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AEB Present 1.5 Log 55

DNA-zama Sep 26th, 2015 82 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Trulhammaren has connected.
  5. Chloe has connected.
  6. Avara has connected.
  7. DNA:    Okay, I've updated my tokens to match the latest level-up...
  8. Kaorin Sakura:  What of everyone else?
  9. Avara:  doing now
  10. Chloe:  Messing with Holiday.
  11. Chloe:  I'll update stuff once I have to drop them.
  12. Chloe:  A drawback of having three different Chloe tokens.
  13. DNA:    Oh, the pog-token actually has stats on it
  14.         Raijin:         Raijin loses 0 hit points.
  15. Trulhammaren:   just have to finish up these last two moves and I'll be ready
  16.         Jennifer Attaway:       Jennifer Attaway loses 0 hit points.
  17. Kaorin Sakura:  I got distracted by daughter.
  18. Avara:  updates done.
  19. Trulhammaren:   moves updated all teh way through ghost
  20. Trulhammaren:   doing a quick statter update on all my tokens, but feel free to start
  21. Kaorin Sakura:  I think Rob is still doing stuff too?
  22. Chloe:  No, pretty much done.
  23. DNA:    Last time on Dragon Ball Z, we climbed up a GIANT AND PRECARIOUS TREE. Now we are going through one room at a time to find the sirens. We went through a room full of rodents and terrible smells, then one I don't remember, then one where touching things would give you terrible diseases. And now we're at a staircase to move to the next floor. ONWARD
  24. Avara:  the room you don't remember was covered in oil.
  25. DNA:    Ah, right, that was the second one. Thank you.
  26.         Natasha:        "Naaaaaa... Arapiki?"
  27. You whisper to Chloe: "Sooooooooo... Staircase?"
  28. Kaorin Sakura:  Searching for art.
  29. Kaorin Sakura:  FOUND IT FINALLY
  30. DNA:    yeat
  31. Chronicler: (( GIMP is loading. ))
  32. Chronicler: (( That was tough. ))
  33. Trulhammaren:   to ze battlefield?
  34. * DNA is on Cast right now, but...is something going on in Battlefield?
  35. Trulhammaren:   ((me was assuming art ws a battlefield call, but might be wrong
  36.         Chronicler:     Nope!
  37.         Chronicler:     Now, let me load up what happened last.
  38.         Chronicler:     Okay
  39.         Chronicler:     Now that the stupid firefox decided to load!
  40. DNA:    story of my life.
  41.         Chronicler:     You open the door that leads to a staircase ascending upward in a spiral....
  42.         Chronicler:     That was the last line.
  43.         Chronicler:     AWESOME.
  44.         Chronicler:     I wasted all that time for that line. D:
  45. DNA:    top rofl
  46. Avara:  *hugs kaorin*
  47.         Chronicler:     I'll begin with descriptions - assuming you all ascend.
  48. * Valerie Ylsef continues to lead the pack
  49. Avara:  ascension confirmed
  50.         Chronicler:     You all ascend?
  51. Do you Ascend The Staircase?
  52. Yes?
  53. No?
  54. Chloe:  Yes
  55. Chloe:  We go up a level
  56. Chloe:  I took an athletics edge
  57. Avara:  shit now we have to pick a feat.
  58. Avara:  (joking. "go up a level")
  60. Chronicler: (( Oh. PHEW ))
  61. * Saturn Rosewell follows close behind Valerie.
  62.         Chronicler:     Four nests made of broken chairs and fouled clothes sit in this seven meter long room, one to either side of each of the two doors, located at either end of the room. Within each nest sits a ragged, comely-looking creature with long claws and huge wings. Each of the creatures turn to you as you barely enter the room from the staircase.
  63. Avara:  brb while description drops. can roll for countersong before i go if need be.
  64. DNA:    So there are 4 nests in total, all occupied?
  65. Chronicler: (( Will quickly paint the area while you guys talk amongst youselves. ))
  66. Avara:  back
  67. Avara:  yeah, looks like 4 nests and 4 birds.
  68. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Sensing intent. Saturn 6d6+2 , Natasha 5d6+6 .
  69. Chronicler:     Should I delete your tokens in the area just north of that?
  70. Eclipse:        Or move them over.
  71. Avara:  probably a good idea yes
  72. Chloe:  Delete
  73. Avara:  baleet.
  74. Chloe:  Tell us where to place
  75. Valerie Ylsef :         (just delete all my tokens)
  76. Valerie Ylsef :         ((now that I actaully updated all my toekns
  77. Chronicler:     Around there is good Chloe
  78. Valerie Ylsef :         ((what's the ceiling height?))
  79. Valerie Ylsef :         ((as Ulang and Ura are on the ceiling))
  80. Chronicler: (( What's two-stories in meters? ))
  81. Chronicler: (( 5-meters? ))
  82.         Ülang:         ((8 feet a story typically in my experience))
  83. Avara:  afterage height of 1 story is 12 feet, according to google
  84.         Ülang:         ((I'd go with google))
  85. DNA:    which puts that in meters as... 3.658536585365853658536585365853659
  86. DNA:    Meaning two stories would be roughly 8 metres.
  87. DNA:    Maybe 7 and a half.
  88. Chloe:  and subtract floor and ceiling
  89. Chloe:  that's the height from outside
  90.         Ura:    Ura goes up 6 meter(s).
  91.         Ülang:         Ülang goes up 6 meter(s).
  92. Young Siren: (( Oh, they were still invisible. ))
  93. Avara:  well. that's two very ill-boding things on one screen, that is.
  94. Avara:  the numbers on them, and the fact that they're marked as Young--meaning the adults are probably going to interrupt the fight with much anger.
