summer PR write up

Aug 2nd, 2016
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  1. Officially Announcing The Summer NC Melee Power Rankings!
  2. Ranking Period: March 27, 2016 – July 23, 2016
  3. Panel: NEG | Stingers, $mike, Ambition
  5. We would like to officially congratulate everyone who made it onto the PR this season. It was, as expected, quite difficult to parse out the exact placements of many individuals due to the sheer volume of tournaments and the intense effort and competition that exists in North Carolina at this time.
  7. Before we get to the PR, we would like to emphasize to tournament organizers of NC events that the PR is a guideline that should be adhered to for seeding purposes.
  10. 1. Ronzell (Falco)
  11. 2. Twitch (Fox)
  12. 3. Glacial | $mike (Captain Falcon)
  14. NEG | Stingers: “These are the Olympiads of North Carolina. These three players have shown the ability to play at a level above the rest, although Ronzell has dropped sets to Zasa and Sharkz, and Twitch to Red. It is clear that these players are the best of the best, a cut above the rest, and have earned their place at the top."
  16. Ambition: “The decision to place Ronzell over Twitch this season may appear controversial, especially in light of his losses to Sharkz and Zasa. However, the panel decided that his 3-2 records over both Twitch and $Mike were very important.”
  17. ---
  18. 4. Glacial | Sharkz (Ice Climbers)
  19. 5. NEG | Stingers (Peach)
  20. 6. Red (Peach)
  21. 7. SmashDaddy (Fox)
  22. 8. Zasa (Jigglypuff)
  23. 9. Tah. (Marth)
  24. 10. SlipnSlide (Sheik/Fox)
  26. NEG | Stingers: “These players are the 'Challengers' of North Carolina. They have shown a demonstrated levels of consistency rising above everyone else in North Carolina, though still beneath our champions. It is rare, though not impossible, for a player in this tier to lose to lower ranked players, but anyone in this tier has demonstrated the capacity to avoid losing to unranked players (for the most part). Players here must also show the ability to challenge the champions above them, while lacking the needed consistency to join them.”
  28. Ambition: “We should note that the placement of individuals in this tier were frequently decided by paper-thin margins. For a vast majority of these individuals, no one factor led us to place one person over the other. While I have not been part of the panel for long, I truly believe that this is one of the most, if not the most contentious challenger tiers we have had to date.”
  29. ---
  30. 11. Sprankles (Jigglypuff)
  31. 12. Glacial | Monochrome (Ganon/Fox)
  32. 13. Gato (Marth)
  33. 14. Saef (Fox)
  34. 15. Karn (Fox/Sheik/Marth)
  36. NEG | Stingers: “This tier is our proving grounds. Players found in this tier may drop sets to unranked players at times (though by necessity to reach this far, it must be a rare event), but still have demonstrated the capacity to compete at an elite level in North Carolina. Players found here might have either have a few big wins, or just play consistently enough to minimize their losses to unranked players. Either way, the message of this tier is consistency. Players here have what it takes to shine if the conditions are right, but might need to take a look at what needs to be done to get those conditions to flourish.”
  37. Ambition: “The minimum requirement to be a proving grounds player this season was to have three or more power ranked wins, with minimal losses.”
  38. ---
  39. Honorable Mentions: Ambition (Sheik), Sneak (Fox/Falco), Weilin (Peach)
  41. Ambition: “All HM candidates this season fulfilled the requirement of two or more unique PR players defeated, but did not have enough wins and/or have too many poor losses to make it on to the rankings.”
  42. ---
  43. INFO___
  44. The North Carolina Melee Power Rankings are a roster of our strongest and most competitive players from our region. Their respective ranks are guided by tournament performances, but not solely determined by them. We do not rank players fresh every period. Their performances are judged relative to their previous rankings, so that a more accurate ranking can occur through a gradual process.
  45. A player is considered active if they attend at least two tournaments within a ranking period.
  46. A player’s ranking is determined with their performance and attendance/activity in consideration. Although a player can be eligible for the PRs by attending two tournaments, we encourage those who want to be strong contenders to attend as many events as possible. The more events a player attends, the more data they have vs other players, which is better for PR consideration.
  48. Money matches of $10 or more can be conducted for data towards PR consideration. A challenger must inform the other player that it is a $10 MM specifically for PR consideration. In other words, if a MM is $10 it doesn’t automatically count for PRs if the players involved don’t agree to it. You must agree to such before the MM happens.
  49. Other guidelines for MMs that count towards the PR:
  50. - A player being challenged can decline for any reason.
  51. - MMs that count toward the PR must take place at a tournament.
  52. - It is the responsibility of BOTH players involved to report the result to a member of the panel ($mike, Dark Hart, or Stingers) after the MM is completed. Please report all results no later than a week after they occur.
  53. ——————————
  54. As always, if you don’t like the list, go out and change it!!!
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