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  1. Before the match:
  2.  Use Preset 1
  3.  Auto Lineup by Ability
  4.   Check if medal strikers are in correct order. From left to right: Family Man, HUE, Enéas (pronounced sorta like eh-nay-as, by the way), Papaco
  5.   If Count Temer was subbed in, sub him out
  7. Subs at 65'
  8.  CMF, LB and RB with best condition players
  9.   If both bench CMFs have the same condition, sub in Count Temer
  11. If we're up two goals at 80'+, switch to preset 2.
  13. If we're down exactly two goals at 75'+, switch to preset 3; any more or any less, don't bother.
  15. If there is ET, extra sub at 100'
  16.   Papaco -> Allejo
  18. If benuldies:
  19.  Order: Family Man, HUE, Enéas, Allejo, GK, all the other players by condition
  21. If Family Man scores: let out your most powerful AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
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