-The Get Chapter 2-

Dec 29th, 2013
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  1. -The Get Chapter 2-
  3. Celestia guides you through more of Canterlot castle on the journey to your room. It's such a fantastic experience that you're almost disappointed you'll have to wake up at some point. Everything is so perfect within these walls; the regal decor astute, with grand shiny statues and immaculately polished surfaces, both reflecting the rich paintings adorned on most walls. Everything seemed related to Equestria's presumably deep history and lore. The idea of freely viewing the castle is an exciting prospect, and you almost feel like asking for Celestia's permission before...
  5. "Here we are."
  7. Celestia turns around to get a view of you. She notices you stealing a look at a colorful painting featuring several Unicorns seated at a banquet. The unique style of art wasn't what caught your eye, but rather the Earth ponies scattered around the edges of the frame looking at the Unicorns in awe. Was that... normal?
  9. "Ah yes, it's a rather wonderful - if not dated - piece, is it not? It was painted by an old friend." Celestia voices, a hint of sadness in her tone. You presumed that "old friend" probably meant "over-100-years-ago friend". You nod in agreement.
  11. Outside what you assume to be your room are two Royal Guards, each standing ominously against the door. Both are tall stallions only differentiated by their color - black and grey. Their expressions look quite somber as they size you up with a stern look, before slowly bowing to you. Not really knowing what to do in response to this, you look to Celestia for help. She's smiling again.
  13. -
  15. "You are special here, my subject. I want you to know that we gladly welcome you to Equestria. I must now go attend to royal duties, but I'm sure you will find your chamber to be comfortable. If you have any problems, please ask these guards. They have been assigned to you."
  17. Pretty neat. The bowing guards stand tall again as you cross them, hand ready to push the chamber door.
  19. "Will I see you again?" you anxiously ask Celestia's receding back. Turning her head around, she looks at you with her right eye.
  21. "Yes. We shall meet again" she responds, giving a little wink. You feel slightly melancholic at her departure.
  23. When Celestia is finally out of sight, you suppose there's nothing left to do than enter the room - these silent guards are slightly ominous.
  25. Upon entering, you let out a little gasp. The "room" was probably the same size as your entire bungalow. There's a luxurious, royal-colored four-poster bed in the center of the room surrounded by various grooming facilities. There's a insanely large glass window providing a stunning view of both the Castle grounds and Canterlot, meaning you must be at the heart of the central towers Damn it, the urge to go exploring was getting unbearable.
  27. Before any of that though, you decide it's bathroom time. There's a small door in the corner of your room that can only really lead to one place. You head towards it, passing a dresser which has a mirror. You double-take, looking at your reflection.
  29. -
  31. You look atrocious. Pale as paper, huge bags under your eyes, hair in utter disarray. You're surprised Celestia didn't put you out of your misery instead of welcoming you as an important guest. There's a few scratches on your face from your floor-hitting arrival. Definitely seen better days.
  33. After entering the immaculate bathroom and using the various pony-sized facilities, bed is the only destination important to your brain. The sun and moon are slowly switching as you shuffle past the window. Celestia and Luna must be swapping watch. What time was it, you wonder?
  35. Shrugging and awkwardly flinging off the gown, you crawl into the velvet-covered bed as the cold air begins to nip your skin. Snuggling deep under the covers was the best feeling in the world, your rattled mind instantly turning off. Blissful sleep.
  37. Then darkness.
  39. Not again. You whine feebly, but there's no drama this time. The world graciously dissolves back to reveal your bungalow. You blink. You're back in your actual bedroom.
  41. Everything seems as you left it. The PC is still on, wind still howling outside. Everything you've just experienced was a dream, right? Thank fuck.
  43. But wait... you've not gone to bed yet.
  45. Curious now, you gently open your bedroom door hopping into the hallway. The familiar cold air is leaking from below, but it doesn't bother you as it should. You don't know how you know, but there's someone here. In your home. In the bathroom.
