Meadow Stockade Part 1

Sep 16th, 2016
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  1. >You are anon.
  2. >And you have been in Equestria for the past six months.
  3. >During that time you have gone through every conceivable cliche that exists.
  4. >From popping out of a portal in the Everfree to being horribly maimed, befriending the main six to saving the world.
  5. >After all was said and done, you are glad for the break from all the life threatening situations you've been through.
  6. >Over time things settled down into a calm and relaxing state of peace.
  7. >To be honest, you loved being the hero of your own personal adventure.
  8. >But the constant stress and danger has taken it's toll and you are finding the quiet life to be much more enjoyable than you thought it would be.
  9. >After being awarded by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna for saving the world, you accidentally commented on the inefficiencies in Canterlot plumbing.
  10. >It was a spur of the moment comment, not really thought through, and you were forced to explain yourself to the rulers of ponykind.
  11. >After explaining how the sewerage could be optimized by using subterranean rivers in a connected system to flush waste down the mountainside, you found yourself appointed the exalted position of "Royal Adviser"
  12. >Thus, you moved in to Canterlot in a minor mansion at the lower edge of the noble district.
  13. >This would be only one of the many improvements you would recommend in the years to come.
  14. >However, that is a story for another time.
  15. >We shall now focus on how you met your personal body guard and how this was to be yet another tipping point in your so far, very exciting life.
  16. >The stoic and professional Royal Guard by the name of Meadow Stockade
  18. Queue scene shift motherfuckers
  20. >After a lengthy discussion on the plausibility for subterranean sewerage, that followed after a lengthy award ceremony, you were well and truly done for the day.
  21. >Having saved the world be damned. Your body still was too close to a basement dweller for comfort.
  22. >Resulting in you being exhausted after standing around for hours.
  24. >Now that you had been informed of your new career and your change in living conditions.
  25. >You just wanted to go straight to bed and let tomorrow deal with the changes.
  26. >Unfortunately, the princesses had other plans.
  27. >"Advisor Anon. It is my pleasure to inform you that your new living accommodations are being arranged as we speak"
  28. >You open your groggy eyes and blearily look over at princess Celestia, standing there with a beatific smile.
  29. >"And" she continues. "It is expected of one of your status to be attended at all times, hence we have procured a suitable escort for you"
  30. >Through your exhausted daze you mentally giggle at the reference of getting an escort
  31. >Before you can actually string together enough of a thought to object to having someone stalk you at all hours a day, princess Celestia calls out for your new "escort"
  32. >And in through the conference rooms doors comes one of the tallest earth pony mares you have ever seen.
  33. >While her body physique is slim, her muscles are taught and and defined. Looking for all the world like coiled springs ready to unless a fury of hooves and blunt force trauma.
  34. >Add that to the mare only being a few hairs smaller than Big Mac from Ponyville and it would be fair to say, you were intimidated as all hell.
  35. >"Advisor Anon, It is my pleasure to present to you Sargent Meadow Stockade. She has previously been the Royal Guards Drill Sargent, but after an unacceptable drop in recruitment percentage we decided to shift her role towards something more practical for her specific skill set"
  36. >"Sargent Stockade, front and center if you will"
  37. >Out of the minor mountain comes a almost hypnotizing contralto voice with just a hint of vibrato that causes the hairs on your neck to stand on edge and your feet to almost lose their strength.
  38. >"Yes Princess"
  39. >With that, the pony moves to the center of the room and stands straight in front of you. gazing straight past you and into the wall behind you.
  41. >Having again regained control of your extremities you look closer at the pony in front of you.
  42. >With an off white coat, and deep forest green eyes. You find her oddly calming, even in contrast to the unease her straight posture and rigid attention gives you.
  43. >A truly paradoxical sensation.
  44. >With her armor polished to a perfect sheen and her helmet on straight enough that you could measure it's balance with a laser, you find yourself truly out of your depths.
  45. >Even her auburn tail was immaculate, with it's traditional Royal guard cut.
  46. >"Now, I trust you will get along nicely. Remember Advisor Anon, Sargent Stockade will be ensuring not only your safety, but will also be responsible for handling your contacts and transports. Consider her an assistant if you will. One who is also there to keep you safe. Now, if you would excuse my sister and myself. We shall take our leave, and let you get to know each other"
  47. >At that, princess Celestia and princess Luna left the room. Leaving you standing awkwardly staring at the immobile mare in the middle of the room.
  48. >...
  49. >...
  50. >...
  51. >After five minutes of absolute stillness, with her staring ram rod straight into the wall behind where you previously stood. And you watching her with a stare akin to a deer in headlights, you decide to break the ice.
  52. "Uhm. At ease?"
  53. >At that, the pony noticeably relaxes. From the scale of statue to eerily still.
  54. >That is, almost not at all.
  55. "Soo... How long have you been in the royal guard?"
  56. >Mentally slapping yourself for your lack of social skills you are surprised to hear her answer your inquiry.
  57. >"Sir, I have been in the royal guards for 12 years, Sir"
  58. >Yet again, you are struck by the almost soothing voice of your new "body guard"
  59. >Boy. That's going to take time to get used to.
  60. "Uhm. Anything interesting happen in your career?"
  61. >Oh yes, keep up the good job there anon. It's probably everything this mare wished for in her job. To answer your inane questions about her work life.
  63. >"Sir, I have been on several tours, all with varying degrees of interest, Sir"
  64. >Short and to the point. No elaboration.
  65. >You mentally sigh at the prospect of having this mare follow you where ever you go.
  66. >While she was in fact quite the looker. You couldn't shake the feeling that you had no idea how to handle a body guard. Nor what was expected of her or yourself in this circumstance.
  67. "Alright. Uhm, I was thinking of getting out of here. You wouldn't happen to know where I am supposed to sleep tonight do you?"
  68. >Asking the question more rhetorically than anything, you were surprised to hear an answer be forthcoming for the mare.
  69. >"Sir, Your new accommodations should be ready in the next hour, Sir"
  70. >You turn around and stare at the Sargent dumbfounded.
  71. >Fancy that. You actually get to sleep in your own house tonight.
  72. >Thinking about it. You do have mixed feelings about moving to Canterlot. Having lived in Ponyville for the last six months. It feels weird that you are going to be moving out of your cozy little cabin out on the country side to the bustling capital of Equestria.
  73. >And in a mansion no less...
  74. >Then again. A little extravagance never hurt anyone.
  75. >You could get used to the idea of having a royal sized bed with silk bedding and all the luxury that entailed.
  76. >Trying to shake away the intruding thought of sharing that royal sized bed with a certain mare you stalk out of the room with a mumbled
  77. "I need a drink"
  78. >"Sir, There are several venues available in close proximity to your mansion in the lower nobles quarters. Sir"
  79. >You startle slightly at the response and proximity of the Sargent.
  80. >She had taken up position straight behind you and to the right. Following your pace exactly.
  81. >For wearing such a heavy looking armor, and being so big to boot, she was surprisingly quiet.
  82. >If she hadn't spoken you wouldn't have even noticed that she followed you.
  83. >Then again. Your spatial awareness wouldn't win you any awards anytime soon.
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