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  1. Good day, I'm a "hacker" who has hacked dating back to CS 1.6. I've developed hacks for Halo 2, CS 1.6, CS:S, DoD(:S), HL2:DM, and TF2. I play legitimately as well and have for many years. On top of this, I've used hacks in more games than I can count - including CS:GO. I saw another thread about hacking and VAC and wanted to put in my .02.
  3. I can't remember why I started hacking in games, although it may have to do with my computer development curiosities. However, I come here to bring information. As a disclaimer, I would like to say this: I no longer create cheats for any video games, I do not condone the use of cheats to "look legit", and I will not support you in your efforts to cheat or learn to cheat.
  5. Hacks today work in different ways, but most of what you deal with day-to-day involves injecting code into the game process csgo.exe to allow for modification of game processing. This type of hack is an injection hack and involves a client and some sort of injection process.
  7. CS:GO Hacks are immensely powerful and feature-full. This allows for extensible configuration options. The most notable options are: * Aimbot configuration: Including speed, ability to appear legit, etc. * Ability to see through walls * Track players using "ESP": Follow body outlines, see heads through walls, player health, player weapon, and more. * Extensive Radar: Allows you to see any player on the map at any time, no matter visibility
  9. There are numerous more options involved in hacking, some you wouldn't believe were possible. However little or small their customization, hacking is hacking and the number of people doing it would blow your mind - I promise.
  11. I'm sure many of you wonder why VAC, or other Anti-Cheats, pick up on these cheats. As an extension, you may wonder why other Anti Cheats pick this stuff up when VAC doesn't. This has to do with what I call the perpetual hacker circle and applies to far more than video games. What I mean is that something that is manmade will always have another man trying to find a way around it. Take software and video games, the pirating and hacking scenes of these mediums is gigantic - and ever-growing.
  13. To understand why I hack, it's better to understand the hacker mentality. And that simply is this - I want to understand how and why things work the way they do. Just know I am doing this because I want you all to be aware of how much of an issue cheating is, especially in our lovely game...CS:GO.
  15. I would like to make roungh analysis, however. I believe that ~30% of the high ranked Match Making players are hackers or hacked at some point in time to improve their rank. In addition, it is much easier to get away from hackers why utilizing services that have their own Anti-Cheat: ESEA, AltPug, Leetway. These are much more active and proactive Anti Cheats and most hackers are afraid to touch them while utilizing a cheat of any kind.
  17. With all that, please ask me any questions you have about cheating and I will gladly answer. I will not, however, lead you to any cheats or tell you how to use them.
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