  47. "Who's there?" you assert.
  49. A familiar face appears.
  51. -
  53. Not another frickin' Princess.
  55. Before you was none other than Luna. Wings spread out, you could tell she was trying to imitate the grace of her sister. The effect didn't really work.
  57. "Before you is I, Princess Luna. You've heard of us, have you not?" she shouts, using the royal Canterlot voice. You recoil.
  59. "Yes, I know of you, Luna." you stammer, irked by the volume. "Why are you in my bathroom though?"
  61. Awkward pause.
  63. "You will address us as Princess Luna. Regardless," she continues on, looking slightly embarrassed, "We wanted to get a chance to meet you, Poster."
  65. Poster? When will these ponies ask for my real name?
  67. "Well, it's an honor to meet you Princess Luna." you say, not untruthfully. As you head towards her to shake hands or whatever, you reach a horrible conclusion.
  69. "If you're here... that means I'm currently dreaming, right?" Saying it aloud felt foolish.
  71. Luna looks at you, and it's the same sympathy as Celestia had expressed.
  73. "Yes." she finally answers.
  75. Oh. You were afraid of that.
  77. There's another pause.
  79. "How do I stop dreaming, Princess Luna?" you ask weakly.
  81. Luna looked surprised by the question, but maintained her dignity.
  83. "We, as to say I, can help, if it's what you desire. Only this once, however, for I am the Princess of the Night after all."
  85. "Please..." you half-beg. Luna gives you a pitiful smile.
  87. "Then it shall be done. Close your eyes". You comply.
  89. Body going limp, you fall. Last thing you hear are the words "...Sorry."
  91. -
  93. Time passes by, and you are sound asleep. The fresh morning sun begins to heat the room as it creeps through the large window; all the dust in the air is revealed. You stir before waking. You didn't want to go to work today, too many bad dreams. A loud knocking rouses you; must be the mail man.
  95. "Mmmfine, two seconds" you murmur groggily before falling out of bed. The cold floor fully awakens you to your surroundings.
  97. Shit. You're still in Canterlot castle.
  99. Shifting your ass off the floor and hastily whipping on the gown, you rush over to the knocking door. Both guards greet you with a quick bow, before the grey one starts speaking.
  101. "Fine morning, Poster. We've received a request for your presence outside the Castle entrance in a half-hour. We will then escort you to Ponyville where you will meet with your mentor."
  103. "Half-hour?" you repeat, rather taken aback. You were still in a state from your arrival, wanting to test the pony bathtub in the en-suite first.
  105. "If you wouldn't mind" the black guard adds. As if you have a choice now.
  107. "Understood. Hey, listen... If it's not too much hassle, could I get some food?" you ask rather hopefully. Your appetite seemed to have returned and you were famished.
  109. "Not a problem, Sir Poster!" the grey guard repeats, trotting off at once. You close the door as the other guard continues his watch.
  111. Time to blast through your morning wash. You quickly check the mirror before starting.
  113. Was your hair always that thick?
  115. -
  117. Amazingly, you manage to clean up in just 15 minutes. It feels glorious washing away the ills of yesterday. The only problem now being you had no fresh clothes - just the gown. Upon re-wearing it, you notice if feels a bit looser than yesterday. What kind of poor fabric was it made from to stretch so quickly?
  119. Breakfast turned out to be a rather tasty fruit salad, though to your dismay it appeared to be a pony-sized portion. Not really filling you up, it at least gave you enough energy to carry on. Asking for more was probably an option, but you didn't really want to intrude. Hell, you didn't really want to be here at all. Not wanting it didn't seem to be make a bit of difference though. This ride had started, and you were helpless to stop it.
  121. After eating the guards hurried to escort you to the castle front. You felt a bit conscious wearing nothing but a gown and PJs, but no one seemed to pay any thoughts to it - maybe with the exception of your feet. They were protesting about the cold, hard ground obviously made with hooves in mind. It's doubtful you'll be finding some shoes or slippers soon, though.
