AJT - Girl Upset by Jerk Boyfriend

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. Looking real loose Ms. Velvet!" you told her through your window
  3. >"Real classy" she replied back to you
  5. "Like this dick" you whisper under your breath
  7. >"What was that?" her father asked you
  9. "Nothing Mr. Light"
  11. >After that brief moment, you started up your car and pull out
  12. >Before you drove away, you gave them the bird
  13. >No way you could be a bad influence right?
  14. >As you drove home, you felt a beep in your pocket
  15. >You pulled out your phone to find three text messages
  16. >One was from Twilight, Shining Armor, and, well looky-looky, the third text was from Cadence, Shining Armor's fiance
  17. >You made advancements towards her before but she turned you down
  18. >Shining was serving in the military and warned you countless times about messing with Twilight
  19. >Lol fuck him right?
  20. >Deleted one text message from Shining Armor
  21. >You put your phone down to reply when you get home
  22. >Right before you continued to drive any further, you stopped off at the side of the road near a shrub
  23. >This is where the park is
  24. >You couldn't hold it in any longer
  25. >Unzipped your pants, and let loose a stream
  26. >As you pissed, a sound in the distance was heard
  27. >It was faint
  28. >Little by little, you zipped back up your pants after finishing
  29. >The sound was getting louder
  30. >It sounded like...a moan?
  32. >"Oh...Oh god!"
  34. >What in the hell?
  35. >People were fucking
  36. >In this park? Like hell they were!
  37. >You leaped out from the bushes into the source of the sound
  38. >To your sights, you saw the school bitch, Sunset Shimmer
  39. >She was getting double-teamed by her underlings, Snips and motherfucking Snails
  40. >She was bigger slut than she was let on to be
  41. >They had yet to notice you
  42. >Silently, you used your phone to snap a quick photo of it
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