daily pastebin goal


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  1. files to open:
  2. C:\Dropbox\Docs\2012 Doc 1.docx
  3. C:\Dropbox\Docs\brochure draft.pdf
  4. C:\Dropbox\Desktop\network.rtf
  5. C:\Dropbox\Desktop\Job List.rtf (file position: just above 'finish off that stupid thing that mr x asked me to do and I said yes to 3 weeks ago!')
  6. C:\Dropbox\Docs\2012 Brochure.indd (position: was working on back cover blurb text, 'this year we celebrate.....')
  7. Desktop\brochure to do list.rtf
  8. firefox
  9. chrome (was at chrome://history/#p=34, manually fishing out those old links from 3 weeks ago.....)
  10. outlook inbox
  11. contacts 1: in search box, "clients from x company", and then, sorted by email, and i was up to J Smith. was fixing contact details.
  12. contacts second window (just a straight window)
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