HQ Highschool arc npcs

Nov 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. This is a non-exhaustive list of the npcs and their roles in the HQ Highschool Arc.
  2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Box [M. Mimic] The school's storage unit good friends with the janitor
  6. River Springe [F. Pegasus] A language arts Teacher at Huoli High. She tends to have a rambunctious class that talks over her. She can get very frustrated at times with them.
  8. Spitshine [M. Unicorn] a pugnacious rugrat thankfully he goes to the elementary school so you won't see much of him. Unthankfully the elementary school is a block away from the highschool so fat chance.
  10. Onion [M. Diamond Dog] Huoli high's janitor. He likes to pass the time playing his Banjo, doesn't really appreciate the hall monitor
  12. Wireframe [F. Changeling] A student at huoli high. Loves to play baseball and tries to earn the Coach's attention but never really gets it.
  14. Buiwong [M. God of Spiders and Fables] The Coach of huoli Highschool. He's most fantaical about the baseball team. When it comes to P.E. he keeps Shei on the bleachers because he knows he's a lost cause.
  16. Blessings [F. Zebra] Assistance policewoman to the town's sheriff
  18. Zjetya [F. Mothpony] A music teacher at Huoli High. In charge of the jazz band and Choir. Also sometimes hops in with the malechim's Rockband club as a lead singer.
  20. Volkama [M. demon-infected Crystal] In charge of the marching band, he sometimes pops into the Occult Research Club to amuse himself.
  22. Rus tea [F. minotaur] The librarian of Huoli High, she also coaches for the softball time. She sometimes butts heads with Buiwong for the baseball field.
  24. Deriva [M. demon-pony] An assistant to the Music teacher. She also teaches chemistry class and Volkama will pop in to assist at times.
  26. Busta [M fly demon] A student and abused henchmen of Mudi's gang. He tries desperately to earn her affection- he most definetly has her begrudging friendship though!
  28. Metatron [M. Abaddon-class Angel] The Principle of Huoli High. You really don't want to get in trouble.
  30. Chorazin [F. Seraph-class Angel] The Math Teacher, militantly proficient at her job. She carries around a horse cracking whip.
  32. The Bodhidharma [M. Chayot-class Angel] He's the priest at the local church. Guilty of delaying sermons so he can snack.
  34. Mirror Image [F Chayot-class Angel] Huoli High's Nurse. She's very soft spoken yet can be intimidating when concerned for a student's health.
  36. Gorgonzola [M. Griffon] In charge of the City's dump. He actually likes his job.
  38. Banana Splitz [M. Earth Pony] Runs a Farm on the outskirts of Fantasia. Has a very large property with acres of diversified crops. On his down time he leads and organizes events for the FFA club
  40. Qirsh [M Yagi] I'm sorry I don't even know who this person is. 'oughta ask Autumn
  42. Sundae II [F Unicorn] Spitshine's little sister. He thinks she's annoying, but she absolutely adores him. If you ask me he's a pretty lucky guy.
  44. Vortigern [F Pegasus] One of the P.E. Teachers. She hosts the wrestling Club. If Shorthorns is in the club she's her star club member. If not well there's always Little Journey.
  46. The Dragon [M Paper Dragon] The hall monitor of Huoli High. Everyone is terrified of him and his impeccable defense of the hallways. You better have a hallpass running into him during class time. In his opinion he's good friends with the janitor whom he considers his sidekick. For some reason everyone forgets his name which irritates him to no end. Is Spike's older brother.
  48. Little Journey [M Buffalo] A total nerd. He's in the Occult Research Club, a part of Shei's little gang of geeks. On days the wrestling club is hosted he prioritizes that club because there's actually work happening. He joined the Wrestling just so Shorthorns would notice him.
  50. Mocha [F Drider] She's the goth kid and Buiwong's grand daughter. Despite the apparent age difference nobody questions how she could be his grand-daughter. She basically gets along with everyone, likes hanging out in the library.
  52. Vizsla the Kind [F. Crystal] The right hand sister of Mudi's gang. They are the Sisters of Gehenna, there would be a little less hen in their gang if it was without Vizsla.
  54. Nightseed [F. Griffon] Another one of Mudi's lackeys, a bit higher up on the rung I'd say. A bit condescending and has a temper.
  56. Wishful [F. Griffon] Nightseed's little sister. She's a grade lower than nightseed. Not really in Mudi's gang but they tolerate her presence.
  58. Der Freischutz [F. Pegasus] A gun-toting student with a strange accent. The teachers don't mind her carrying around firearms, it's just a phase. Her face, from her snout to her neck, is covered in bandages. There are no purposes to these bandages. In charge of the anime club, close friends with Gengenschein and protective of Mister Friendly.
