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  1. [16:02] Mandy Cattaneo spits out a curse as she rushes into the mouth of the cave, the blistering wind howling in after her and torrential snow nipping at her heels. "God, why did I have to wander into this realm when it was winter.." She clearly wasn't dressed for this kind of weather, wearing nothing more than a thick hooded cloak, a simple brown tunic and matching pants. She hugged her shoulders and rubbed her hands along them as she headed further into the cave. After only a few feet, she started to sniff the air much like a wolf would while searching for its prey. "Ooohh.. I know that smell.. there's an elf in here, isn't there.." It didn't take her long to find the campfire and the sleeping elf, her sudden excitement warming her more than the fire could. She carefully made her way over to the girl and laid down right behind her before scooting closer, her groin pressing against the elf's small rear. Her arms wrapped gently around her next before she would pause, wondering how light of a sleeper she was.
  3. [16:13] Mildes Orelon was already in a deep sleep having sought shelter in the cave a while ago. She had managed to make a rather basic camp with a small fire that was still crackling and burning nicely, giving a small amount of light and heat to the otherwise cold and dark cave. Other than that, she had a small bedroll she had brought to sleep on and by her side was her adventuring gear along with the bow and arrows she used. The Elf wasn't wearing much either as her lithe figure was mostly just covered up by a thin, light nightgown she wore made from a soft silk and the cute, pink panties she was wearing underneath. Even as Many pulled herself in close, the Elf continued to sleep peacefully, seeming to have no reaction at all yet and despite being very alert and focused while awake, it was going to take quite a lot to rouse her from the state she was in. Mildes really had no idea she had attracted the attention of a Demon or just how much trouble she was in.
  5. [16:23] Mandy Cattaneo had a smile on her face, glad that the girl hadn't woken up just yet. She took a few long moments to take in the sight of the pretty elf, wondering how she got so lucky to find such a tantalizing treasure inside of this cave. "You are just the thing I need to get nice and warm.." The demoness clearly didn't have an ounce of shame in her body as she wasted no time in tugging down her pants and pulling out six inches of cock even though it was completely flaccid. She rubbed along the length of it a few times as she stared at the elf girl's ass, her other hand moving to gently push the hem of the thin nightgown upward to expose her panties. Mandy bit her lips to suppress a soft moan at the sight of them before she tugged them down as well and revealed the sleeping elf's folds. "Ohh, what a perfect little thing you are.." She took a firmer grip of her soft cock and guided it between the girl's legs, nudging her head between the soft folds and going straight for her entrance.
  7. ..She quickly found out that this would be far more difficult than it looked. She could already tell the girl's pussy was incredibly tight just from prodding at the entrance, and Mandy's cock being flaccid surely didn't help matters. But that didn't seem to dissuade her as she squeezed her cockhead almost painfully tight to try to make it a bit easier to push it into the girl's tight little hole.
  9. [16:34] Mildes Orelon still had no idea what was happening to her as her nightgown was pushed up and her panties were tugged down and left hanging around her knees for the moment. With her panties out of the way, Mandy would have the perfect opportunity to marvel at what had been hidden underneath. The Elfs mound was completely hairless and her cute, pink slit looked wonderfully tight and inviting. With the cock head pressing and prodding against her entrance, the Demon would also get a sense of the wonderful heat inside her, which would no doubt make Mandy even more eager to fit her cock inside. Trying to push the flaccid cock in would show just how naturally tight the Elf was and the fact that no lube had been used was making it much more difficult too. Although, with enough persistence and pressure, her hole would have no choice but to open up and let the cock head inside and once that happened, it'd become a lot easier to start feeding the rest of her flaccid cock in. So far the Elf still didn't appear to be bothered by what was happening to her and continued sleeping peacefully, although it was hard to say how long that'd last if Mandy did get her cock inside.
