Disadvantage of doing PBNs

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Disadvantage of doing PBNs
  2. I surfed on internet about SEO to learn in the past days..
  3. After reading some of SEO related blogs, I got an idea about doing PBN will help in SEO.
  4. I can imagine the possibilities of ranking when I do PBN, however there will be some disadvantage..
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  16. Can you all please answer this question...
  17. What are the problems you had when you did PBNs?
  18. It's time consuming if you want to make it proofless.
  19. Understand how google penalize PBN (a lot of patent on that) - make it so your PBN is not seen as a PBN.
  20. Also, finding great expired is hard.
  21. pbns are great but it takes lots of time to write pbn post. if you got the budget, hire someone to write your articles for you so you can focus on other things.
  22. are you talking about making your own PBN or joining one to rank your money site?
  24. You will only ever regret the chances you didn't take.?
  25. Money to buy domain, money to buy hosting(dozen), time to set up, time to write article from time to time .. et. And all of this must look natural :)
  26. Its time consuming and it can leave you vulnerable to penalties when the pbn your using gets caught
  27. If you are good at covering your tracks, I don't see any disadvantage?
  28. PBNs Problem:
  29. 1. Same server and same IP hosting blogs are not good
  30. 2. Article quality is important so low quality article pbns are not good.
  31. 3. Domain registration with same name is bad for PBNs.
  32. 4. Same theme using for his Pbn network is not good.
  33. When I was new to SEO, I spent too much $ on cheap PBNs. They did nothing. Invest in quality rather than quantity.
  34. The biggest disadvantage is that even when you do everything right, it may still not work.
  35. Or at least not to a point when it makes positive difference (or positive ROI) for you. And it's an expensive experiment.
  36. You make a great PBN and jump from N/A to 20-30 with your keywords. Some people here would say, hey, that's great!
  37. But 20-30 positions receive close to none traffic from Google.
  38. What would you do in such a situation? Buy more domains and hosting accounts? Would you have money for that?
  39. PBN is very uncertain now. 6 years ago you bought a few posts for cheap buck and you were nr. 1... Now you build a top-quality hand made PBN, which costs thousands, and you may jump to nr. 20.
  40. My advice: just buy posts in someone's else PBN. See what difference it makes. Do not risk building your own network.
  41. you can do all on your own and you dont need to buy content, you can auto generate it too and it works fine, just depends on how much effort you want to put into it or if you want to use the PBN domains as direct money pages too.
  42. otherwise you can just use markov and cloak them and it works without getting banned, doing this since years and sofar not a single of my PBN domains got deindexed.
  43. You make a great PBN and jump from N/A to 20-30 with your keywords. Some people here would say, hey, that's great! But 20-30 positions receive close to none traffic from Google.
  44. If you have gone N/A to 20-30 in google chances are in other search engines your ranking higher my one of our main KWs I'm on page 2 in google but all other search engines I'm pos 1-3 page 1. Google does have its advantages as it's the go-to search but its not the be and end-all of SEO
  45. But if you BUY PBN links from sellers and they sell to others who don't know what they are doing, you might be setting yourself up for a big flameout
  46. 1. It would take time to set it up the right way.
  47. 2. It would cost good money to set up a decent pbn.
  48. 3. Even once you make the pbn links, there is no guarantee that you would hit the #1 spot.
  49. 4. Google could discover your PBN and ban your money site + PBN.
  50. I think its much better to make a few pbn links and then best the posts from other sellers.
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