  95. Chloe:  or there are no adults and this is why they're so... sloppy in their hunting
  96. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I sent an Intuition check a bit back; did it not go through?
  97. Young Siren whispers: You did.
  98. Young Siren whispers: You sense that they are carnivores, that they view you as trespassers and food both, that they are incredibly hostile.
  99.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn whispered very slowly and quietly, to the other party members at her side. "...They're going to eat us...without a second thought...!"
  100.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Eh...? Can't we say something? Talk to them?"
  101.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((Temp hp damage will carry over if broken yes? ie Have 10 Temp, get hit with 20 damage, take 10 and temo is gone?))
  102. DNA:    yes
  103.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((k))
  104. Chronicler: (( remaining damage hits your regular HP ))
  105. Chronicler: (( Oh, you said that. ))
  106.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine considers what she knows of harpies. What Edu? Pokemon?
  107.         Chronicler:     As all of the creatures turn to you without even attempting to be intuitive you all can see the murderous intent in their eyes.
  108. Chronicler: (( PKMN Edu works. ))
  109.         Alsine Kolstad:         Pokemon edu
  110.         Natasha:        Natasha tries her best to not look scared, but rather, calm and composed. Command 6d6+6 .
  111.         Alsine Kolstad:         "No creature has a body that naturally comely or a song that bewitching unless they use it to hunt. And unlike my kind, what they want from your bodies isn't something you replace. It's noble of you to try diplomacy, but this isn't a species that deserves mercy. They aren't sirens, they're harpies. There is a difference. These ones are young but the strongest of their kind can use the notes of their songs to instantly fell anyone who hears it."
  112.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Good enough for me!"
  113. * Valerie Ylsef throws the door at the closest harpy.
  114. * Jennifer Attaway is ready to counter the noise. She nods, reaching for her Pokeballs.
  115. Chronicler: (( Which and that activates combat ))
  116.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh no..." Saturn curled up into a metaphorical ball, but Natasha was there to snap her out of it!
  117.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe sends out her newest pokemon, Holiday!
  118.         Valerie Ylsef:  9 V def
  119.         Valerie Ylsef:  22 Normal Physical Bludgeon, and door Slam Combat
  120. Avara:  the closest one is #6
  121.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((yes that one, I thought it but forgot to type it))
  122.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 watches as the door flies toward her and instinctively avoids the attack entirely.
  123. * Valerie Ylsef flexes and gains a hp barrier.
  124.         Saturn Rosewell:        Initiative = 15
  125.         Natasha:        Initiative = 15
  126.         Chloe Blanchett:        Initiative =
  127.         Alsine Kolstad:         Initiative = 7
  128.         Jennifer Attaway:       Initiative = 31
  129.         Valerie Ylsef:  Initiative = 1
  130.         Ülang:         Initiative = 8
  131.         Ura:    Initiative = 5
  132.         Holiday:        Initiative = 5
  133.         Ruby:   Initiative = 5
  134.         Young Siren:    Initiative = 31
  135.         Young Siren 4:  Initiative = 31
  136.         Young Siren 5:  Initiative = 31
  137.         Young Siren 6:  Initiative = 31
  138. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  139.         Young Siren 6:  New Encounter Starts: Initiative Sorted, Top of the Order, Round 1
  140. Young Siren 6: (( HAHAHA Jennifer barely goes first. ))
  141. DNA:    Curse you Chloe, your speed isn't on your token
  142. Young Siren 6: (( What DNA said ))
  143.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((adjusted Ulangs init))
  144. DNA:    I shouldn't be concerned about this encounter, yet I am. Hey wait, you forgot Inbee!
  145. * Jennifer Attaway initiates the Countersong. Because fuck your noise.
  146.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((also that))
  147. Avara:  end turn.
  148. Avara:  ... wait
  149. Avara:  yeah, end turn for now.
  150.         The Star Dazzler:       Initiative = 10
  151. Avara:  young siren 5 is outside countersong's range. can't get it in range presently without exposing jen
  152. Young Siren 6: (( What is Chloe's speed? ))
  153. * Avara imagines that Countersong sounds a lot like the Trololo song.
  154.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((fixed again. I got it wrong the first time))
  155.         Young Siren:    Young Siren huddled closely in her nest, watching you all intently.
  156.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Speed modified by 2 stages.
  157.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Fix again please))
  158.         Young Siren:    Initiative = 46
  159.         Young Siren:    Young Siren watched with musement.
  160. Young Siren: (( Amusement. ))
  161. Avara:  shiiiiit. fast siren.
  162.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 munched on something quietly and flew up onto the ceiling, perching.
  163.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 has had it's Speed modified by 2 stages.
  164.         Young Siren 4:  Initiative = 46
  165.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 goes up 6 meter(s).
  166.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 plotted silently in its nest.
  167.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 has had it's Sp.Attack modified by 2 stages.
  168.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 was still recoiling from her avoidance - but wasn't entirely ill prepared.
  169.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 has had it's Speed modified by 1 stages.
  170.         Young Siren 6:  Initiative = 38
  171. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  172.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn blinked very slowly... and a strange black Haze washed over the battlefield.
  173.         Saturn Rosewell:        All combat stages are returned to the default.
  174.         Saturn Rosewell:        End of my turn.
  175.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Speed modified by -2 stages.
  176.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 has had it's Speed modified by -2 stages.
  177.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -2 stages.
  178.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 was unaffected.
  179.         Young Siren:    Initiative = 31
  180.         Young Siren 4:  Initiative = 31
  181. Avara:  nice~
  182.         Young Siren:    "...Very unusual, this one is."
  183.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 merely stared intently at Saturn.
