Chapter 6

Dec 23rd, 2012
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  1. I woke up, blinking quickly. Where was I? And for that matter…who was I? Alright, no need to panic. Just, try to calm down and get everything in order. I was laying on a bed, the cover mussed up enough for me to make a little indention in. That was certainly nice. I stretched out my body, my wings fluffing up slightly then settling down. Oh, look, there was a mirror.
  2. I hopped off the bed, taking a look at myself. White coat, green hair and mane, blue eyes, four legs and hooves, wings, looks like I was all here. The questions still remained, though: Who was I, and where was here?
  3. Before I could spend much more time thinking about it, the door to the room opened. When I saw who it was, my heart skipped a beat. “Master!” I cried, rushing over to nuzzle his leg. I don’t…really know how I knew who he was, but calling him Master just felt right.
  4. “Hey there, Angel Grace. Feeling better?” he crouched down, rubbing my head. Mmm, that felt nice. I tilted my head, looking at him in confusion. At least I knew my name now. Angel Grace. We were going places.
  5. “Don’t remember, huh? Come on, I have something to show you; I’ll explain on the way.” I trotted along after him obediently. We went up a set of stairs and through a big empty room into another house. “You’ve been out cold for the past week.” Master explained, leading me through the house. “Some people kidnapped you, and it kinda messed up your head a little; that’s why you don’t remember anything.”
  6. I looked up at him, shocked. “Someone tried to take me away? Why? What happened to me there?” I felt like my head was going a mile a minute trying to make sense of all this. We stepped outside, and Master opened the door to his truck; I hopped in the back, and he got in front, starting it up.
  7. “Keep your head down, Angel.” He instructed as we pulled out. “They’ve been bothering me for a couple months now, trying to undermine my work. They tried to convince you that you weren’t a pony, and it hurt your mind. I fixed everything up for you, though.” He smiled back at me quickly and looked back at the road.
  8. Ah, that explained it. I could actually feel some of my memories trickling back; mostly of Master taking care of me. “But if I wasn’t a pony, what else would I be?” I asked, still curious. I could see sections of the skyline in the part of the window that was visible from down here, and I longed to see more. Still, Master asked me to stay down, and so I did, lowering myself a bit more to try and remove the temptation.
  9. “A human.” He replied, as we turned onto a bumpier road. “They’re convinced you used to be a human; they’re a bunch of bad apples. I can’t really stay mad at them, though. They’re just as confused as you were.”
  10. “Can you help them, Master? Like you helped me put my head back together?” I asked him hopefully.
  11. Master laughed a bit, nodding. “I’m hoping I can, Angel. That’s what my work is all about, helping people and ponies…at least, it is now.” He said the second part so quietly he might have thought I didn’t hear. But I did, and I felt a burst of pride for my Master. He was such a good Master, wanting to help everyone. We rode in silence for what seemed like forever, but just as I was getting really antsy, the truck came to a stop. Master opened the door, and I hopped out, my eyes wide.
  12. Ponies, as far as the eye could see. We had stopped right outside of a town in the mountains, just chock full of ponies. Some of them were pegasus, like I was, and some of them were Earth Ponies. I even saw a unicorn here and there. “Amazing…” I said in wonderment, trotting up to Masters side. He nodded, leading me onward.
  13. “This is New Equestria, the local pony town.” He explained, ponies greeting him as we passed. A couple of them looked at me, curious. “All the ponies in the area live and play here.”
  14. “Even me, Master?” I asked, looking up at him. There was a certain familiarity about the place.
  15. He smiled down at me, nodding. “That’s right, Angel. Of course, I have something else planned for you, if you’re willing.” He entered a large building smack in the middle of the town.
  16. Inside, even more ponies were bustling around, some of them carrying papers, and others talking amongst themselves. He approached a desk in the back, with a sign above it that said “New Equestria Town Hall”
  17. “Well, if it isn’t the Master!” a dark blue unicorn said, looking up from her paperwork. She peered down the desk at me, then back at Master. “Is there a new resident? We just finished work on another few houses, I’m sure she’ll love them.”
  18. Master smiled at the unicorn. “Yes, this is Angel Grace, and she’ll be moving in here. It may not be right away, but I still wanted to get her registered with the town. Angel Grace, this is the mayor of New Equestria, Kindly Smiles.”
  19. “Good to meet you, Angel Grace. And I hardly do anything around here, Master is the one that brings new residents here and gives us ideas on how to build the city. We owe him so much.” True to her name, the mayor gave Master a kind smile as she wrote something on a piece of paper. “Here’s her new address.”
  20. “Thank you. Come along, Angel.” He led me out of the town hall, down the street to a row of houses that seemed to glisten in the sunlight. Checking the paper he held, he opened the door to one of the houses, and I bounded in excitedly, looking around. It was everything I always wanted! The celing was high, invoking feelings of the open sky, and everything was in white and green, just like me. I could be very, very happy living here. I turned back to Master, who was leaning on the door.
  21. “Angel, I’m going to give you a choice.” He remarked, hand in his pocket. “You’re the first pony who had this choice. You can stay here right now…or come with me.”
  22. I trotted back over to him, tilting my head quizzically. What did Master want from me, and why would I want to stay here when I could spend even more time with him?
  23. He went on. “Of course, this is your home. You’ll come back to live here eventually. But I’d like your help in-“
  24. He didn’t even get to finish his sentence. “Anything you like, Master!” I replied, eager to help; I almost jumped on him! I reconsidered, remembering how large I really was.
  25. Master smiled at me, rubbing behind my ears. “I had a feeling you’d say that. There’s just one condition to you coming back and helping me.” He dug in his pocket a bit, pulling out a collar. “You’ll have to wear this. You’ll be the first pony who will be devoted to being my pet. Are you sure you’re willing to do that?”
  26. What a silly question that was. If Master wanted me to be his adorable pet pony, of course I would do that! I nodded eagerly. “I’m willing, Master.”
  27. He nodded a bit, crouching and pushing my head down slightly. As the collar closed around my neck, a brief image flashed before my eyes; another pony I didn’t know. Perhaps another memory? He seemed worried about me…
  28. Master secured the collar, standing up. “Alright then.” He remarked, seemingly surprised by this turn of events himself. “Come on, we have work to do, Angel.” He stepped out of the house, waiting for me to follow before he closed the door.
  29. I trotted alongside him as we headed back to the truck. Master and I were going to have a lot of fun…
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