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Jul 17th, 2019
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  1. # Why do you think you should be helper?
  2. #### For starters, I do really enjoy helping people. I find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction in the thought that I might of made someone's day just a little bit easier and, or better. Secondly, it may sound 100% fake & cheesy but I am actually really good at helping people too. If a player is being unclear about what they need help with, by watching what their trying to do and/or say, you can determine what a player needs help with without them actually giving you too much detail. For example, if a player can't speak English very well, and the gyms aren't working or something along the lines of that, if they say something like "help gyms" and they're furiously clicking at a gym leader, there are three possibilities. 1. The gyms have stopped working, which in that case, I would DM an admin or someone with the expertise and permissions to fix it. 2. They can't read the message that's displayed when you attack a gym more than once a day and in that case, I would say something like "Country?" or something that they would understand and if they reply with what country they're from, I will private message them a translation of the message the gyms display when you attack a gym more than once via Google Translate. 3. They don't know how to fight the gym leader. In that case I would repeat the 1st part of scenario 2 but then translate instructions on how to attack the gym.
  3. Thanks for reading this massive paragraph 😋
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