  184.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn said nothing, and did nothing else.
  185. Natasha has received initiative.
  186. * Natasha threw a small smoke pill at the ground below her...
  187.         Natasha C:      And then suddenly, there were 3 of her!
  188. DNA:    Pass.
  189. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  190.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe casts Spell Shield on herself! Gaining 5 General DR.
  191. Young Siren: (( Anythin' else? ))
  192.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Nothing, sorry!))
  193. Avara:  brb need to restroom. X(
  194.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler glances to Saturn, "Well...I'm glad I know you do that now. I won't flex my muscles."
  195.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler snaps her fingers and...
  196.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler loses 25 hit points.
  197.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler steps to the front and raises her fists, slipping into some sort of offensive stance, "Bring it, hags."
  198. Alsine Kolstad has received initiative.
  199.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...oh...okay..."
  200.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine folds her arms and stares, feeling a strange sense of rivalry toward her fellow female monsters. (not acting)
  201. Ülang has received initiative.
  202. Avara:  back
  203. The Star Dazzler: (( WOOBIE ))
  204. The Star Dazzler: (( Is Ulang doing a thing? ))
  205. * Ülang Focuses her energy.
  206. * Ülang scitters along the ceiling
  207. * Ülang is done
  208. Ura has received initiative.
  209. * Ura slides along the ceiling a bit
  210. Holiday has received initiative.
  211.         Holiday:        Holiday doesn't know who to approach yet. Instead she Kindles her fire. +special attack +special defense.
  212. Ruby has received initiative.
  213. * Ruby drifts to the side before launching a wave of psychic energy at Young Siren 6. 12 vs Special.
  214. Avara:  determining damage: 3
  215. Avara:  42.0
  216. Avara:  young siren loses 42 hp. do not apply stats, weaknesses, resistances, etc. if dark type, immune.
  217.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 loses 42 hit points.
  218.         Young Siren 6:  The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
  219.         Young Siren 6:  The injury lowered the Attack stat!
  220. DNA:    That looks fairly promising.
  221. Avara:  end turn.
  222.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 has had it's Attack modified by -1 stages.
  223.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
  224. Avara:  psywave is delicious.
  225.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 looks itself over and grins widely.
  226.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 ruffles itself a bit, allow the blood from its wounds to ooze onto its feathers.
  227. Valerie Ylsef has received initiative.
  228. * Valerie Ylsef moves forward and spews a toxic cloud out from behind the door encompasing Harpy 5's nest.
  229.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((The user creates a cloud of violet mist that obscures all vision (though not tremorsense or the like). Creatures beginning their turn or ending their turn in this mist become Poisoned. Creatures suffering Poison damage in this mist also lose 1/16th of their Max Hit Points.))
  230. Avara:  may be a bit touch-and-go in terms of presence. so jen's maintaining her countersong. if a roll's necessary, 5d6+10.
  231. Young Siren 6: (( Did I give the clouds size? ))
  232.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((2x2))
  233.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((2x2x2))
  234.         Young Siren 6:  Initiative Sorted... Round Incremented... Top of the Order!
  235.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((I guess I should have mentioned that the door doormeranged back to me, just for the record))
  236. Young Siren 6: (( Yah ))
  237. Avara:  back again. #coffeewasamistake
  238.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 thrusts a burst of wind at Valerie! 8 vs. SDEF Eva!
  239.         Valerie Ylsef:  I think that hits, let me double check all my numbers
  240.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((yah that hits))
  241.         Young Siren 6:  The wind cuts at Valerie dealing 65 Slashing Flying Special Damage!
  242.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((keep forgetting door is not a shield))
  243.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 flies upward.
  244. Avara:  D= so much damages... wait, val is epic defense.
  245.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 goes up 4 meter(s).
  246. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  247. * Valerie Ylsef loses 18 temp HP
  248. * Jennifer Attaway moves forward, still singing. (countersong range 12m)
  249. DNA:    can val take a hit
  250.         Valerie Ylsef:  18
  251.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((had to make sure))
  252. Avara:  not sure if it's counted spherically or cubically
  253. Young Siren 6: (( CUBE ))
  254. Avara:  entire room is countersong then
  255. DNA:    Then again,
  256. DNA:    if I plan to use HAze again, should probably wait.
  257.         Holiday:        >: (
  258. DNA:    I said 'if'
  259.         Holiday:        : )
  260. Avara:  holiday can hear us through the 4th wall
  261. Avara:  it's like jupiter, but cute
  262. Young Siren 6: (( Is Jen done? ))
  263. Avara:  yes, sorry
  264. Chloe:  what are you talking about, jupiter is adorable
  265. DNA:    Everyone can hear me through it, tho-
  266. Avara:  maintaining countersong is a standard
  267. * Valerie Ylsef can take a hit.
  268.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((sorry its so late, forgot to actually press enter))
  269.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 3, Maximum Ability Points: 8
  270. DNA:    I am tempted to drop a Jupiter sprite into the box just so he can talk at moments like those
  271.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef has had it's Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  272. Chloe:  ((do it))
  273. Avara:  duet.
  274.         Young Siren:    Young Siren flies east and glares at Valerie - a sudden barely noticeable beam of light strikes Valerie in the head. She becomes confused.
  275.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 follows up on Young Siren's approach and glares at Valerie as well!
  276. 16 vs. SPE Eva!
  277.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 watches as Valerie's limbs lock-up from paralysis.
  278.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef has had it's Speed modified by -4 stages.
  279.         Chronicler:     That is a loss of 4 speed stages. And as a result of how speed stages work, -2 to your movement speeds. In case folks forgot they alter that.
  280.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 becomes poisoned.