  11. [16:44] Mandy Cattaneo grumbled quietly at the difficulty she was having, her voice a soft murmur as she said, "Damn this blizzard.. can't even get it up because of the cold.." Despite her complaining, her continuous poking at Mildes's soft hairless sex and the promise of heat inside made her cock finally start to cooperate as it began to harden. She squeezed her arm tighter around the elf's waist to hold her steady while her other hand grabbed her now half-erect cock with the same harsh pressure as before. With a determined effort she started to squish her crown against Mildes's tiny slit, teasing the entrance before pressing insistently against it, her hips pressing forward to add to the firm pressure. It wasn't long before she let out a quiet groan as her cockhead started to spread apart those tender folds and sink into the tight hole, the heat of Mildes's insides a soothing balm against the cold. Mandy got a little impatient now and less careful, her arm squeezing even tighter around the girl's waist as she pushed her hips forward and forced an inch into that tight, dry hole, and then another..
  13. [16:55] Mildes Orelon began to give out soft mumbles and murmurs as the pressure increased on her tight hole. It took some time as it seemed like her sex was refusing to open up and accept the cock at first, but with enough pressure and insistence, her folds had no choice but to spread and let the cock sink inside. Her body tried to wriggle and squirm at the discomfort of being violated in her sleep, but the arm wrapped around her stopped her from moving too much. Every inch that pushed inside her got to experience the heavenly warmth and firm grip of the tight tunnel as her inner walls wrapped and squeezed around the head and shaft of the Demon. It was clear that the Elf was starting to stir and return to consciousness and if the Demon didn't slow down or try something soon, she'd likely wake up to a big surprise. Another few grunts and groans escaped the Elf as those hips pushed forward once more and managed to work the next inch into her folds.
  15. [17:02] Mandy Cattaneo had a big grin on her face when she realized her treasure was starting to wake up. "Oh this should be delightful.." Mandy took the opportunity to look around the small camp, her eyes taking sight of the bow and arrows and other equipment not far from Mildes. The tail that had been laying dormant till now suddenly sprung into action, showing dexterity and strength as it quickly shoved the equipment out of reach of the girl before coiling itself sinuously around Mildes's waist. Her arm now moved upward, wrapping around the elf's torso just underneath her breasts. She could easily do more to contain the girl.. but she was honestly curious what the innocent-looking elf might do once she realized the situation she was in. In the meantime, she occupied herself with stroking her hips back and forth, her shaft teasing along Mildes's soft folds as it gently plunged into her, keeping herself to just these few inches for now as she simply savored the intense heat of the girl's tight walls clinging to her dick.
  16. [17:12] Mildes Orelon let out a soft, confused noise and flickered back to consciousness as the tail easily pushed her gear away and caused her bow and arrows to clatter against the stone floor away from her. It took a moment for her senses to return to her as her eyes fluttered open and her blurry eyes began to peer into the dim cave. It was only then that she realised the stretching sensation of something inside her folds and the thrusting movement from behind her. Her eyes flicked down and immediately a burst of panic shot through her as she saw the deep red skin of the arm wrapped around her, along with what looked like a tail. "What the... What's going on? Let go of me." The Elf started to speak, still sounding dazed and tired at first but quickly becoming more urgent as she shook the sleep off. Her lithe form struggled and fought against the Demon as she tried to pull herself away, although she wasn't sure just how strong the demon was yet.
  18. [17:22] Mandy Cattaneo let out a sinister laugh, seeming to enjoy the obvious panic the elf was feeling. When she started to struggle, Mandy hugged the girl tight with both arms now in a way that pinned her elbows right against her sides. Meanwhile her tail continued to wind its way around the girl's body, making its way downward and pinning her thighs together. Satisfied with the embrace for now, Mandy focused on stabbing herself the slightest bit harder into Mildes's pussy to make sure she knew exactly what was going on here. Her head moved next to the elf's, her tongue snaking out to lick lewdly along her earlobe before she whispered into it, "Shhh shh, I'll do no such thing. Once I get my cock in a cutie like you, it doesn't come out until I say so. Maybe if you're a good girl, we can have some fun together." She could already tell from the feel of the elf's body and her scattered equipment that her behaving was very unlikely, but it couldn't hurt to try. Honestly, a huge part of her was hoping the girl would fight back, just so she could have a little more fun with this whole situation.
