Every Time (Part 2)

Nov 15th, 2013
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  1. Hooves are weird. You feel like you are standing, you can still feel your weight on the ground, but you also felt like you weren’t touching anything. The numb hooves made you feel like you were floating almost.
  3. Finally, you felt something familiar. You didn’t know if you should be relieved you recognized the feeling or worried about how you should do it. You needed to pee. How did dogs do it? You sat on your haunches, ass a little above the ground. You flick your tail, looking back to make sure it’s out of the way. Then, you let go.
  5. The warm piss didn’t shoot out like when you were a dude, but it more so leaked out. It was an alien experience to you. You felt awkward as fuck, pissing in the woods out of a vagina instead of a penis, but you had no choice. When you finished, you rose, and continued your trot through the woods. What to do? You would need a home, food, water, and probably someone to keep you sane.
  7. What could you eat? You look around, weirded out by how far your neck can turn. You look at the base of a tree and see something. A small tuft of wild grass, spilling out from the base of the tree. It’s a lighter green than lawn grass, but it was your only option. You step over to it, and lower your head. You bump your muzzle into the tree, much to your annoyance. Damn these dysfunctional eyes. You try again, and feel the grass brush your face. You open your mouth and bite on the blades that find their way into your mouth. You raise your head, ripping the blades. Grass as a human tasted horrible, you remember from screwing around as a kid. It should taste unripe and bitter, with a strong lingering aftertaste. However, now it tasted almost... sweet, but dull. You tried it again, and the flavor remained consistent. You stop, tears welling up in your crooked eyes. You spit the grass out.
  9. You were grazing! You were eating like a goddamn animal! You weren’t one! You rub your eyes as best you could, your hooves only hammering home the point that you really weren’t human at all. You pull them away, but immediately notice your muzzle and mane, a painful reminder of your new face. This wasn’t right. This was impossible. You collapse on a mossy section of the forest floor, your wings spread out too break your minimal fall. Maybe if you sleep, everything would return to normal. This had to be a dream, right? You could feel the pain of the transformation, maybe you were just incredibly lucid.
  11. You closed your defective eyes and tried to sleep. The exhaustion was there, but sleep wouldn’t come. You lay as still and comfortable as you could, trying to feel your hands. For the briefest moment, you thought you could, but a slight twitch in one foreleg quickly interrupted that feeling and brought back the numbness of hooves. The slight night breeze didn’t help either, the air tugging at each strand of fur, reminding you of your condition. At least you were soft. In fact, you would probably be damn cuddly if it wasn’t for the fact that you were a deformed horse. Screw sleep, you get up on four hooves. Even though you remember a whole entire life this way, you also remember an entire life of two legs. The whole thing was so surreal.
  13. A cool breeze runs through the trees, causing you to shiver. You tuck your wings close and ruffle your feathers. You crane your neck back and look at them. Did they actually work? You raise them, then contemplate what to do. You flap them once, feeling an incredibly small amount of lift. It certainly wasn’t enough to lift yourself, but there was lift nonetheless. You flap them twice next, managing to relieve all the weight on your forelegs. They didn’t go off the ground, but you were certainly figuring it out. You try again. You jump, them flap your wings like mad. Both sets of legs come off the ground, and you feel nothing below you. You were flying!
  15. Then suddenly you weren’t. You roll forward, somersaulting in the air and landing on your jaw. The best way you could describe it is it was like teetering on the edge of a cliff, flailing your arms in an attempt to not fall. You would need some practice.
  17. You press your hooves on the ground, lifting your body off the ground. You stretch forward, upper body lifted, lower still pressing against the ground. You move one hindleg forward, then the next to make yourself balanced. Then you feel something.
  19. “Ooh!” you exclaim out loud in a voice that clearly wasn’t yours. Just now you realized this was the first you heard of yourself. You look back down at your lower body, then realized what had happened. You accidentally rubbed your... vagina....
  21. At first you were horrified at what had happened, but you were curious nonetheless. Hesitantly, you roll on your back. You forgot about your wings, and you feel like you are laying on interlaced pieces of paper as you spread out on them. You open your legs and nervously move your crooked eyes down. You first see two small bumps adjacent each other, decorated by nipples barely poking from your fur. Below that was two ridges, a pink crevice between them.
  23. Cautiously, you angle a hoof inwards to your barreled chest, and begin slowly moving it downward. You get closer to the neatly contained parts between your flanks. Then, you simultaneously make contact with each nipple.
  25. “Ahhhhhhh!”
  27. You moan as you touch them. They weren’t sensitive when you were a guy, except for about a day when you were going through puberty. Touching them with a hoof was odd, it was like you were rubbing your tits on a piece of wood. You wanted to remove your hoof due to the incredible rawness, but instead you found yourself angling your hoof up and down, teasing each one. It felt amazing.
  29. Your hoof continues it’s quest, traveling over a small amount of fur before reaching the lips of your new marehood.
  31. Were you really going to do this?
  33. Fuck it.
  35. You shift your limb forward, a bit too quickly for maximum pleasure, but you are touching yourself nonetheless. You hit one point between the lips, then moan again like a whore. You had a damn clitoris. You put the edge of your hoof slightly in the slit, a slight moist feeling escaping.
  37. You wiggle your hoof back and forth, each time opening and closing the slit. Every time your vaginal walls connected and rubbed against each other, you felt just a bit higher on your pleasure. It isn’t long before you notice even more moisture seeping from your nethers.
  39. You keep prying and rubbing, faster and faster as your heart flutters along with an attempt by your spread wings to do the same. Your hindlegs are outstretched, and your tail is flicking side to side. You felt incredibly ashamed. You were rubbing a vagina. Not any vagina, but YOUR vagina. You could practically hear your man-cards scream in agony as they began deteriorating.
  41. Then it began to happen. Unlike being male, your entire body tingled. It felt at first like you had to pee, but the slow drip, then soak said otherwise. You felt a slight leak as every muscles tensed then relaxed, and your brain seemed to take a break, allowing you to simply enjoy every nerve as your orgasm, your first female orgasm took over your body.
  43. You wanted to keep going. Wait, couldn’t females? Certainly not shamefully, you go again, and soon are rewarded with another glorious orgasm. Then another. You could do this all day, but your enhanced sense of smell told you that you had enough vaginal fluid on you for a month.
  45. Turning over, you find yourself on a comfortable patch of moss. Exhausted, and still horny as hell, you fall asleep in a fuzzy and feathery ball.
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