  281.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((sheet does it for me))
  282.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 has had it's Sp.Defense modified by -2 stages.
  283.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef has had it's Speed modified by 2 stages.
  284.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 quickly flies out of the mist to the west and into the air slightly.
  285.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 goes up 3 meter(s).
  286.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((silly token, thinking I was wearing my last set of armor))
  287.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 shines briefly with a reflection of Young Siren 4.
  288. Young Siren 5 glares at Ulang. 10 vs. SPE Eva!
  289.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 watches as Ulang also becomes paralyzed.
  290. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  291.         Ülang:         Ülang has had it's Speed modified by -4 stages.
  292.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn breathes slowly, exhaling 4 uses of Mist, for anyone who needs them. (That'll be all from me.)
  293. Natasha C has received initiative.
  294.         Natasha B:      Natasha B hurls a huge fireball towards Young Siren #6! With a cry of "Lotus Flare!" the air thereabout is engulfed in flames! 6 vs Special Evasion
  295.         Natasha B:      61 Special Fire Piercing damage to YS6.
  296.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 loses 36 hit points.
  297.         Young Siren 6:  The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
  298.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
  299. Avara:  K.O.!
  300. Avara:  maybe
  301.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 winces from the strike and pauses momentarrily, debating on its worth before deciding - nah. I'll fall unconscious.
  302.         Natasha B:      "Yatta~!"
  303.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 falls into the cushion of its nest.
  304.         Young Siren 6:  Young Siren 6 goes down 4 meter(s).
  305. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  306. Avara:  a nest made of broken wood and dirty clothes. much cushion.
  307. Young Siren 6: (( Yup! ))
  308. Young Siren 6: (( Better than just wood. ))
  309. Eclipse:        Falling damage? Or does it not take any?
  310. Avara:  falling within 4m is safe
  311. Young Siren 6: (( Nope. Its fine where it is. ))
  312.         Ülang:         ((it wasn't flying))
  313. Avara:  it was
  314. Young Siren 6: (( It was ))
  315.         Ülang:         ((nvm mind missed that))
  316. Eclipse:        Ah, so it's above 4m when the damage happens. That's right.
  317. Avara:  jil's going to help me get those falling rules memorized.
  318.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe runs into the battle and targets Young Siren 4 with Mind Blast! -1 vs Speed Evasion!
  319. Young Siren 6: (( fall dmg happens whenever. The nest just reduced the dmg to the point where it suffers none. ))
  320.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe is not good at magic!
  321. Young Siren 6: (( Injuries from fall dmg happens after 4m ))
  322. Trulhammaren:   I'd say my Dragoon would to if I ever use him, but I'd be lying, cause he is immune to way more than he is capable of jumping))
  323. Eclipse:        So the nest was indeed cushioning. Okay.
  324. Avara:  okay. good to know.
  325.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler runs forward and strikes at Young Siren with her fists! Both of them! At the same time! 8 and 0 vs. DEF Eva!
  326.         Young Siren:    Young Siren blinks - debating avoidance but decides - nah. It can hit me.
  327.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler's right fist connects but her left misses, dealing 37 Physical Bludgeon Steel Damage +5 meters Push into the wall. Total dmg is...
  328.         The Star Dazzler:       64
  329.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 42 hit points.
  330.         Young Siren:    The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  331.         Young Siren:    The injury lowered the Attack stat!
  332.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Speed modified by -1 stages.
  333.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
  334. Trulhammaren:   ((me can't for Val to get more Juggernaut features))
  335.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 loses 9 hit points.
  336. Young Siren 5: (( Forgot about poison ))
  337. Avara:  you couldn't wait so much you couldn't even write the word wait.
  338. Trulhammaren:   ((exactly))
  339. Eclipse:        ...hahaha...
  340.         Young Siren:    Young Siren cringes from being thrown into the wall - as it obviously hurt more than the punch to her face, "O-Ow....not so rough!"
  341. Alsine Kolstad has received initiative.
  342. Young Siren: (( you can haz movement ))
  343. Ülang has received initiative.
  344. Trulhammaren:   ((heh, misprint on the fakemon gdoc for harpy, cell B32))
  345.         Ülang:         15 Parapara
  346. Young Siren: (( Yup ))
  347. Young Siren: (( Fixed ))
  348. Avara:  boom para para, boom para para
  349. Eclipse:        "Then you yelled 'boom boom bah' and hit me in the head!"
  350.         Ülang:         ((duh, -1 per 2 cs? for spd, I just blanked))
  351. Eclipse:        That is correct
  352.         Ülang:         ((and realized that the pokesheet doesn't do it automatically))
  353. Eclipse:        Movement changes by 1 per every 2 Speed CS.
  354. * Ülang moves into position and Slashes at YS4. 20 v def
  355. Eclipse:        Critical!
  356.         Ülang:         ((come on, I get crits on 13+ and you waste the 20 on this!!!!))
  357.         Natasha A:      I agree! Now I won't get that 20!
  358.         Ülang:         52 Normal Slashing Phsyical
  359. DNA:    (A note before the next round starts, YS0's Init needs adjusting)
  360.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 30 hit points.
  361.         Young Siren:    Initiative = 27
  362. Ura has received initiative.
  363. Holiday has received initiative.
  364.         Holiday:        Can you create close blasts while standing on the corner of the blast? or is it always centered on you?
