Accel World Volume 14 Summary

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  3. As it starts, finding out that Rin/Ash Roller are infected with the IS kit and intende to unninstall BB to stop it eroding her mind,
  4. NN members plus Niko and Pard, who were with them during the school festival, decide on the spot to make an attempt at destroying the kit core, and on the way, save Aqua current from enemy PK in the palace with the superior tier dragon Seiryuu.
  5. They first ride on Niko's Dreadnaught, an altered form of her regular fortress Invincible, towards the western gate of the palace.
  6. The Nikobus has no breaks. Literally. After Taku fails spetacularly at destroying an obstacle, he once again becomes depressed over not being very useful. Over the rest of trip they mostly bond, Utai talking about how Haru had promissed to introduce her to Niko, and Taku and Haru remembering their promise to fight again once they both reach level 7.
  7. After they arrive at the gate, and have quick history lesson, they get ready to begin the mission.
  10. They charge into Seiryuu's territory riding on Niko's Dreadnaught.
  11. Seiryuu relies mostly on special attacks.
  12. Water Press, a powerful torrent of water;
  13. Thunder Blast, that summons thunder from above the enemy,
  14. and an unnamed ice based restraining attack.
  15. After they progress a little, Seiryuu hits the Dreadnaught with it's tale, sending it into a spin and forcing Niko to call it back.
  16. At that same moment, Aqua appears in the field, and Raker goes to rescue her as planned. Suddenly, Seiryuu paralyzes the rest of them and goes to attack Raker, but due to Maiden using her IS to break the restraing attack and Haru and Niko using their respective IS long distance attacks (Niko's is called Radiant Beat) they manage to stop the Water Press it was going to release.
  17. Fuuko and Akira fly over it towards the exit, while the rest keep it busy.
  18. Seiryuu in a vaguely female voice, then states that it is tired of playing. It hits the ground with it's tale, stunning them with the shockwave, than uses Thunder Blast. Out of balance, Taku cant use Splash Stinger to attract the attack as he was supposed to this time, so Haru has to fly up and take the brunt of the blow, though Bell heals him right after.
  19. As Seiryuu attempts to do the same thing again, Lotus grabs its tail and uses Death by Embracing, severing it.
  20. This seriously pisses it off, and it declares that it will make them pay for it's pain with their screams of despair. It prepares to use it's signature attack, Level Drain.
  23. The attack is a large sphere of some kind of sticky liquid that spaws from Seiryuu’s claws. It is a homing attack, and it can accelerate indefinitely if it goes in a straight line, but it need to slow down to make turns. Once it makes its target, it begins by draining the points the avatar has quickly. Once those points reach zero, the level goes down by one, and the avatar is stunned. In addition, the avatar points continue to be zero, so subsequent attacks will drain a level immediately.
  24. I know what you’re thinking: why don’t they lose BB if their points reach zero? It was not addressed in the novel, I think it’s fair to assume that while you can have 0 points, you lose BB if you DIE while having no points. Since the only way to lose points normally is by dying in the first place, it’s probably not a common occurrence. It a makes sense, since otherwise people could kill themselves by buying items or leveling up and having their points hit zero.
  27. Anyway, Haru, who had been saving his special gage for this purpose, flies around in an irregular patter attracting the attack while moving towards the exit. However, Seiryuu releases another Level Drain, but before it can hit anybody else, Pard jumps into it. Since she has a huge number of points from not leveling up, she has time to move before the stun triggers, allowing her to make it out of Seiryuu’s territory. Haru also makes it out, followed by the rest of them, as Seiryuu had apparently ceased pursuing once it saw its level drain attacks be beaten.
  28. As they are celebrating, it occurs to to Chiyu to try to use Citron call to recover Pard’s lost points. While she’s trying, Haru touches her sholder while rooting for her, and though nobody notices, a slight silver glow flows from Crow to Bell. She succeeds, and says she thought for a second that her full special gage wouldn’t have sufficed, seeming to imply that Haru was somehow capable of sharing his special with her. Pard proceeds to level up twice on the spot, reaching level 8. Haru also realizes from Pard and Akira’s interaction that they are parent and child.
  29. Afterwards, they leave the neutral field through a portal and dive back in right away, just to recover their health and the damage to Niko’s fortress.