  60. Gegenschein [M. Griffon] The prospective valedictorian jock of Huoli High. Everyone loves him and for good reason, he's an all around cool guy that gets along with everyone (except maybe the Sisters of Gehenna) Is in the wrestling club, but pops in the anime club now and again.
  62. Ichimonji [F. Earth Pony] A japanese exchange student. Quite serious in her demeanor. Good friends with the Ecclessian gang. Is a full time member of the anime club sense sharpening her katana is considered a club activity.
  64. Doctor Galton [F. Griffon] Good friend of the Ecclessian gang. Loves chemistry class and sometimes plays teacher's aide sense she's a straight A student.
  66. Sir Holy Hours [M. Pegasus] Fantasia's Sheriff. Doesn't care much for kids playing hooky. He drives the Ecclessian gang to church on sundays and during church functions.
  68. Direnus Tibalt [M. Earth Pony] The Mayor of Fantasia and awful humble about. He's really a great mayor so he doesn't really need to campaign during election year.
  70. Tenochtitlan [M. ???] A secret Boss
  72. Pushka [M. ???] drawing a blank here..
  74. Metalweave [M. Earth Pony] To be announced
  76. Princess Laciela [F. Alicorn] Gengenschein's step-sister. attends the elementary school. She's a fiesty little rugrat don't let her catch you off guard.
  78. Princess Yareakh [F. Alicorn] Laciela's reticent sister, perpetually in charge of keeping Laciela on her best behavior. Also Gengenschein's step sister.
  80. Princess Wineberry [F. Alicorn] The mistress running the vineyard at Fantasia's outskirts.
  82. Spike [M. Baby Dragon] The friendly kid next door. Always wants to tag along with the party when the party is spotted. Goes to the elementary school.
  84. The Master, Orcus [M. Heretic-class Demon] Groundskeeper of the graveyard.
  86. Easy Doesit [F. Crystal Pony / Fairy] The Mayor's assistant. She tries her hardest.
  88. Hoplite [M. Sheep] to be announced
  90. The Crud [M. Goo Creature] to be announced
  92. Bell Jar [M. Earth Pony] to be announced
  94. Aleister Crow-ley [M. Griffon] Shei's step dad. He won guardianship over Shei in a custody battle with his biological mother Shei-perd. Both parents love him dearly, which makes it a sore topic to bring up.
  96. Cer'rog [M. Griffon / Bird God] The Bank's teller
  98. Ba'drel [M. Minotaur / Bull God] Also the Bank's teller! They own the bank together. But he might also provide other services in exchange for a promise
  100. Eragil [F. Eagle] Fantasia's school bus driver. He has a good attitude about his job.
  102. Mudi the Young [F Crystal] The leader of the Sisters of Gehenna. Straight forward, prideful, and has quite the temper. She is regarded with a quiet intensity that everyone recognizes. She is zealous about the baseball club however and intends on bring us to state.
  104. Imaal the Meteor [M Count-ranked demon] A career politician. He's running against Direnus Tibalt this election year. Scandously is in a relationship with vizla, he's her boyfriend. He attends every Baseball game Vizla and Mudi are in.
  106. Big and Tall [M Count-ranked demons] They run the woodshop and blacksmithing classes jointly. Friends with Imaal
  108. Nabia [M Count-ranked demon] He runs a brick and mortar coffee shop called the Cozy Vimana. It's a popular hang out for Fantasia's residents.
  110. Pravda [M Count-ranked demon] a close friend of Chorazins. He sometimes visits her at school to have lunch together.
  112. Urapth [M Count-ranked demon] Fantasia's resident tattoo artist. He runs a skeevy tattoo shop somewhere in town
  114. Summer Snow [F Wraith-ranked demon] A well to do pony who's sweet with her words and timid with confrontation. Head chef of the home-ec club.
  116. Evil's Judgment [F Pegasus] One of the weeaboo's at Huoli. She might give Evil's punishment the business for copying her style. She is a member of the anime club.
  118. Neither-Nor [M Unicorn] Prisca's doting father. He runs the hardware store. His home recently burnt down so him and his family are living in a trailer for the moment.
  120. Sugar [F Deer] A reclusive young doe. She goes to Huoli elementary school
  122. Prisca [F Wraith-ranked demon] A freshmen at Huoli High. She has burnt scars on her face from when her house burnt down. Her unfortunate appearance has led to some bullying.