  365. DNA:    You are always at the edge of a Close Blast
  366. DNA:    so yes, you may stand on the corner of one.
  367. DNA:    Standing 2m north of Chloe and going straight NE will generate a Close Blast 3 that will be enough.
  368.         Holiday:        they're too high, so it doesn't work anyway
  369. DNA:    ELEVATION COMBAT! *shakes fist*
  370. Avara:  jump and blast mouse?
  371.         Holiday:        Holiday uses Crimson Daze on Young Siren 5! 1 vs Special Evasion!
  372.         Natasha A:      Becomes a 3
  373.         Natasha A:      ...it misses anyway, though...
  374. Young Siren: (( o.o ))
  375. Ruby has received initiative.
  376. * Ruby levitates over to one side of YS5 and launches a Hex at its back. 19 vs special.
  377. Avara:  almost crit.
  378. Young Siren 5: (( o.o ))
  379. * Eclipse secretly switches the 19 with Ulang's 20
  380. Avara:  47 ghost piercing special.
  381.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 loses 22 hit points.
  382.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 hisses from the pain.
  383. Valerie Ylsef has received initiative.
  384.         Valerie Ylsef:  6 Con, 20 Parapara
  385. Young Siren 5: (( Paralyze occurs before confusion for the record. ))
  386.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef loses 1 hit points.
  387.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((no point in actaully rolling the damage))
  388. Eclipse:        (Which is weird, because in the video game, it's the opposite. But it makes more sense for it to be first.)
  389. * Valerie Ylsef was confused and bonked herself
  390. * Jennifer Attaway will continue maintaining, on her turn.
  391.         Young Siren 5:  Initiative Sorted... Round Incremented... Top of the Order!
  392. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  393. * Jennifer Attaway sings the song of REJECTED actions.
  394.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 is healed and gains 6 hit points.
  395.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 provokes an AoO from Ulang, The Star Dazzler and Holiday as she lowers elevation to ground level and....
  396.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 goes down 6 meter(s).
  397.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler swipes at her! 12 vs. DEF Eva!
  398.         Holiday:        Holiday nibbles! 15 Special!
  399.         Ülang:         8 v def
  400.         Holiday:        31 Special Fire Damage
  401.         Holiday:        piercing
  402.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler nicks Young Siren 4 with her fist for 49 Physical Bludgeon Fighting Damage!
  403.         Ülang:         25 Norm Slash Physical
  404.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 6 hit points.
  405.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 27 hit points.
  406. Young Siren 4: (( Roll for paralysis Ulang ))
  407.         Ülang:         13
  408.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 3 hit points.
  409.         Young Siren 4:  The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  410.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 has had it's Speed modified by -1 stages.
  411.         Young Siren 4:  Initiative = 27
  412.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 sings an incredibly gut wrenching song!
  413.         Jennifer Attaway:       Countersong.
  414.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 watches as her voice is muffled out by Jennifer's song!
  415.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 mouths something in response but its inaudible.
  416.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 loses 9 hit points.
  417.         Young Siren 5:  The injury lowered the Special Defense stat!
  418.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 has had it's Sp.Defense modified by -1 stages.
  419. Avara:  look at all the lovely Brine targets.
  420. Trulhammaren:   IKR
  421.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 goes down 3 meter(s).
  422.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 suddenly blows a huge wind in Ruby's direction! She's blow 8-herweightclass in meters east. And the smoke is blown out. Ruby also loses 1/10th of her HP.
  423.         Ruby:   ((2 meters remaining))
  424. Young Siren 5: (( How much---got it ))
  425.         Ruby:   Ruby loses 9 hit points.
  426.         Chronicler:     Ruby suffers 12 collision damage. Apply defense.
  427.         Ruby:   Ruby loses 1 hit points.
  428. * Ruby is resoundingly unimpressed.
  429. Avara:  that all for this siren?
  430.         Young Siren:    Young Siren shuffles to the west and roosts.
  431.         Young Siren:    Young Siren is healed and gains 27 hit points.
  432. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  433.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn moves over to try and shoot the poisoned siren on the ground! Spending 1 AP for accuracy. 13 vs Special
  434.         Saturn Rosewell:        28 Special Ice Piercing
  435.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 loses 26 hit points.
  436.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 remains conscious still!
  437. Natasha C has received initiative.
  438.         Natasha A:      Natasha A mobilizes! It's no fun when everyone doesn't join in! ...That sounded less mean in my head. Anyway, 8 vs YS5 Special Evasion!
  439.         Natasha A:      41 Special Psychic Piercing
  440.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 loses 26 hit points.
  441. Avara:  Winter Lotus used Beat Up!
  442.         Young Siren 5:  The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  443.         Natasha A:      "Yat-ta~!"
  444.         Young Siren 5:  The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  445.         Young Siren 5:  Young Siren 5 was (I asssume) crushed under psychic force.
  446.         Natasha A:      Yeah, that was Confusion
  447. Chloe Blanchett has received initiative.
  448.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe draws an arrow and fires at Young Siren 4! 10 Special Evasion!
  449.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 is struck!
  450. Avara:  i read young as oyung. was wondering why there was an oyung siren.
  451.         Chloe Blanchett:        20 Special Psychic Piercing!
  452.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 watched as the arrow fly into her
  453.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 1 hit points.
  454.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe has drawn blood!
  455.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe's soul is forever stained
  456. DNA:    Trul is gasping over that fact in the Skype chat right now.
  457.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((My wifi died, this comp is plugged in to the wall because I don't trust dorm wifi to game on))
  459.    Error in body of roll.
  460.       Statement options (if any): 8
  461.       Statement Body : 49:22 PM
  462. Avara:  SHORYUKEN!
  463. DNA:    (8:49:22 PM) Trulhammaren: O_O
  464. (8:49:27 PM) Trulhammaren: Chloe attacked something!!!!
  465.         Chloe Blanchett:        "D-did it work?"
  466.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler shuffles south and reaches out to Young Siren 4... -1 vs. DEF Eva.
