New Beginnings 3

Oct 17th, 2017
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  1. Chapter 3
  3. As Anon sat at the bottom of the tub waiting for help her soaked fur began to grow cold now exposed to the open air. Before getting a chance to call out for help again she heard a knock at the bathroom door. “Hello? Little miss? Did you require some assistance?” asked the voice from the other side of the door, it was definitely a stallions voice on the other side. This put Anon in something of a predicament, although she did need help she wasn’t sure how she felt about a stallion seeing her naked. “Umm yea, I need help, I’m stuck in the tub and I can’t get out!” Anon told the stallion, just then the door started to open.
  4. “WAIT! I’M NAKED IN HERE!” shouted the filly as she instinctively covered herself with her hooves.
  5. “Umm, ok. So how should I help you then?” Asked the guard in the most confused tone, still outside of the room.
  6. “Ok could you get me a towel, then with your eyes closed toss me the towel in the tub, then you can come in.” Anon explained to unknown samaritan, it only took a few moments for him to come back to the door.
  7. “Ok I’m coming in; my eyes are closed just like you asked.” He told her as the door opened, Anon looked over the edge of the tub to see just who was coming to her aid. The stallion was on of the castle guards, adorned in his gold armour, his eyes were closed like she asked.
  8. “Ok now toss me the towel. Just follow my voice.” She told him, the stallion who did as he was told, using his wing to pass it to her.
  9. Anon took the towel and wrapped it around herself, “Ok you can open your eyes now.”
  10. The guard opened his eyes and looked over to the tub. Looking back at him was the top of the filly’s head, her big hazel eyes looking back at him with her wet mane in her face. “I’m stuck in here; can you help me out now?” She asked him, her face absolutely flushed as he trotted over to the tub.
  11. He slipped his wings under her forelegs and lifted her out of the tub and then placed her on floor. Still flushed over the situation, Anon looked up to face the guard, “Umm, thanks for the help. I can take it from here.” She explained as he headed towards the door.
  12. Before leaving the room, the guard paused for a moment, “It was no problem little miss, if you need anything else you need just call, I’ll be back at my post.” The guard nodded his head and continued on his way.
  13. Anon closed the bathroom door after he left. She sighed as she made herself over to the mirror, sitting on her rear she pulled off her towel and began to dry herself off. She finished as quickly as possible remembering that as soon as she finished she’d be able to go exploring. She thought about looking herself over once again but just wasn’t ready for anything like that yet. Anon finally made her way out of her room and to her surprise the guard that had helped her out was standing beside her door.
  14. “Oh, you’re still here? Not that it’s a problem. Or anything. I just thought you said you were heading back to your post. I’m Anon by the way.” The little filly rambled, the words pouring out of her mouth.
  15. “I am at my post miss Anon. I was assigned to you by the Princess herself. My name is Morning Frost by the way.” He told her as he saluted with his cerulean wing. He then removed his helmet swishing his ice blue mane.
  16. “I’m also to act as your escort for the day but don’t worry I’m one of the fun guards.” He told her with a smile, Anon once again feeling a little flushed.
  17. She wondered what exactly was wrong with her, before she could say anything Morning Frost spoke again, “You know for a filly who made such a big deal about being undressed I’d figured you’d be wearing something before leaving the room.” He told Anon who immediately shot her tail between her legs to cover herself.
  18. “Whoa, you know I was kidding, right? I don’t know where you’re from but ponies around here don’t really wear clothes too often, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Morning Frost told her trying to calm the skittish filly down.
  19. “Yes, of course, ponies don’t wear clothes and I am in fact a pony, have been my whole life.” She finished with a nervous laugh, she was totally blowing this, and why was she so nervous?
  20. “So, was there anywhere you wanted to go? There’s a lot to see in Canterlot.” He told her as they began walking together down the halls, their hooves clopping against the marble floors.
  21. “I don’t know, I’ve never been to Canterlot before. The Princess did mention there was a market, that sounds fun.” As Anon finished that sentence he realized that even though he had the chance to go anywhere or do anything he wanted to go shopping, he really was a girl now.
  22. “Sure, I can make that happen, the Princess gave me a purse to give to you as well with more than enough bits for the day.” Frost told her as he hoofed over a bag of gold coins.
  23. Anon took the bag and swung it back over her shoulder, following Frost who lead the way. After a long walk through the castle the two ponies finally stepped through the castle gates an into the surrounding city. As soon as they were passed the gate though Anon had immediately felt that she was making a huge mistake. Inside of the castle the ponies were few and far between and most of them were guards, outside on the other hoof they were everywhere now, ponies of every type, size and colour. All of them going to and fro, all them lively with smiles on their faces, they practically radiated happiness off themselves. Anon could almost feel it, hell she could almost see it in a weird way. For the former human it was weird to see anything this happy, back on Earth most people were so busy just trying to make it through the daily grind that seeing anyone that happy was few and far in between. Anon pulled in closer to her chaperone as they made their way through the crowd. Frost looked down to the filly who if she was any closer would be right underneath him. He felt bad for her, “Not one for crowds, are you?” Frost asked her as she looked up to him.