  30. Though Haru want’s to go directly to fight Metatron, they decide to rest and plan for a day before attacking. They choose to do so at Fuuko’s house on top of Tokyo Tower, referred to as the Fuufuu Retreat.
  33. Pard uses her newly acquired Vertical Running ability to climb to the top, carrying a distressed Niko,Fuuko carries Utai, and Haru carries everybody else. During the trip, the subject of using Seiryuu’s level drain to re-choose your avatar’s level-up bonuses. Lotus claims that none amongst them regreats their choices, but Haru notices that Taku looks strangely distracted afterwards. They spend the night there, and Haru and KYH have a moment alone, when they discuss the relation between Red Rider and the IS kit, without any new information.
  34. The next day they charge towards the Midtown Tower, where the kit core and Metatron are. Since they are not on the Hell Stage, Metatron is invisible and intangible.
  35. Their plan is to stand on the adge of Matatron’s agro-range, than wait until Crow had used Optical Condution to deflect it’s laser once, than charge towards the building and enter it, hoping that Metatron will hold back on attacking so as to not destroy the kit himself.
  38. However, as they reach the edge of its attack range, they notice a large egg-shaped object standing on the building’s garden. They don’t know what it is at first, but Haru and Chiyu soon realize it’s identity: It’s Avocado Avoider, grown to several times its regular size. When Niko and Utai attack it with long range fire attacks, Dark Blows fire from its mouth, canceling the attack. 13 other avatars led by Magenta Scissor step out of its mouth, and Avoider returns to normal size. Magenta Scissor explains that the void in Avoider’s mouth can cancel the perception of time, allowing then set up an embush for 5 and half in game months (though Avoider himself had to actually sit there for all that time).
  39. Scissor says she thinks the more symmetrical an avatar is, the more complete it is and because Lotus doesn’t have hands or feet she is the most symmetrical of them all. No, seriously.
  40. She says that she doesn’t like the fact that an avatar that was born complete like Lotus has a child and a legion, and that she hates NN’s image of “chosen knights that fight against evil”.
  41. The two groups decide to fight, and Scissor asks that if NN loses Lotus promise that she will not interfere with the kit’s expansion, and she accepts for some reason.
  42. Lotus, Pard and Pile go engage then directly, while Rain and Maiden attack from a distance, with Raker and Aqua using their defense IS attacks, Wind Veil and Maelstrom, to defend then, and Crow is tasked with defending Bell, who doesn’t know how to use IS and can’t defend herself. Taku asks KYH that he should be allowed to fight Scissor himself.
  45. Taku, using his IS sword Cyan Blade, is initially getting his ass handed to him by Scissor’s Remote Cut ability, barely blocking it with his sword, which is already about to break, until she attempts to focus her attacks on the sword to finish it off, giving him the chance to throw the scissors of her hands and destroy them. But before he can continue attacking she almost hits him with a Dark Shot, and he falls back, with both sides stopping to regroup, Taku maintaining his unbroker record of 12 volumes without defeating anyone on screen.
  46. The IS kit side is already half dead, despite NN’s direct attack team not using any IS attacks (except for Taku), as to avoind attracting enemies. But before the two sides can clash again, a huge tremor cracks the floor, causing people on both sides to trip. Haru notices the outline of Metatron, who has jumped off the building after them.
  49. When Haru notices it is about to use its laser attack, he jumps next to the kit users to block the laser. Initially he thinks he failed and died, but actually his senses were just temporarily affected by the power of the laser. He realizes that while he succeeded in reflecting the laser, he’s now standing in a shallow pool of lava due to part of the reflected laser melting the floor, causing him to start slipping and slowly take damage. At that moment, Magenta Scissor steps behind him to support him, due to him saving her team from the laser. Haru then hears an unknown female voice telling him to reflect the laser back at Metatron, as the only point that’s vulnerable in this state is the point the laser is coming from. Haru begins changing the course of the laser, but the closer it gets to 180 degrees the stronger the pressure from the laser is, and they begin slipping again. Avocado Avoider than starts helping support them, even though his armor is set on fire by the lava, until Aqua, who had been removing the fainted kit users from the field with the rest of NN, uses her water cover to cool down the lava. The solid avatar underneath it is made out of some sort of transparent material. The rest of NN joins on supporting Haru, until he succeeds in turning back the laser, causing what looks like some sort of dimentional breach, from where the tangible Metatron appears. Its wings look like pieces of tapestry put together, it has a bunch of legs and a large spheric head from where he fired the laser, with a horn and a crown.