  467.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler FAILS. Whatever it was...
  468. DNA:    Yeah, I like my comp being plugged straight into the modem too. My wireless isn't bad, but direct feed is more reliable.
  469.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Chloe has attacked before, but I don't think she's ever *hit*))
  470. DNA:    or damaged, rather
  471. Trulhammaren:   ((I thought you did vs Alsine))
  472. Alsine Kolstad has received initiative.
  473. Ülang has received initiative.
  474.         Ülang:         16 Parapara
  475.         Ülang:         Ülang goes down 6 meter(s).
  476. * Ülang slides down the wall and slashes out at YS0. 14 v def
  477.         Ülang:         (crit)
  478.         Natasha A:      And due to Roost, the Flying-type is removed! Hehehe~
  479.         Ülang:         63 Grass Slash Physical
  480.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 41 hit points.
  481.         Young Siren:    The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
  482.         Young Siren:    The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
  483.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
  484.         Young Siren:    Young Siren has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
  485.         Young Siren:    Young Siren cries out as she struck, "Why are you hurting me?!" Young Siren whimpers.
  486. Ura has received initiative.
  487. Holiday has received initiative.
  488.         Holiday:        Holiday is sad she didn't get the chance to show off. Instead she settles for one of her weaker moves. A line of fire shoots forth, stopping barely before it reached Saturn. 4 Special evasion! Spending 1 AP
  489.         Holiday:        6
  490.         Natasha A:      *a-hem*
  491.         Holiday:        Yeeep
  492.         Holiday:        50 Special fire. Destroys held berries.
  493.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 loses 25 hit points.
  494.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Because you're the ones luring people out here to attack!" Chloe shouted back. It might be wrong, but at least the harpy would defend herself with an answer if it was.
  495.         Young Siren 4:  Young Siren 4 was burnt from the attack! Once the fire clears Young Siren 4 is unconscious on the ground.
  496.         Young Siren 4:  The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
  497. Ruby has received initiative.
  498. * Ruby moves to flank Young Siren 4, and promptly initiates a psychic pimpslap. 12 vs special.
  499. DNA:    flank would be 1sq west of where you are
  500.         Ruby:   (i have enough movement for that.)
  501. DNA:    Neat.
  502.         Young Siren:    Young Siren strikes at Ruby! 11 vs. SDEF Eva!
  503.         Young Siren:    AoO
  504. Avara:  was adjusting landing point, but.. eh. *shrug* sure.
  505.         Ülang:         ((still would have moved through))
  506. Avara:  false
  507. DNA:    NW up from Natasha, not quite.
  508. Avara:  she moved straight up from outside the range
  509. DNA:    Like this:
  510.         Ülang:         ((I must have missed you moving her that way, last I saw Ruby was over here))
  511.         Young Siren:    35 Piercing Fairy Special Damage!
  512.         Ruby:   Ruby loses 7 hit points.
  513.         Young Siren:    Young Siren is healed and gains 3 hit points.
  514.         Ruby:   33 Psychic Special Piercing.
  515. Young Siren: (( Continue ))
  516.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 8 hit points.
  517. Avara:  end
  518.         Young Siren:    Young Siren recovers slightly from her impromptive strike and winces from the damage.
  519. Valerie Ylsef has received initiative.
  520.         Valerie Ylsef:  12 Paraarar 16 Con
  521. DNA:    Valerie is no longer confused.
  522. * Valerie Ylsef shootches up and hurles a door at the Harpy! 6 v def
  523.         Young Siren:    Young Siren is struck by door!
  524.         Valerie Ylsef:  17 Norm Blug Physical and Door Squish Combat
  525.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 1 hit points.
  526.         Young Siren:    Young Siren pushes the door aside with sniffles.
  527. Young Siren: (( Anything else. ))
  528.         Valerie Ylsef:  (nope)
  529. Avara:  gonna kill you, siren. real slow.
  530. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  531.         Young Siren:    Initiative Sorted... Round Incremented... Top of the Order!
  532. * Jennifer Attaway maintains.
  533.         Alsine Kolstad:         The sniffling looked like it was affecting Chloe more than Alsine. Who instead rolled her eyes.
  534.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((door will not doormerang back this time))
  535. Avara:  pass.
  536.         Young Siren:    Young Siren provokes AoO from both Ruby and Ulang.
  537.         Ülang:         10
  538.         Ruby:   3
  539. * Ruby misses.
  540.         Ülang:         21 Norm physical Slash
  541.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 1 hit points.
  542.         Young Siren:    Young Siren exhales a whirl of flames that engulfs Ruby Natasha A and Ulang! 8 vs. SDEF Eva!
  543. * Ruby is hit.
  544.         Young Siren:    Young Siren's flames burn for 46 Fire Piercing Special Damage!
  545. * Natasha A catches the flames in her mouth. Yummy!
  546.         Ruby:   Ruby loses 25 hit points.
  547.         Natasha A:      +1 Flash Fire
  548.         Ülang:         7
  549.         Young Siren:    Young Siren blinks at Natasha A.
  550. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  551.         Ülang:         Ülang loses 21 hit points.
  552.         Ruby:   "You shouldn't have done that."
  553.         Ülang:         ((double se is x3 right?))
  554. DNA:    yeah
  555. * Natasha A would like to go first.
  556.         Ülang:         (thank god for good armor!))
  557.         Natasha A:      Fueled by the fires so generously provided to her, Natasha hurls another Lotus Flare at the last siren! 19 vs Special
  558.         Natasha A:      ssssssssso close
  559. Avara:  natasha used KILL IT WITH FIRE!
  560.         Ülang:         "Takk Arceus for god rustning."