  24. “What would give you that idea?” She questioned as they trotted into the market square.
  25. “Call it a hunch, I’m guessing there aren’t to many other ponies where you live, I see it all the time when country ponies come into the city.” He told her as they paused in the square.
  26. “Yea, I guess you could say something like that.” She told him, after all technically it was true, before coming to Equestria he’d only ever seen ponies on tv. And now not only was she in a city full of them, she was one now herself.
  27. Anon tried to survey the market but couldn’t see through the crowds. She turned to Morning Frost who picked her up with his wings and placed her on his back. “Thanks.” She told him, her cheeks once again red.
  28. From her new vantage point she could get a much better look of the market, there were shops of every kind in the square, as well as long rows of booths filled with all sorts of treasures and trinkets. “So, was there anything you needed first?” Frost inquired, the filly still looking around as her purse almost slipped off her back, “I guess I could use a new bag, to keep my…purse in.” Anon didn’t care for the term purse to describe the bag, it was like taking another step over to the feminine side, which was kinda like the dark side except like pink she thought.
  29. “Sounds like a plan to me, so did you just want to stay up there or what? Doesn’t really matter none to me miss Anon.” He asked her smirking, Anon covered her face with her hooves to hide her obvious embarrassment.
  30. “Yes please.” She told him as he placed her back down on the ground.
  31. “Oh! I have just the place in mind, it’s where my parents took my sister to get all of her new stuff for school.” Morning Frost told her as he leads the way through the market, Anon following closely beside him.
  32. They stepped into a shop as the bell above the door rang out, Anon looked around the shop, it was stocked of all different clothes and accessories for fillies her age. She thought to herself, wow this is really happening, I’m in a girl’s store shopping for a bag. She made her way through the shop looking for where they keep the bags. After locating the isle Anon looked through the selection, why did everything have to be so brightly coloured? Heck colour didn’t even touch Anon’s skin till he had she had green fur growing out of it. Finally, after looking through all the bags Anon found a nice-looking charcoal coloured bag with a simple silver buckle, “I like this one, can I get this one Frost?” Anon pleaded like any other child who wanted something. Only realizing how out of character it was after it was done.
  33. “Well they are your bit Anon. Did you want anything else while we’re here?” He asked her, Anon looked around as she then turned to Frost, “I guess it couldn’t hurt to look around. So, you have a sister?” She in turn asked him as she continued looked around.
  34. “Yep, her name is Winter Breeze, she’s about your age. You two would probably get along really well, she’s always looking to make new friends.” Frost answered as Anon made her way through the isles, now walking through the dresses racks. She wasn’t really paying attention to any of them, after all she wasn’t that far gone yet, it hasn’t even been a day and there was no way she was going to wear a dress.
  35. “I think I’m good here, just the bag will do for now.” She explained as she made her way to the till, which was one of those old timey till, she hoped it would make that ding noise when the till opened. After handing over the bits for the bag Anon and Morning Frost made their back out and continued with their shopping, Anon now carrying her bits in her new saddle bag.
  36. After a long morning of shopping Anon gathered as modest collection of new items that caught her eye. Two of those items being a History of Equestria book and an Equestrian Geography book, to help Anon learn more about her new home. Her and Morning Frost sat in the park during the lunch hour, stopping at a food vendor for something to eat. Anon didn’t know how to feel about the carrot dog that she got, at first it seemed like a cheap imitation of a hotdog, until she tasted it, who knew that a carrot could be this good? She thought to herself as she flipped through her history book.
  37. As she continued to read, her nose caught in a book as she tried to get a sense of Equestria’s history she heard a loud, “Incoming!” But before she could react however a kickball fell out of the sky and hit Anon on the top of her head,” Ouch.” Said Anon as she dropped her book and toppled over like a rag doll.
  38. When she looked back up another filly was standing in front of her holding the ball with one of her front hooves, “Hey, I’m really sorry about that honest. The ball just got away from me and my friends while we were playing, you’re ok, right?” The Pegasus asked as Anon rubbed her head before picking up her book, “Yea, I’m pretty sure I’m fine, no long-term damage or at least nothing anypony will notice. I’m Anon by the way.”
  39. As Anon rose to her hooves Morning Frost made his way over to the fillies, “Frosty!” Shouted the filly as she dropped the ball and ran in for a hug.
  40. “Hey Breezy, I didn’t know you were going to be at the park today.” Frost said as he retuned the hug.
  41. “Oh, is this that sister you were talking about earlier?” Anon asked as looked back and forth between the two of them and seeing a family resemblance.
  42. “Yep, I’m Winter Breeze. You want to play with us?”
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