  124. Calque [M Crystal cloned pony] He would be a freshman this year if he had not died in Prisca's house fire.
  126. Desert Lamp [F Zebra] A fashion conscious math and language arts teacher at Huoli High. She teaches the lower grades in Huoli High. Is a frequenter of Jean Genie's Fashion outlet. And runs the Cheer Club.
  128. Jean Genie [M Helel-ranked demon] He runs the fashion outlet in Huoli. Is very zealous about selling people clothes.
  130. Mister Friendly [M. Pegasus?] A junior at Huoli High. He provides specials services at the school rated at special prices. The student body regards him as a merchant but also a guy who can get things done for you. He hangs out in the boiler room, for some reason he's hardly ever in class.
  132. Estuary [M. Goo Pony] to be announced
  134. Vir-can [M. Buffalo / Buffalo God] Little Journey's dad. Is known for holding the heavy weight champion belt in MMA. A bit of a celebrity in town.
  136. Lady Athena [F. ???] to be announced
  138. Sir Towers [M. Unicorn] to be announced
  140. Lady Vinland [F. Alicorn] to be announced
  142. Lady Hardspine [F. Alicorn] to be announced
  144. Lady Amiexa [F. Unicorn] to be announced
  146. Sir Ryukhin [F. ???] to be announced
  148. Lady Tell [F. Alicorn] to be announced
  150. Malicey [F Wraith-ranked demon] a nasty filly known for playing tricks on people. She goes to huoli elementary and has her own gang of miscreant pickpockets
  152. Voir Dire [M Heretic-ranked demon] He runs the local dojo in Fantasia. Always challenges Flow to a fight whenever in sight since he bismirched his honor.
  154. King Lininas [M. Sheep] To be announced. Is Dania's father.
  156. Dania [F.? Sheep] A student at Huoli high, quite tall for a girl. She is prim, proper, and cordial. Shei thinks well of her.
  158. Head Counselor Pausanias [M. Sheep] The school counselor go figure.
  160. Princess Solar Wind [F. Alicorn] An uppity rich kid from the hills gated community. She's quite small for a sophmore. She goes to Huoli High and is in the Home-ec club for the food.
  162. Madame Medium Rare [F. Cow] Runs the only restuarant in Fantasia. A steakhouse. I hear it's pretty good.
  164. Lord Kibble [M. Magitech Diamond Dog] Teaches the History class and may or may not have provactive opinions on the events of History. He also runs the robotics Club
  166. Hexapod [M. Deer] A sophmore at Huoli Highschool. He's in the baseball club. Gives a real effort in P.E. On occassion pops by the Occult Research Club.
  168. Shei-Perd [F. Goat] Shei's mother. He gets to visit her on weekends.
  170. Shei-Sher [M. Goat] A freshman at Huoli High. Chief Magistrate of the Occult Research Club. He's fascinated by the occult but sometimes the club is just an excuse to hang out and watch anime. Somehow they're rivals with the anime club and their ecclessian friends.
  172. Gadriel [M. Chimera] Shei-Sher's little brother who is also a freshman at Huoli High. Most people call him Gadds. Loves to hang out after school at the Occult Research Club. Is usually in charge of movie night.
  174. Observer [M. Voidling] A freshman at Huoli High who is also a formal member of the Occult research club. Together with Shei and Gadds they make a little geeky gang.
  176. Sister Renee [F. Goo Pony] a student at Huoli high and Flow's girlfriend. They both like to attend the Occult Research Club during movie night. And attend church together. A sophmore at Huoli High.
  178. Flow [M. Goo Pony] An all around likeable dude. He rides a skateboard and wears a raincoat purely for fashion's sake. A sophmore at Huoli High. Desert Lamp is quite irritable when he touches her stuff.
  180. Supper of Crows [F. Unicorn Pony] A friend of the sisters of Gehenna. A new exchange Student. Very short for her age, it'd be easy to confuse her for an elementary student. But She is a junior, quite timid, but known not to be trifled with. She has very nerdy hobbies.
  182. Huricanrana: [M. Minotaur] A friend of the Sisters of Gehenna. probably the largest, most intimidating student on campus. A new exchange student.
  184. --Spooks and Light Brigade--
  185. Lion: Student to be announced
  186. Viper: Student to be announced
  187. Rooster: student to be announced
  188. Monkey: student to be announced
  189. Fox: student to be announced
  190. Anzu: student to be announced
  192. Hope: [M. Earth Pony] A war vet who runs the drama class and the drama Club. He toured in 3 theatres in the middle east and after retiring from the military he has never been quite the same. He has a serious demeanor and only speaks when he needs to. Has moderate PTSD.
  194. Vitalya: student to be announced
  195. Eligos: to be announced
  196. Zophie: student to be announced
  197. Gjenganger: student to be announced
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