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  1. command /weapon:
  2.     trigger:
  3.         open chest with 1 row named "§a初期武器" to player
  4.         wait 1 tick
  5.         format slot 0 of player with chest named "§e初期武器" with lore "" to run [execute player command "give %player% minecraft:stick 1 0 {"display":{"Name":"§6棒","Lore":["§7武器タイプ: 棒","§7攻撃速度: 早い","§7ダメージ: 1","§e説明","§6ただの棒だ","§6","§8≫§fレア度: §5E"]},"ench":[{"id":34s,"lvl":1s}],"HideFlags":33}"]
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