  561.         Natasha A:      55 Special Fire Piercing!
  562.         Natasha A:      After that, the Flash Fire charge wore off.
  563.         Young Siren:    Young Siren loses 30 hit points.
  564.         Young Siren:    Young Siren is covered in flames fueled by her own flames and falsl unconscious.
  565. * Natasha A is 3 for 3 now!
  566.         Young Siren:    The injury lowered the Special Defense stat!
  567.         Natasha A:      "Yat-ta!!"
  568.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Do you think the others will come back? It's not just these right?"
  569. * Valerie Ylsef who knows
  570.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((...))
  571.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If these were the younglings there is probably a whole brood of them. And we can't be taking chances with these things."
  572.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You saw what they did to you guys."
  573. * Valerie Ylsef munches on a Lum berry (assuming we are out of init)
  574.         Chronicler:     You are.
  575. * Jennifer Attaway stops singing.
  576.         Valerie Ylsef:  Valerie Ylsef has had it's Speed modified by 4 stages.
  577. * Valerie Ylsef tosses Ulang a Berry as well
  578. Ura must wait 26.842 seconds before it may move again!
  579.         Natasha C:      The Natasha trio start riding on each other's shoulders, like a living totem pole. Because, you know, it's fun.
  580.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe searches the area for any evidence of others, or for where the remains of humans might have been taken. Perception.
  581. * Ura searches the nest for anything useful or valuable. Perception
  582.         Ülang:         Ülang has had it's Speed modified by 4 stages.
  583. * Jennifer Attaway will take the time to use Potions on her team.
  584.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn and Natasha are sensing to see if there's anyone or anything nearby. Saturn: ; Natasha: .
  585.         Ruby:   Ruby is healed and gains 40 hit points.
  586. Ruby must wait 9.68 seconds before it may move again!
  587.         Ura:    "Eggs"
  588.         Ura:    "What should we do with them, if anything?"
  589.         Chloe Blanchett:        "...."
  590. * Ura puts 4 Super Pots in the group loot.
  591.         Raijin:         Raijin is healed and gains 31 hit points.
  592.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I know what they did, but...I can't exactly advocate smashing them. We came here to find out what was going on, not necessarily to kill things."
  593.         Chloe Blanchett:        "How many eggs...?" Chloe continued to look around.
  594.         Ura:    "One in each nest, it appears."
  595.         Ura:    "Perhaps we can transport them to somewhere that could train and use them in a good manner?"
  596.         Jennifer Attaway:       "How far away from hatching do you think they are? I mean, if we leave them without anyone to tend to them they might die in the shell anyway, so it's sort of down to killing them or taking them with us. We could donate or sell the eggs."
  597.         Alsine Kolstad:         "They'll want to know what happened to their mothers."
  598.         Ura:    "Err, Productive manner, may be the better wording."
  599.         Natasha C:      "Kunnen we proberen ze te jongleren?"
  600. You whisper to Chloe: "Can we try juggling them?"
  601.         Saturn Rosewell:        "No."
  602.         Natasha C:      "Awwww..." times three.
  603.         Jennifer Attaway:       (edu poke, can eggs survive/hatch without someone tending to them?)
  604.         Valerie Ylsef:  "I doubt it. As long as there is someone to take care of them in the infant state, I bet they won't even question it."
  605.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Either way, wouldn't we have to do that as we leave?"
  606.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Probably."
  607.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Carrying them with us right now will be unnecessary weight, and who knows what kind of psychological effect it'll have on who else is here."
  608.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Maybe the Holidays and the Hasenpfeffers could take care of them?"
  609.         Saturn Rosewell:        "They might just attack us on sight, thinking we were thieves."
  610.         Natasha C:      "Hasen...feffer?"
  611.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We don't want there to be anyone else here. If there is, we're not done yet."
  612.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Chloe had a search check still waiting. It was before Ura's))
  613.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Nevermind. As long as nothing eats them, if we leave them here they'll live and hatch. Still, that's going to recreate the problem we're solving..."
  614.         Natasha C:      "Klinkt lekker." (Sounds tasty.)
  615. Chronicler: (( OH! I missed it. ))
  616.         Valerie Ylsef:  "I guess we'll just deal with it on the way back."
  617.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I don't want to be human-biased, but I can't stand the thought of letting someone eat something that looks like me."
  618.         Alsine Kolstad:         "That's how they get you."
  619.         Chloe Blanchett:        "... I know."
  620.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Let's move on and make sure the place is clear before we decide."
  621. Chronicler whispers: You and Natasha sense two more of the creatures, but with a stronger aura, a few rooms away on the same floor.
  622. * Jennifer Attaway will keep Ruby out for now.
  623.         Jennifer Attaway:       ((brb))
  624.         Saturn Rosewell:        "There's 2 more somewhere else on this floor. And stronger."
  625.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It might be the parents. They're a few rooms away. Other than that, it feels like a clear path, but...be careful."
  626.         Natasha A:      "Rojaa!"
  627.         Valerie Ylsef:  "As careful as I always am!"
  628. * Valerie Ylsef will lead the way forward.
  629.         Natasha A:      The Victini totem pole floats forward.
  630.         Natasha A:      But they trip in midair clumsily over their own feet, causing 2 of them to disappear with a poof.
  631.         Natasha:        "Awwww...."
  632.         Jennifer Attaway:       ((back with cheetos))
  633. * Jennifer Attaway follows along!
  634. * Saturn Rosewell is close behind Valerie, as usual
  635.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Interesting... It doesn't look like any blood has been spilled here, except for what we did. So either they're eating somewhere else or something else is going on here."
  636.         Chronicler:     Experience from this battle is 50 per Trainer.
  637. * Natasha gladly takes it!