  20. [17:32] Mildes Orelon couldn't believe what was happening to her and her whole body was filled with dread and adrenaline. She could've never even imagined she'd wake up and find herself getting fucked like this. The Elf glanced over and saw where her bow and arrows had landed away from her, although there was no chance of getting to them with the way she was being held. The lithe Elf gritted her teeth and tried to muster up every bit of strength she could to flex and fight against the embrace, hoping she'd be able to pull and squirm her arms or legs free, although all she really seemed to be doing was bucking her body back against the Demon. "Stop it! Let me go right now! I'm warning you!" The Elf blurted out, trying to sound threatening although that it wouldn't work too well with how naturally soft and sweet her voice was. It was clear Mildes wasn't the type to submit and accept the fucking so easily and she was going to fight as much as she could to try and escape and save herself.
  22. [17:43] Mandy Cattaneo seemed to be enjoying the struggle, thanks to the way the elf's wiggling body was making her tight walls squirm against her cock. Bit by bit Mandy started to squeeze her arms even tighter around the girl as if imitating a boa constrictor, her tail doing the same as it wound itself a few more times around the girl's thighs to keep them from being able to move too much. The demoness laughed at the sweet elf's words, her voice mocking as she said, "Oh you're warning me, huh? And what exactly do you think you can do like this? Face it sweetheart, you're going to be nothing more than my little fucktoy. After all, there's no other real purpose for pretty elves like you, is there?"
  24. "Now, I am quite enjoying this fighting spirit you have, but.." The demoness suddenly growled fiercely into Mildes's ear, her nails digging into her skin. "Don't make this too difficult for me. You are far too pretty. I'd hate to have to tear you into tiny little pieces before I get to have my fun with you." As if to show that she wasn't joking, the nails against the elf's skin suddenly felt a little sharper, and they started to trace a path along Mildes's cleavage, dangerously close to breaking the skin.
  26. [17:53] Mildes Orelon couldn't tell if she was more angry or afraid of what was happening to her as her struggled and protests were met with mocking. It was becoming more and more apparent just how weak she was compared to the Demoness and her struggling became much harder once the embrace tightened around her and kept her firmly in place. She knew there was nothing she could really do, at least until she had the chance to escape and grab her bow, but she doubted the Demon would be dumb or foolish enough to let her do that. A small squeal was forced from the Elf as she felt the nails pressing firmly into her smooth, pale skin and already she could guess just how much damage they could do to her if they wanted to. However, she also had to fear the large cock that was still rocking back and forth inside her and seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the moment. She still wasn't ready to resign herself to being a fucktoy and cockwarmer for the cruel Demon so despite her better judgement, she continued her fighting and struggling, hoping to find a way to break free, even if it did mean risking the nails against her skin.
  28. [18:06] Mandy Cattaneo decided to change tactics since the elf didn't seem to want to behave. The demoness started to move, her legs wrapping themselves around Mildes's as her tail started to uncoil from around her thighs. Mandy suddenly grabbed the elf's wrists and brought them together in front of her, her tail then making its way up and binding them together tightly before dragging them up over the girl's head. She then moved Mildes onto her back and sat on her chest, using her weight to pin her to the ground. Her cock was now bobbing right in front of the elf's face, drooling a bit of precum as it started to harden more and more. The demoness was clearly aroused by the struggle, even if she was trying to stop it. "Alright sweetheart. Here's the deal. Either you can be a good girl and start sucking on my cock, or I can ram it right down your throat and fuck your pretty face. Either way, you're going to get me hard the rest of the way like the good little cockslut you're supposed to be." Her hips shifted forward, bringing her crown closer to your lips, a sadistic grin on her face as she looked down at the squirming elf girl.
  30. [18:19] Mildes Orelon tried to make it as difficult as possible for the Demoness as she changed her grip and moved her into a different position, although even with all of her struggling, it didn't seem too difficult for Mandy to get on top and bind the Elfs hands with her tail. With her now on her back and the woman straddling her, Mildes could finally get a good look at who and what had found her in her sleep. She gazed up and saw the cruel grin on the red skinned woman's face, along with the horns that showed her demonic nature. Her eyes scanned down, taking in the sight of her figure and the tunic she had on and only stop when her eyes met the excited cock pointing back at her that seemed very eager for more. Despite the threat given to her, there was no way she could willingly suck on the hard, red cock and instead she kept her lips sealed while glaring back up at the woman, determined not to open her lips at all. There was an obvious fear and nervousness on the Elfs expression with how close the cock tip was getting to her lips and the way it was leaking precum already. There wasn't too much she could do with the weight pressing down on her, but she'd still try to wriggle her wrists free from the tail wrapped around them or buck her hips in attempt to push the herm off of her.
