Emergency Stairs - 08

Jun 3rd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Jang Hae-Jin (MC) Assistant Manager Married
Na Shin Bi (FMC) [N/A] Single
Yoo Sodam (FMC²) Intern Single
Jihyun Lee (Wife) Teacher Married
[N/A] (Chief) Head of the Department Married

(TN: The app's name is <Emergency Stairs>, but I will name it <Exit>.)


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim
Boy's Elder Brother hyeong
Boy's Elder Sister 누나 nuna
Girl's Elder Brother 오빠 oppa
Girl's Elder Sister 언니 eonni
Younger Brother / Sister 동생 dongsaeng

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Chapter - 08

TITLE DROP - Episode 8. Mysterious Ji Hyun


In a simple room, there is two cans of beer put on a coffee table.

Someone: A'ang ~
Good ~

Shin Bi lies on her back while the chief is on his knee fucking her from above.

FMC: Yes! Ahn..
Ughwung.. Ah Wooh ~ !

Chief: Why are you so loud today?

He looks at her, she answers him with a smile.

FMC: Because it's good.

Chief: Is that so..
Let's do a soundproof test here, what you think?

He bangs her harder..

FMC: Ha'ang!!

FMC: {It's so boring to do it with this uncle today..}
{My dear Daeri-nim, should I have given him my body..?}

MC's Apartment - Bathroom

MC is fucking his wife from behind.

Wife: Aah..

MC: Ugh..

He doesn't seem to be into it, they stop and Ji Hyun Asks him if he's okay.

Wife: Honey. You know what?
It's our first time since 6 months, are you tired?

MC: I.. I think I can keep going a bit more..

Wife: Okay..

He is imagining Shin Bi again and can't focus at all on his wife.

FMC: Daeri-nim..

She turns her head and looks at him.

FMC: Fuck me harder.

MC: {I'm going crazy..}
{Thinking about Shinbi-ssi when I'm fucking my wife, I can't believe it..}

Wife is surprised because MC didn't move anymore, she turns her head and looks at him.

Wife: What are you doing, honey?

Her voice is like a wake up call.

Wife: What are you thinking about?

MC: Uh..? No, nothing..

He resumes what they were doing and he tries to readjust his stance.

MC: Whoops!

MC: {Oh my gosh.. I'm going to turn limp again..!}

His wife doesn't seem to be in the mood anymore.

Wife: It's going out.. Baby you're getting smaller again..

MC: {I've already done this a few times before, Ji Hyun was always very disappointed!}

MC wakes up and grabs one of her boobs and plays with it.

MC: Honey.. I can keep going..

Wife: Baby?

He starts again and begins to thrust her harder, surprised she turns her head toward him.

Wife: What.. Aren't you already became limp?

MC: {There is way to do it again.. At this moment if what I'm touching was Shinbi-ssi boobs..}

He's still fantasizing about Shin Bi.. He thinks of her chest and her gorgeous figure drenched with saliva and semen.

MC: {What would I do if I'm having sex with Shinbi-ssi right now..}

He begins to pound his wife harder, she's surprised again and begins to moan.

MC: {If I were with ShinBi-ssi I would have done it like this..!}

He grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back, as if he dominated her, she screams of pleasure.

MC: {It's becoming bigger.. I should have done this earlier if I knew it would work so well..!}

Wife: Haaa!

MC: {Na Shin Bi..!}

He keeps fucking her from behind until both climax.

MC's Apartment - Bedroom

Ji Hyun is in the bed sleeping soundly, MC is looking at his wife feeling guilty of betraying her.

MC: {Ji Hyun, I'm sorry..}

He goes to the bed too.

MC: {It's because I didn't want to disappoint you, but this can't be an excuse..}
{What a brave man am I, thinking about another woman when I'm with my wife because I want to preserve my married life..}

{I'm trash!}


MC is going to work an remembers what text he sent to his wife before leaving home.

Jang Hae-Jin to Jihyun Lee
I've some unfinished business at work, so I'll go first.
When you wake up, you can eat the breakfast I bought before you're going out.

MC: {I left home almost one hour earlier today, with my guilty feeling I don't know how face Ji Hyun.}
{Even listening to Ji-hyun's peaceful breathing when she sleeps is unbearably painful.}

{Rather than going to work, I was looking for a way to get away from home.}

He stops walking in front of the Cafe "Exit".

MC: {But I can't believe I'm coming here again..}

He looks at the signboard.

MC: {What on earth am I still expecting, coming here again..?}

Café "Exit"

He enters and looks at the place where he was waiting yesterday.

MC: {I've already done it so why not understanding who this person was..}
(TN: The person talking to him on the app)

He looks around and notices Yoo Sodam.

MC: ...!

She's ordering something and doesn't notice MC right away.

FMC²: An americano please.

She turn her head and finally notices him. She greets him with her usual smile.

FMC²: Daeri-nim ~ !

Her cheerfulness surprises him as always.

FMC²: Wow ~ Meeting you here this morning too, is it our destiny?

MC: Well, you're right. It's a bit strange..

MC: {I met Yoo Sodam-ssi a lot recently..}
{It's the first time that I met her in this place, but what she said early is a bit weird..}

She puts her hands behind her back and smiles at him

FMC²: Isn't it amazing?

She moves her face closer to him

FMC²: Are you not surprised?

MC: Pardon?

FMC²: Daeri-nim was the one asking me to meet him here, the person who created a topic about you..
It was me.

To be continued...

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