  123. In the castle grounds you immediately spot Celestia. She's standing next to a golden carriage you recognize as her royal chariot. 6 royal guards are strapped to the front, ready to pull.
  125. "Good morning, Poster" Celestia beams. She's standing tall today with her eyes being level with yours now. She continues.
  127. "I hope your stay was restful."
  129. "Uh yeah, it was. Thanks." you say, going red.
  131. -
  133. After a satisfying rest with time to process yesterday's events, deep shame prickled up your spine at recalling your arrival. Shivering, calling Celestia 'mom' after barfing on her royal floor... You appreciated her kindness and hospitality, but you wanted to get away before more awkward memories were created.
  135. "What's going to happen to me now then?" you ask, "What's all this mentoring talk about?"
  137. "You will be going to a place called Ponyville to meet my student and her friends. I'm sure you're familiar with them." Celestia winks.
  139. You think back to all those imageboard threads, disturbing greentext stories and general fan arts... Yeah, you knew them all right.
  141. "You will be staying at Rarity's, that is to say, the Carousel Boutique. She is expecting you."
  143. "Is she okay with this? I mean, me butting into her life and living with her?"
  145. Celestia forms her answer carefully before speaking.
  147. "She'll... come around to the situation. Rarity is the element of generosity, after all. Besides, you chose her."
  149. Oh dear. Did you just inadvertently ruin Rarity's life? With a shitpost at that? Guess you'll find out soon enough.
  151. It was time to leave Canterlot behind. Celestia helped you onto the royal chariot, before sitting next to you.
  153. Flying wasn't normally a scary prospect to you; you were usually pretty chill with it. Right now though, being jerked through the sky by some magical ponies was a rather new, terrifying experience. Celestia, sensing some discomfort, puts a wing around you.
  155. -
  157. Canterlot Castle's tallest towers fade behind clouds with only the tips of the spires being visible. This chariot ride was surprisingly fast considering what it is.
  159. Time passes by. From the sky the glorious landscapes that form Equestria are absolutely awe-inspiring. Unlike the urban shithole you were used to, this place had absolutely beautiful geography. No cars, factories or power stations, just lush green land with imposing mountains.
  161. The flowing air is refreshingly tasty as you deeply inhale. You catch a hint of Celestia's scent as her protecting wing provides warmth. It's a pleasant, soothing scent. Blood flows to your face; why is this magical horse so damned comforting?
  163. "Ponyville ahead!" one of the Royal Guards yells, thankfully obstructing your mind's dangerous path.
  165. Fuck, that was quick. Anxiety begins to swim through you at the thought of meeting more ponies. Surely it won't be many, right?
  167. Of course.
  169. Upon decent, you see hundreds of ponies crowded round what appeared to be a landing strip for the chariot. The sheer volume of ponies makes it clear the whole of Ponyville is out to greet you. Surely, SURELY they're here for Celestia, not some shitposter? God this can't get more crazy.
  171. The bump of touchdown and removal of Celestia's wing makes you horribly self-aware. A solid wall of pony awaits, all eyes on you. You feverishly scan the crowd feeling slightly sick. There's supposed to be 3 other "Posters" here, right? No other humans seemed present though.
  173. Celestia disembarks, you following in her wake.
  175. -
  177. Avoiding eye contact with the many faces and expression fixated on you, you instead look around Ponyville's scenery. It's exactly like the show with the thatch-roofed houses, tall clock tower, plenty of wooden carts and stalls. On further inspection, there's also crudely-painted banners that read "Welcome Poster!". You sigh.
  179. "Princess Celestia!" a familiar voice calls. Sure enough, it was Purplesmart. Twilight Sparkle.
  181. You turn your attention towards her, while staying perhaps a bit too close to Celestia than was necessary.
  183. Twilight approaches with her alicorn form. Still refusing to accept her as a Princess despite Magical Mystery Cure, you stand your ground.