  32. [18:29] Mandy Cattaneo let out this giddy little laugh that seemed in total opposition to the way she had just been grinning at you. "Oh good! I was hoping you would pick that option." Her hand grabbed her dick near the head and guided it to the elf's lips, pressing the swollen mass against them a few times, her tongue sneaking out to lick at her lips as precum drooled from her tip and onto Mildes's tightly closed lips. By now her cock had hardened to a sturdy nine inches, and with the way it was still pulsing and twitching, it wasn't even completely erect yet. While the hand on her dick started to press her crown firmly against the elf's lips, her other hand moved suddenly to one of Mildes's long ears, grabbing it near the base and using it to hold the girl's head in place. She had a grin on her face as she said, "See? You were made to have your face fucked with these nice handles!" Her fingers rubbed at the soft ear idly as she contined to press her cockhead against the elf's lips with much the same insistence as she did when she was trying to stick her dick into the girl's pussy. And the more Mildes fought to keep her mouth closed, the more pressure and strength Mandy would use to force the girl's mouth open to hopefully get her dick between those luscious lips.
  34. [18:40] Mildes Orelon winced and whined out as she first felt the meaty cock head pressing up against her sealed lips and beginning to push against them. As it was held against her, the precum continued to ooze out and smeared against the Elf, giving her a small taste of what was to come if she couldn't stop it from happening. Another squeal was brought from the Elf as the hand wrapped around her ear and her expression alone showed just how sensitive they were and how much she hated having them touched and rubbed like they were, which just caused her to try bucking and squirming even harder under the herm. She resisted for as long as she could, desperate not to let the cock inside as she knew there was no way she'd be able to handle a face fucking from a monster like that, but the longer it went on and the more pressure that was applied, the harder it became to resist. Finally, after a good few moments of having the cock head mashed up against her lips, her defenses were weakened and her lips were slowly pried open and let the cock head slip inside. A loud, muffled moan could be heard as she tried to pull her head back, but she knew it was already too late now.
  36. [18:48] Mandy Cattaneo let out a deep groan as soon as that warm mouth enveloped her cockhead. A thick burst of precum shot out of her tip in response and nailed the roof of Mildes's mouth before splashing down onto her tongue. Mandy moved her other hand to the elf's other ear, enjoying the way she had reacted to the other one being touched. Grabbing onto both ears now, Mandy started to push her hips forward, eagerly sinking inch after inch of her thick meat into the vulnerable elf's warm mouth, the thickness of it meaning it dragged along her tongue. Mandy's dick throbbed inside its new home, hardening even further until it was finally fully erect and practically straining the poor girl's lips around the thick shaft. Mandy let out an excited moan before murmuring in a voice husky with lust, "Oh you are going to be such a nice cumdump, I can already tell." Mandy took a moment to pause, more for her own benefit as she savored what her dick was feeling in that wet hole. Then she started to move again, her hips working back and forth now as she started to fuck her stiff erection deeper and deeper into Mildes's mouth until she started nudging against the back of her throat.
  38. [18:59] Mildes Orelon grimaced with disgust as the cock sank between her lips and sat inside her mouth. She couldn't believe it was still growing bigger and harder as it enjoyed the feeling of her soft lips sat around the girth and her tongue which was trapped in place underneath it, causing her to feel the shaft sliding back and forth over her tongue with every thrust. Her other ear was just as sensitive and irritable as the first, especially as Mandy seemed to grab hold of it with very little care or concern for the Elf. More muffled whines and complaints were forced from the Elf as the hips began to move and her mouth was fucked by the horny Demoness. She was already feeling totally humiliated and used with the cock in her mouth and the degrading words and verbal abuse certainly wasn't helping much either. No matter how much she struggled and fought, she had no choice but to let the cock keep thrusting into her wet mouth and soon she felt her gag reflex triggering as the thick tip reached the back of her throat. It was blatantly obvious the Elf wasn't used to sucking cocks this big and as Mandy worked to force her cock in deeper, the gagging from the Elf only worsened in response.
