More Than Just Forgetful- Chapter 3

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  1.     “I’ll be honest, I don’t know you well,” Fig admitted sheepishly.
  2.     Lilac nodded. All of this was a lot to take in. Now that they knew that they had a life before this, they felt overwhelmed by how much they were missing. They didn’t know their own name, not until Fig had told them.
  3.     “But you recognize the flowers, right? That is something!” Fig insisted. “Maybe you will remember things!”
  4.     Lilac offered them the smallest hint of a smile, although they didn’t bother keeping it up long. They were troubled, that much was clear. Something was very, very wrong.
  5.     Fig was quiet for a few moments before they stood up. “Maybe a friend of mine can help!” they announced. “If you promise to be gentle I can try to let you ride,” they offered, crouching down slightly and letting Lilac hop on their back.
  6.     Lilac was a bit heavy, yes, but it wasn’t anything Fig couldn’t manage. Something about where they were going deeply unsettled Lilac, although the feeling grew stronger when they reached a little cabin in the woods.
  7.     They hopped off.
  8.     “Is something wrong?” they asked, stopping in their tracks as soon as they felt their passengers get off.
  9.     Lilac nodded. “There’s magic here,” they signed.
  10.     “Yes, the woman is magic. She can help!”
  11.     “The kind of magic that caused this,” Lilac said, their eyes narrowing. They didn’t trust this Fig person, not anymore. “Thank you, I’m leaving,” they told them. It was a bad idea to turn their back on somebody they didn’t trust, but Fig didn’t pursue them.
  12.     Now Lilac didn’t know who to trust. Fig had tried to bring them somewhere that had the same sort of energies as the crater, they realized that now. They didn’t know what that meant, but they didn’t trust it.
  13.     Something had happened to them, and they were determined to figure it out.
  14.     That might be difficult when they didn’t know who they could trust. Did they make the right choice by refusing Fig’s offer? The magic they’d sensed said yes, but something deep down said they should’ve stuck with the centaur.
  15.     No, it’s best to leave. Lilac should avoid that magic at all costs.
  17.     “You’re paying for lunch,” Chili Pepper said. Of course she mentioned that after they’d already eaten. Not that Yogurt couldn’t, he had more than enough, it was just annoying that she was like this.
  18.     Was she just using him for money?
  19.     Actually, never mind, he already knew the answer to that. He paid and the two went on their way.
  20.     “So... What are you going to do when the person actually dies?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
  21.     Yogurt didn’t answer her, not that she expected one. He’d been pretty quiet lately. Not that Chili could blame him, not at all. She didn’t entirely know what she’d do if Cotton Candy died...
  22.     She didn’t want to think about that, though, and forced her mind from the topic.
  23.     “So... If you pay me I’ll let you stay at-”
  24.     “I’m not paying you for anything,” Yogurt hissed. “You got me what I needed, I’m done with you,” he told her plainly.
  25.     No loss for her. “Alright, seeya,” she responded casually, continuing on her way while Yogurt stopped.
  26. Now what was he supposed to do? He didn’t know, honestly. Maybe he could go home? He’d been traveling for so long, it might be nice to visit Yogurca again. It still wouldn’t be the same.
  27. He just wanted Lilac back. Tears sprung to his eyes. He should probably wait until Ninja finished, though. Surely it wouldn’t be that long? Then he could go home and try to move on with his life.
  28. While he was in the area he could go visit some friends. That might help.
  29. Although, Yogurt cream wasn’t really good friends with a lot of people here. At least Pilot lived nearby, that meant Yogurt could at least have some good butterscotch.
  30.     He remembered just how much he hated traveling by foot quickly. He just needed to get to the next town over, why did it have to be so far away!? At least when he arrived he could find Pilot’s little house.
  31.     Of course, the old man just had to have lilacs in his garden. Just thinking about the flower upset him. Maybe he should come back, he felt like he was about to start bawling right here.
  32.     He turned and left, staring down at the ground. He hadn’t meant to bump into anybody, but when he glanced up to apologize he was met with a familiar face.
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