  185. "Hello Mr. Poster! Welcome to Ponyville on behalf of everypony here! I'm Twilight Sparkle" she says kindly, giving you a smile.
  187. Isn't it the Mayor's job to greet visitors? You digress.
  189. "Hey there, Twilight. My name is-" but you're interrupted by Pinkie Pie, who bounces towards you.
  191. "HEEEEEY WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!" is bellowed into your ear. Before you can reply, Rainbow Dash swoops in and hushes Pinkie. "Pinkie! Go easy on the new guy," Dash mutters, now facing you. A smug smile forms on her lips as she proudly states:
  193. "Welcome to Ponyville, where you're being greeted by the most awesome Ponyville-ian there is!"
  195. "Don't you live in Cloud somewhere?" you reply, trying to not mimic the same smug face. She didn't like that reply, but before she can retort Celestia speaks.
  197. "Where are the rest of your friends, my student?"
  199. -
  201. Celestia was right; there was no signs of Rarity, Fluttershy or Applejack. Isn't Rarity supposed to play a major part here? Yet, she doesn't even come to see your arrival. You can't help feel a bit down-hearted.
  203. "They were trying to find Applejack last I heard. They should be here soon. In fact... That looks like Rarity and Fluttershy over there." Twilight points. Sure enough, two figures you instantly recognized were coming into view.
  205. You don't really understand Fluttershy's reaction. She usually loves new animals, but looks rather terrified of you. Rarity also seemed to be struggling with her complexion. They approach, Fluttershy going first.
  207. "H-hello..." she squeaks. You know how she is, so you just reply with a smile and nod. Don't want to freak her out.
  209. Rarity next. She trots towards you, with a growing grin. Perhaps growing too much to be considered natural.
  211. "Hello there my dear! You are... the Poster fellow, are you not?" she says through gritted teeth. You blink. Rarity is standing before you: your favorite pony. You can't think of any words that would accurately express how you feel, so you just nod.
  213. Again with awkward pauses.
  215. The silence is broken by Rainbow Dash, who swiftly flies down to Rarity's level.
  217. "So didja find AJ yet, Rarity? Where the hay is she?"
  219. "We... we didn't find her in the end, Rainbow. She's not at Apple Acres or any of her usual spots. Big Mac won't say where she is."
  221. Seemed a bit out of character for AJ, you thought.
  223. -
  225. The rest of the day is spent clumsy greeting crowds of ponies who actually seemed thrilled to meet you. Or Celestia. Honestly you couldn't tell which.
  227. Eventually arriving at Sugar Cube corner, there is a small 'party' prepared by Pinkie that involves tea and eating some cake - to Celestia's delight. It's an fun event, you admit. Sitting there in your dressing gown in a Café stuffed from eating as many sweets as Mr & Mrs Cake could deliver; it certainly made up for the lacking breakfast.
  229. Ponyville's soul was definitely from the community, the excitement being contagious. It was so surreal seeing all these familiar faces, most of them eager to speak. A complete contrast to life in the lonely bungalow.
  231. You hadn't really spoken to the Mane 6 much. AJ was still missing, and it seemed like Fluttershy was hiding. The others seemed to accept you well enough, but their small talk was rather lacking. The exception was Pinkie, whose excitement would make one think this party was for her.
  233. As night draws, the crowds and pleasantries end, and soon enough Celestia is preparing to return to Canterlot. Standing next to the royal chariot, you watch as she climbs aboard. There's that melancholic feeling again.
  235. Celestia clears her throat.
  237. "Rarity, I'd like you to mentor our Poster friend here on whatever they may require. In return I want you, Poster, to aid Rarity on whatever she requires. May you form strong bonds"
  239. God, this sounds like marriage.
  241. -
  243. Celestia departs, and you feel a small part of you wanting to go with her. She was never high up your pony tier-list, but this past day had certainly changed that. Now you're stuck feeling awkward.
  245. Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie remain, with the other ponies having already departed. Upon arriving at the Carousel Boutique Twilight speaks to you.