  40. [19:08] Mandy Cattaneo only seemed to get more excited once she felt that throat constricting around her cock, her hands sliding a little further along the elf's ears and gripping them even tighter as her hips started to fuck forward at a faster pace. Each firm thrust seemed to be deliberately aimed for the back of the girl's throat, bumping teasingly against it over and over again before she let out a deeply satisfied groan and stabbed her dick even deeper on the next thrust, stuffing her throbbing erection down into the elf's tight throat. From there, each gag caressed her swollen crown in the most enticing way, and she made sure to pump her hips nice and hard to get her dick down into Mildes's throat each and every time. The demoness clearly cared not even a bit for the elf's discomfort, even going so far as to blatantly enjoy it as she showed no sign of relieving the almost constant pressure on Mildes's gag reflex. "Oh fuck you're making me so hard. Elves make for such good fucktoys, I might just keep you and use you all I want."
  42. [19:19] Mildes Orelon was becoming more and more panicked with each harsh thrust down her throat. She could see the satisfaction the Demoness was getting each time her hips rolled forward and pushed her cock into the Elfs mouth and the longer it went on, the worse it got for the Elf. Her eyes began to water and tears run down her cheeks as her gagging became harsher and louder, causing it to echo around the dim cave they were in. As a natural instinct to clear her throat, her already tight muscles squeezed and pushed around the head and shaft to try and force it back out while she coughed up plenty of wet, messy saliva that coated most of the red demonic shaft. With the cock constantly triggering her gag reflex, the Elf got a horrible, sickly feeling coming up from her stomach and quickly knew what it meant. She let out more panicked noises, trying to tell the woman to stop while she bucked around under her and tried to pull free, which wasn't at all easy with the tight grip still on her long ears.
  44. [19:28] Mandy Cattaneo showed no sign of stopping, especially with the mess of spit lubing her way and the way that tight throat was constricting even more harshly around her aching erection. Mandy was now leaning over the elf's face as she pistoned her hips at a steady pace, using her strength to push past the resistance that the elf's throat was giving her so that she could keep fucking into that luscious throat. No matter what noises the elf made or how much she struggled, Mandy was enjoying herself far too much to even think of stopping. Mandy was moaning deeply now as she fucked that hot throat as if it was a pussy, and after a few more thrusts, she started fucking even harder, stabbing her dick down as far as it would go in Mildes's throat. While she didn't want to suffocate her new toy, neither did she want to show any mercy when she had such a pretty face and throat to stroke her fat, throbbing cock into. A vile demoness like her could easily get used to this kind of treatment.
  46. [19:37] Mildes Orelon was unwillingly giving the Demoness a wonderful treat as her mouth was fucked mercilessly, despite all her gagging and complaining. By now every inch of that red cock was coated in a thick layer of gag spit and plenty more was starting to spill out around her lips and down her chin as Mandy continued to use her throat as a fuck toy. The lustful moans of the Demoness were a sharp contrast to the mixture of gagging, choking and heaving the Elf was doing and as the fucking became deeper and more intense, the sick feeling grew inside her and her head began to feel light from how difficulty it was to breathe with the cock jamming down her throat constantly. She tried giving a few more pleads for it to stop, but it was already far too late for her now. After a couple more firm thrusts that forced the cock all the way into her throat, the Elf couldn't hold back any longer. She gagged harshly once more before her throat squeezed around the shaft and brought up a hot load of vomit straight from her stomach which coated the length of the shaft and spilled out of her mouth.
  48. [19:47] Mandy Cattaneo let out a gasping moan at the sudden heat from the mess spilling from Mildes's mouth, her hips slamming forward roughly down to the hilt inside, making the girl's vomit cascade around the base of the demoness's shaft and down around her balls. After savoring the wet, hot filth pouring from Mildes's mouth for a few moments, she would finally show a bit of mercy, roughly yanking her dick out of the elf's throat and giving her a few moments to at least catch a few breaths. ..Whether she did so or not, the demoness only gave her that short amount of time before she stabbed her dick back down to the hilt inside and started viciously fucking deep into Mildes's throat. She laughed suddenly as her dick throbbed thickly in the girl's throat, her voice mocking once again, "Oooohh, thanks for the lube sweetheart! I knew you were loving this. You just want me to keep pounding your throat until I spray my load into your stomach, don't you?" Judging by the way she was stroking herself so purposefully into Mildes's throat, it was clear she was trying to make the girl puke again even as the still fresh vomit was clinging to her shaft and balls.
