Silverfitters' Leatherworking Guild

Jan 20th, 2016
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  1. ***
  2. Guild's name: 'Silverfitters' Leatherworking Guild'
  3. Political status: Council member.
  4. Guild type: Shadow organization
  5. Alliances:
  6. Fame: 6
  7. Influence: 20
  8. Gold: 200
  9. Resources: 15 Ore, 15 Meat, 15 Crops.
  10. Might: 0
  11. Members: 4/8
  12. --
  13. Guild members
  14. --
  15. 1)'Elie Silverfitter' the Human Wizard
  16. Rank: Guild Leader
  17. Attributes : Endurance(1), Strength(1), Dextirity(2), Charisma(3), Intelligence(3), Perception(3).
  18. Major skills: Fight(1), Banish(4), Steal(2), Track(3), Purge(3).
  19. Minor skills: Climb(1), Jump(1), Knowledge(3), Campmaking(3), Run(2), Tumble(2), Diplomacy(3), Intimidate(3), Awareness(3), Hunting(3).
  20. Abilities: Summoner
  21. Personality: Temperate, Evil
  22. Health: 9/9
  23. Morale: 5/5
  24. Experience: 0
  25. Gender: Male
  26. Friends:
  27. Rivals:
  28. Description: Mister Silverfitter himself; A fair-skinned wizard on the lower end of middle-aged: perhaps in his mid thirties. Nevertheless, he maintains a fair-sized chestnut beard and trademark bushy eyebrows, and wears garments resembling a stereotypical wizard's hat and robe, crafted of fine embossed leather and accented with white wolves' fur. Wears pointed leather low boots with reinforced ironwood toes, and carries a tome bound in crow's leather. One could say he reeks of the stuff. Has eyes of a sky blue shade, which are usually obscured by his hat.
  30. --
  31. 2)'Azucena Briallen' the Human Wizard
  32. Rank: Courtier
  33. Attributes : Endurance(1), Strength(1), Dextirity(2), Charisma(4), Intelligence(3), Perception(2).
  34. Major skills: Fight(1), Banish(4), Steal(2), Track(2), Purge(4).
  35. Minor skills: Climb(1), Jump(1), Knowledge(3), Campmaking(3), Run(2), Tumble(2), Diplomacy(4), Intimidate(4), Awareness(2), Hunting(2).
  36. Abilities: Summoner
  37. Personality: Cheerful, Coward
  38. Health: 9/9
  39. Morale: 5/5
  40. Experience: 0
  41. Gender: Female
  42. Friends:
  43. Rivals:
  44. Description: Silverfitter's go-to assisstant and coordinater to his many schemes and ventures, as well as one of his apprentices. A fair-skinned white-haired young lady with large blue eyes and an unorthadox hair style consisting of two oversized curls of hair fashioned into drills, bound by leather-trimmed with white fur ribbons, and a dress to match with a skirt going down to her knees, revealing two stockings likewise made of fine, ivory-colored leather, and ending in two pointed boots much like the ones on her master, a bit with elevated heels. Carries a leather notebook with a stylized wolf on the cover.
  46. --
  47. 3)'Mortimer Knamenkiz' the Human Wizard
  48. Rank: Member
  49. Attributes : Endurance(2), Strength(1), Dextirity(3), Charisma(2), Intelligence(2), Perception(3).
  50. Major skills: Fight(1), Banish(3), Steal(3), Track(3), Purge(2).
  51. Minor skills: Climb(1), Jump(1), Knowledge(4), Campmaking(4), Run(3), Tumble(3), Diplomacy(2), Intimidate(2), Awareness(3), Hunting(3).
  52. Abilities: Resourceful
  53. Personality: Coward, Naughty
  54. Health: 10/10
  55. Morale: 5/5
  56. Experience: 0
  57. Gender: Male
  58. Friends:
  59. Rivals:
  60. Description: Silverfitter's /other/ apprentice, who only got to become something beyond a commoner because it would have been harder to despose of him after snooping around somewhere he shouldn't have; thin, short wiry build with little muscle defenition but fast reflexes: pale skin laden with freckles and a rounded nose, buldging hazel eyes that seem to stare at you from any direction, as well as curly, dirt-colored hair "accented" by a white curl resulting from a magic accident. Wears leatherhosen, a linen shirt, pointed shoes, and a tall, pointy hat of leather, which is of course trimmed with white fur. One could mistake him for a rather tall halfling, or a jester, or perhaps a halfling jester. Carries a poorly maintained leather-bound tome that seems to be held together by haphazard stiching, with very crudely embossed wolf on the cover.
  63. --
  64. 4)'Bruce Ecurb' the Human Warrior
  65. Rank: Member
  66. Attributes : Endurance(3), Strength(3), Dextirity(2), Charisma(2), Intelligence(1), Perception(2).
  67. Major skills: Fight(4), Banish(1), Steal(2), Track(2), Purge(2).
  68. Minor skills: Climb(3), Jump(3), Knowledge(1), Campmaking(1), Run(2), Tumble(2), Diplomacy(2), Intimidate(2), Awareness(2), Hunting(2).
  69. Abilities: Charge attack
  70. Personality: Brave, Wroth
  71. Health: 11/11
  72. Morale: 5/5
  73. Experience: 0
  74. Gender: Male
  75. Friends:
  76. Rivals:
  77. Description: A stocky, tanned, muscular fellow that Silverfitter probably scraped off the local pub and instructed himself before the Figher's Guild got him; Wears hardened leather gear made to stylistically resemble a suit of plate armor, including a helmet with a visor, dyed a rich auburn and trimmed with white fur. From under his helmet is an ogre-like frown clad with a unibrow and blackened, oilly, thinning hair. He is not often seen without his helmet at least partially on. Wields a spear of iron and wooden shield covered in you guessed it; leather, with the image of a wolf embossed onto it. Disturbingly, doesn't seem to have any eye color beyond what his pupils give.
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