  247. "Well Mr. Poster, I hope you've had a great first day here in Ponyville! I currently live in the Library" she points to a giant tree in the distance "I live there with my assistant Spike. Come by sometime, we can discuss books!"
  249. "Sure, I'll pop by" you idly reply. Books were never your thing, really.
  251. Twilight leaves, and after Pinkie says her garbled goodbyes and prances off, it's just you and Rarity.
  253. You could cut this tension with a knife.
  255. "So... shall we go in?" you suggest, bare feet now killing you.
  257. Rarity gives you a rather disapproving look before taking the lead with a "Hmph". You follow her, heart sinking.
  259. On entry a bell tinkles and an array of purple and pink affronts your eyes. Just like the show, there are pony-mannequins situated around the workshop each with unique and fantastic designs. Like in Canterlot, the urge to explore is rising, before...
  261. "Why did choose this, Poster?" Rarity asks bluntly, her back to you.
  263. "...Excuse me?" you reply, trying to sound polite. Anxiety rises inside.
  265. Rarity turns to face you, and it shocks you to see tears sitting in her eyes.
  267. "Why did you choose this!?"
  269. -
  271. Fuck. This was the last thing you wanted. Celestia said Rarity would come round to the situation, but you weren't aware that meant she hasn't even accepted it.
  273. You stand there, looking at her. This reject from your favorite pony was something you hadn't anticipated.
  275. "I choose you because you're my favorite pony?" you say weakly. Rarity suddenly lets out a rather manic laugh.
  277. "Oh ho HO, I see! So since I'm YOUR favorite that means I get the pleasure to BABYSIT you instead of worrying about my own life. Like it's not trouble enough that I need to look after dear Sweetie Belle from time to time!" she snorts. There's no more tears, just resentful bitterness.
  279. You feel a rush of anger at her words.
  281. "Hey, I didn't ask for this either! Do you have any idea how I feel? I've been separated fro-"
  283. "BAH! You only have yourself to blame! You Posters have no idea what your actions do!"
  285. "Now wait a damn minute! If you knew MY side of th-"
  287. "YOUR side? You don't seem to understand the scope here. You have no responsibilities anymore, but instead mines have doubled. Do you know this this makes me feel? Putting on fake smiles for the Princess!?"
  289. Agh, what's the best way to approach this? Most of your arguments were online to faceless people. When put on this spot like this, it was much harder to create comebacks. Instead of replying, you attempt to cork your anger and try being the voice of reason.
  291. "Look. I'm -sorry- this inconveniences you. Just show me where I sleep and I'll be out of the way."
  293. -
  295. Not bothering to reply, Rarity sticks her head up with another "Hmph". She begins trotting upstairs, you follow.
  297. You are led, in silence, to a relatively small room - at least when compared to the Canterlot one. It's practically bare with only a small window, wall-attached mirror, a broken horse-mannequin, some bits of excess fabric and what looked like a futon. Very much lacking in comforts.
  299. "This was my glorious extra storage room before I had to change EVERYTHING." Rarity fires up. You don't rise to the bait. Instead...
  301. "Aren't you supposed to be the element of Generosity? Can I at least get a pillow?"
  303. For some reason, the anger that flashed across Rarity's face felt massively satisfying. She briskly trots off, only to return and launch a pillow at your face.
  305. "THERE! Now get acquainted to my storage room! I suppose now I need to research what kind of disgusting meals I'll have to cook up for you!"
  307. Pulling the pillow from off your face and holding on to it, you boldly ask if you can look around the Boutique. The piercing look returned in response explained it all.
  309. "You stay here. You do not leave this room unless I require it or nature calls. Bathroom is across the way."
  311. Rarity leaves, closing the door rather harshly. This is the first time you've been alone for a while.
  313. Lying on the futon, the thought "So wait... I now have to share my ex-favorite pony's toilet?" drifts across your mind.
  315. Things just kept getting weirder.
  317. -
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