  50. Magenta Scissor accepts postponing the duel, even though she know that if they beat Metatron they will destroy the kit, and goes off with Avocado Avoider to tend to her group. NN engages Metatron for the final battle.
  53. After thirty minutes of fighting,they are all starting to tire out, with Metatron still having 3 of its four health gages, and Haru’s focus is waning. He makes a mistake that causes Taku to be hit by Metatron’s cutting wings to protect him, and another where he is hit by a drill that it fires from holes in its face. Fuuko sends him to the back with the long range attackers to rest. Frustrated, he gets a pep talk from Utai and Niko. He notes that he is good at focusing really hard for short periods of time, but bad at keeping focus at long periods. He remembers when he cleaned the cage in the back of the school in vol. 6, and how he succeded by calmly focusing only on the task at hand. Because of that, he gets in the zone, and after realizing the crown on its head is its weak spot, he goes back to the frontline to attack it directly there, with the voice confirming his deduction.
  54. With his new focus he is capable of synchronizing his attacks with Metatron’s movements, as hitting the crown seems to cancel out its attacks. Just as its reaching the end of the last heath bar, the crown breaks from Crow’s attacks, and they manage to defeat it, receiving a large number of points for it. As they are celebrating Haru notices Utai looking up at something. Turning around, he sees Metatron’s horn floating in the air, and from inside it a beautiful human shaped angel appears. Haru senses that it’s power is far greater than the Metatron that they just fought, reaching almost the level of Seiryuu. She claimes that they only destroyed half of her body. As Haru recognizes her as the voice that guided him before, she thanks him for freeing her from the control of the crown, and says that she let them go without fighting this time and just return to her place of origin. After KYH and the elements say that this second form didn’t show itself when they fought Metatron in the Inverted Chapel.
  57. As they are regrouping, and Maiden and Rain are running hand in hand towards the group, Maiden is hit by a purple laser, and Rain is captured between two black metal plates. Obviously, it’s Black Vise and Argon Array. Before they can stop it, Niko sinks into the shadows below. Haru tells Pard to pursue Array, and sends for someone to go back and disconnect Niko, while he himself flies up to look for Vise. He observes that the shadow into which Vise sank isn’t directly connected to any other shadow that leads out into the city, so he has one chance to catch him as he needs to emerge for a second before he can sink again. When that happens, Haru activates his speed IS attack Light Speed and charges towards him, but as he senses he’s not going to make it, he hears Metatron’s voice again, saying that she will help him just this time, and tell him to call for her name. Haru receives an enhanced armament, Metatron Wings, and as he is speeding to Niko’s aid, the book ends.
  60. Assorted stuff:
  61. - Niko's gun is called Peace Maker, and Maiden's bow is called Flame Caller.
  62. - Oscillating Universe's central base is an all girls school, assumably the one White Cosmos attends.
  63. - They mention a god tier enemy that appears very rarely called Sun God Indy. It's basically a giant ball of fire that just rolls around burning everything in its path. Hime says she never engaged one and that she thinks no legion has ever defeated one. Aqua mention that she and Graphite Edge once found one while hunting, Graph had a "plan" to kill it, which consisted of attracting it into a lake and dropping it in it. When they did that, the water of the lake evaporated within seconds, and Graph was burned into a crisp. Aqua got the hell out of there.
  64. - Whe she was enemy PK'd, Akira tried to erase Pard's memory so she would stop accumulating points to save her, by forcing her into a cabled duel. She failed because Pard subdued her instead.
  65. Blue Knight is rumored to have a throne set in the obsevatory on top of the Tokyo Government Building.
  67. There's probably more stuff, but I'm too tired to remember more details. Maybe next time a thread pops up I'll remember something.
  69. Fun facts:
  70. - Vol. 14 took place over less than 1 minute.
  71. - 12 days have passed since Haru entered the palace in vol 6 (published in 2010).
  72. - 2 and a half months have passed since Crow first met Raker in vol 3 (2009).
  73. - About 5 months have passed in the real world since the beginning. It's been over 4 years.
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