  50. [19:58] Mildes Orelon was filled with a mixture of horror and embarrassment after puking from the face fucking she was receiving, although she was thankful for the respite as the demoness pulled her cock free. The Elf was left panting heavily to try and get her breath back while coughing and spitting up a mixture of spit and vomit from her throat. Even through her tear filled eyes, she could see the red cock and balls were thoroughly coated in her vomit and seemingly still eager for more. The choking and gagging had left the Elf weak and dazed, meaning it wasn't too hard to force the head past the lips and again, she had no choice but to take another harsh throat fucking. It only took a moment for the gagging and choking to come back just as before and Mandy would be treated to the now familiar feeling of her throat muscles wrapping and squeezing around her shaft as they try to push her back out. Her lithe body bucked and squirmed under the woman as she tried to fight some more but after another deep thrust, the Elf began to vomit up another load of puke from her stomach which again coated the shaft and run down her balls as they pressed up to her lips.
  52. [20:08] Mandy Cattaneo groaned deeply as another hot mess of vomit flooded out of the girl's mouth and down her balls, her crotch drenched with the sick by now. She managed to stab herself one last time into that tightly constricting throat down to the hilt before she cried out in ecstasy, her dick lurching and thudding against the inside of the girl's throat before starting to spray thick ropes of semen deep into it. Each time her cock twitched inside the elf's tight throat, another thick blast of jizz followed it, some of the sticky fluid hitting the insides of Mildes's throat and clinging there while the rest of it was dumped straight into her stomach. She jettisoned about half of her enormous cumload this way before she pulled her dick out of the elf's throat and instead nestled her cockhead right on top of her tongue and started to fill her mouth with the rest of it. The demoness had a huge grin on her face as her orgasm pulsed through her, her eyes locked on the sweet elf now, taking in the sight of her spit and vomit-coated lips and chin and the tears running down her face as she shot the rest of her thick load into her mouth. "Mmmmhh, my god, you're even prettier like this.. what a good cumdump you were for me.."
  54. [20:18] Mildes Orelon had no choice but to swallow down the hot load of cum as it was pumped deep into her throat and slid its way down into her recently emptied stomach. After vomiting twice and being almost choked out by the cock in her throat, she wasn't in the best condition to fight back at the moment and her weak bucks were doing nothing to push the Demoness away. Her pained and distraught expression turned to a disgusted grimace as the pulsing cock pulled back and began to cover her tongue and fill her mouth with whatever was left of the hot, demonic load. Even now she was struggling and gagging on the texture and taste of the seed and she seemed to freeze up with it all sitting in her mouth. She didn't want to try and swallow it, but there was no way of spitting it out until the cock was pulled out and she was let go, so she was left in an awkward position of trying to hold it in her mouth for the moment and trying not to let the sheer volume of cum overwhelm her. Now that the Demoness had finished using her mouth and emptied her balls. Mildes just had to hope she'd be left alone and given some time to recover from it all.
  56. [20:24] Mandy Cattaneo started to laugh happily once her orgasm finally ended. She pulled her dick out of Mildes's mouth with a pop and then rubbed her aching cockhead all over the elf's lips in an effort to wipe off the cum still clinging to her tip, but really all she ended up doing was smearing the mess of spit, cum, and vomit around on the girl's lips and chin. Even though she had stopped the relentless assault on the elf's mouth and throat, her tail was still holding her hands above her head and she was still pinning the girl to the ground with her weight. "You did such a good job for me, fucktoy. I should give you a reward and let you go.. but I think I'd much rather play with you some more.." Even though she had just blown such a huge load, her dick was already starting to harden again as her eyes wandered over the elf's gorgeous lithe body, wondering just what she could do to her next.
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