat that is suffering from the baldroot, concerned that even Grass-type Pokemon aren't immune.
  142. * Basil
  143. - He looks like a Japanese-style delinquent crossed with a British school boy. He carries around a large wooden sword.
  144. - A "Gym Wrecker", is aiming to take down every Gym across the Galar Region. He hates Gyms for some reason, and is shown harassing the player as they attempt to enter one.
  145. - Uses the Starter Pokemon strong against yours.
  146. - He's shown on the player's team during a Team Battle, indicating that he may join up with you at a certain point to accomplish his goals---or did you convince him to change his attitude?
  148. * Mystery Woman
  149. - She's a mystery woman that appears in the misty forest near a lake. She'll probably play a big role, but nothing else is shown of her.
  151. * Chris
  152. - The Gym Master of Elyard City, the snowy city. Shown in his normal outfit wearing a cool looking winter jacket embedded with crystals, but also has a soccer uniform he changes into.
  153. - Uses Never-Melt Ice to sculpt sculptures of famous Teamsters and their Pokemon.
  154. - Uses Vulcalanche in the Gym Battle. Also shown to use Aurorus when you face him in a regular battle.
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