  638.         Valerie Ylsef:  16.66666666666666666666666666666667
  639. DNA:    Isn't it just 25 each, since you have 2 out?
  640. Avara:  items
  641.         Valerie Ylsef:  DLI
  642. DNA:    oh right you have 3 of them
  643. Avara:  eventually we're going to fill all of val's item slots with DLI
  644. Avara:  and then she will become one giant DLI
  645. DNA:    DLI: Valerie
  646. DNA:    Like GIRL, except more useful
  647. Trulhammaren:   god that would take so frikin long to level
  648.         Chronicler:     GIRL is so useful.
  649. DNA:    I know
  650. DNA:    Valerie is just more so
  651. DNA:    but the idea of GIRL as a backpack just amuses me.
  652. Trulhammaren:   Valerie the DLI made from DLI
  653. Avara:  raijin's gonna be fun to use vs bossfight.
  655. DNA:    This refers to both the DLI and our position in the treehouse.
  656. Avara:  DLInception.
  657. Trulhammaren:   I assume it is nearly stopping time, based on the current time
  658. Avara:  txp?
  659.         Chronicler:     TXP will be 3 thus far.
  660. Avara:  ok. i think we're all agreed on moving to the next room?
  661. DNA:    We are all agreed, yes
  662.         Chronicler:     You guys have to tell me when you do this. D:
  663. DNA:    We kinda did; it just got lost in other lines.
  664.         Chloe Blanchett:        I was still getting search check sorted out
  665.         Chloe Blanchett:        so I didn't yet
  666.         Chronicler:     I answered you.
  667.         Chloe Blanchett:        you did
  668.         Chloe Blanchett:        but when everyone was saying "we move to the next room!" I was trying to get the info
  669. Avara:  ok. so is chloe following along the group meow?
  670.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe looks into the room, still feeling like something is very strange about it, before following along. Her succubus and nuclear mouse following.
  671.         Chronicler:     Smashed pottery, broken tables, and ripped bandages line the floor of this 5-meter long room. Several pastes and poultices are smeared across the floor, and from them a strong, herbal smell fills the room and overwhelms any other scents. A door sits at either end of the room. A thin layer of dust covers everything in this room.
  672.         Saturn Rosewell:        Perception the dust. 2d6+2 .
  673. * Ura Perceps for any hazards.
  674.         Chronicler:     So uh, Saturn. What're you looking for in that uhh....dust?
  675.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe tries looking for traps herself.
  676.         Saturn Rosewell:        To see if there are other properties to it besides being just dust.
  677. Avara:  perhaps determining if it's an airbound hazard
  678. * DNA is suspicious.
  679. Avara:  like the evil pollen
  680. Avara:  or the eviller pollen
  681. DNA:    DON'T REMIND ME
  682.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((might be medicine to do that))
  683. DNA:    (If it is, her Medicine roll is also 2d6+2)
  684. Chronicler whispers: Nope! Just dust. A layer of this amount would take about two weeks to build.
  685.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's just dust. ...This room has been untouched for 2 weeks."
  686.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Then the residents must be avoiding this room."
  687.         Chloe Blanchett:        "This looks like medicine, actually..."
  688. * Ura nods to Val.
  689.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Gather up what you are going to, if you are going to. I'm heading to the door."
  690. * Valerie Ylsef will go through the door when the rest of the party joins
  691.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'll follow you..." Saturn has no business in this room either, so she goes ahead with Val to guard the door.
  692.         Ülang:         "Do we need Phyllis to inspect the pastes and poutices?"
  693.         Ülang:         ((expert Med))
  694.         Jennifer Attaway:       Jen searches for salvageable material for Craft: General and Craft: Pokemon.
  695.         Chloe Blanchett:        "That might be a good idea. I don't know much about medicine at all."
  696.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Fine."
  697. * Valerie Ylsef releases Phyllis.
  698. * Phyllis inspects the contents of the potenial medicines. Med
  699. * Jennifer Attaway joins the Ready To Go group.
  700.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe does as well, as soon as Phyllis is ready
  701.         Phyllis:        "Probably not salvagable, but if you want you can rub on some of it, could give you some healing now, or rub in this one and you will get some minor healing in the next fight."
  702.         Phyllis:        ((heal 20 or 5 rounds of heal 1/16 during the next scene.))
  703. * Phyllis returns herself.
  704.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It sounds risky... I don't know how this was made, I'd rather not.
  705. * Ülang shrugs and rubs on both things.
  706.         Alsine Kolstad:         "I will test it for you." Alsine applied it to herself.
  707.         Ülang:         Ülang is healed and gains 20 hit points.
  708.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Ready?"
  709.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Ready, lets keep moving."
  710.         Saturn Rosewell:        "R...Ready." Saturn seemed unsure, but she shrugged it off.
  711. * Valerie Ylsef opens and moves past teh door.
  712. Avara:  everyone does the followy thing!
  713. Avara:  if you're closing out, kao, either do something you'll find worth going back for or try to remember that you didn't.
  714.         Chronicler:     Two large nests of torn furnishings and tree boughs dominate the center of this 15-meter long room. There are claw marks along the walls, and a few dark stains soaked into the wooden planks of the floor. Broken bunk beads line the walls, and a door can be found at each end of the room.
  715.         Chronicler:     We can pause here.
  716. Avara:  'kay
  717. DNA:    That is acceptable. TXP is still 3?
  718.         Chronicler:     Yep.
  719. DNA:    18.6
  720.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log
  721. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  722. Avara is disconnected.
  723. Chloe is disconnected.
  724. Eclipse is disconnected.
  725. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  726. You have disconnected.
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